5 Easy Sewing Projects for Kids – Smiles Guaranteed!

I remember being a young girl, standing on my tip toes craning my neck to watch my mother magically transform a bundle of fabric into something beautiful. I felt a sense of wonder and joy every time the sewing machine stopped and she lifted her newest creation up into the air. She would inspect it and hum and haw, but I was always amazed at what she could do with a spool of white string, some scissors and a sewing machine.

I was six or seven when she first asked if I wanted to make something. I was so thrilled with my mother’s offer that I still remember feeling such excitement the first time the machine started to run as my and my mother’s fingers slowly guided fabric through the machine. Even though my first project was a simple pillow, I cherished it and remember it to this very day. As I grew older, every doll I ever owned used that same pillow in their bed and I still have it to this very day.

These times were very special to me and every project was a thrill. This is why I wanted to put together this list of my favorite sewing ideas for kids. Each one of these comes free from the web and will make any child proud at completion.

Without further ado, here are my…

5 Favorite Sewing Projects For Kids

Easy Peasy Pillow Cases

Easy Pillow Case

One of the most simple projects you can do with a child is a pillow or pillow case. This project is a nice easy and fun project that most children can follow with a bit of guidance. You should be able to finish this project with your child in a few hours. As an extra bit of fun, take them down to your local fabric store and have them choose their fabric for their pillow case. They will never forget it. You can find this wonderful project on www.nancyzieman.com.

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Tote Bag

This beautiful little tote bag is such a fun and simple little project for any child. I loved how easy it was to put together and had a lot of fun making this with my daughter. It didn’t take very long, and she was so happy with the final result. She has carried it everywhere she goes over the last few weeks and shows it off to all of her friends. This project was found on www.skiptomylou.org.

Hooded Monster Towel

Monster hooded towel

This one is super cute! In this tutorial found at Crazy Little Projects there are two monsters to choose from and endless possibilities that you could add to personalize it. Your monster towel can be created from any ordinary bath towel in any color you like. It is pretty amazing what you can do with a towel, hand towel and a bit of fabric. Let your child use their imagination and add spots, freckles or other features on their monster. Your child is guaranteed to have a lot of fun putting this one together. You can find this awesome hooded towel on www.crazylittleprojects.com.

Felt Lunch Bag

Felt Lunch Bag

This cute little felt lunch bag is another easy sewing project for a child. There aren’t very many steps and they should be able to do most of it with a little supervision. It is the perfect size to bring to school or use as a snack bag when going on day trips. Feel free to alter the instructions to make the bag bigger or add personal touches to the design that are more to your child’s liking. You could easily cut out shapes of any style to decorate your bag. I really love the simplicity and options available for this project. Your child is sure to love it too. This tutorial was found at www.freekidscrafts.com.

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Table Runner

Table Runner

Who wouldn’t love to make a cute table runner with pom poms? This nice project is super easy and fun. Use your imagination and find some cool fabric to make an everyday table runner or go to the fabric store with your little one and find some fun fabric you can use on a festive occassion. We made a Christmas table runner last year that was a big hit and we can’t wait to bring it out again this year. You can find this simple sewing project at www.sewmamasew.com.

I hope you and your child have enjoyed this post!

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