Welcome To Sewingers

Hi, there! I am Hannah Nelson, your host on this website. I started this blog to teach my lovely readers how to master the art of sewing effortlessly and how to turn this hobby into an income generating business.

Every 10 Years, there is a shift In the ongoing trend. One thing which is still going strong is SEWING and my love for it. Till now, people look for something customized or they like to create their own style statement.

Sewing never restricts you from anything. You can sew anything you want, from home improvements to clothes or quilts to crafts, all you need is a perfect sewing machine for it.

For me, sewing is not just a hobby but it fuels my creative instincts. To get the best sewing machine and reliable sewing tools is not as easy as you think, it should be chosen as you are choosing your companion for life.

How I Got Into The World of Sewing

Many years back I was a homemaker. Let’s make the long story short. At present, I am living my passion for sewing to the fullest.

Sewing was not I was doing from childhood. The only thing I learned from my mother about sewing was how to target the tip of the thread through the eye of the needle. I was a pro at it.

As I grew up I learned hemming, backstitch, stitching buttons or hooks, making eye for hooks from my mother.

Conclusively, I used to do the repair work on already woven clothes just to fulfill my basic needs when my mother was not around.

Till now you might have judged me that I am a product of a lady who was a sewing expert. If I talk about hobbies I really didn’t have anything constructive to do other than reading books. So I started sewing little stuff to decorate my house and soon it became a passion for me.

Now, instead of stitching garments for nearby people I create garments for them. People love my work and their positive feedback works as a trigger.

My Vetting Process

There are several sewing brands available in the market today. I have personally spent time in bringing out the best for you by comparing their features, reviews, performances and much more.

I take pride in the data I publish on Swingers that is correct and genuine. I have my own checklist; the products I recommend have to pass through this checklist:

  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Value for money

The reviews I publish here are to guide and educate every sewing lover that they get the best out of their purchase. I hope for a long association and I wish to have you read all my sewing guides. Love and Good Luck!

Hannah Nelson