Alex Toys My Little Sewing Machine Review

ALEX Toys’ My Little Sewing Machine is a child-friendly and secure toy designed to teach your child the basics of sewing. This replica of an adult sewing machine is easy to operate and equipped with user-friendly features suitable for children. As a parent, it’s normal to have concerns about the safety of your child using a toy that resembles an adult version of a sewing machine.

This kiddie version of a real life sewing machine is. Some toy sewing machines are not really toys but downgraded versions of the real thing, which can pose problems especially if the toy can only be operated with electricity. Although it is battery operated, there is an AC adapter which should obviously be used under parental supervision.

With this toy, experience starts off with the basic items a child would need such as a bobbin and floral fabric, among others. Your child will have hours and hours of fun with his or her creative and imaginative play time and learn how to express thoughts and feelings in the form of creating a skirt or small blanket as a personal expression. Read on for its other features.

Features of the My Little Sewing Machine

While these may be few in number, remember that this sewing machine was designed for use by children age eight years old and up. You don’t want to overwhelm your child with a laundry list of features that he or she will not need to learn sewing basics at this point in time. Since the machine comes with needles, scissors, and pins, ensure that there is always parental supervision.


  • Drop-in bobbins.
  • Adjustable lengths for stitches.
  • Presser foot.
  • Child-friendly scissors.
  • Comes with an attractive pink carrying case.
  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.
  • Battery operated.
  • Equipped with two-speed settings.
  • Comes with optional AC adapter.
  • Dimension of overall design is 10.75 inches (height) by 9.5 inches (width) by 5.75 inches (depth).
  • Suitable for children age eight years old and up.
  • Sewing machine dimension is 7.75 inches (width) by 7.5 inches (height) by 3.5 inches (depth).
  • Four bobbins.
  • Two sewing machine needles.
  • Felt.
  • Pin cushion.
  • Straight pins.
  • Buttons.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Thimble.
  • Ric Rac.
  • Threader.
  • Ribbon trimming.
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Pros and Cons of the Alex Sewing Machine



  • The machine can be easily operated by a child who is eight years old and up.
  • Fabric material included is sufficient for a child to make a purse and skirt.
  • Instructions for sewing both purse and skirt are easy to understand.
  • Battery-operated power (with the use of 4AA batteries, although these are exclusive upon purchase).
  • Value for money.
  • No accidents with the presser foot since it has been especially designed not to allow a child’s small hands to fit under it.
  • Teaches a child to be creative and develop decision-making skills in designing, cutting, and embellishing his or her project.
  • Two speed options enable the child to sew faster or slower.
  • Use of included foot pedal teaches a child to learn mechanical skills in increasing or reducing pressure.


  • Because it is electricity-operated, parental supervision is required when the child uses the machine, an inconvenience if the parent cannot supervise.
  • Using the needles and pins that have sharp edges and points should be supervised as well.
  • Children younger then six years should not play with this machine.


What Customers Say about the Alex Kids Sewing Machine

Based on two Amazon customer reviews, this sewing machine was given a five-star rating by one satisfied parent and a three-star rating by a parent who found it “cheaply made.” Out of one other website’s 14 reviews, eight customers gave the product a five-star rating while five other customers have it four stars. Not surprisingly, favorable reviews outnumbered unfavorable ones.

Amazon reviews reported that the sewing machine’s recipients – in cases they were given as gifts – were completely satisfied with the product. On other websites, however, favorable reviews included some apprehension over the use of the included AC adapter. Customers also reported their appreciation of the reasonable price tag that accompanies the purchase of this sewing machine.

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Alex sewing machine and packageLike painting or music, a child who wants to learn a skill can find this sewing machine a challenge that can hone future skills such in sewing (mechanical), measuring length and width of projects (mathematical), logic (rationalizing where to put the buttons, for instance), and organization (storing sewing accessories and cleaning up afterwards).

If you feel your child is inclined to sew, the best gift you can give him or her this holiday season is this Alex Toys little sewing machine. With this almost-perfect present, your child can learn and enjoy at the same time. Letting a child choose his or her preferred fabric, pattern, and thread color, for instance, is how he or she can begin making informed and careful decisions.

Does your child want to learn sewing but you are apprehensive about him or her using a more complicated machine? Although this sewing machine looks like a toy, it really isn’t, it is actually a sewing machine downsized for young children. Then remember to put My Little Sewing Machine under the tree this year.

While there were reported “cons” of the product on sites other than Amazon, most of the parents who purchased the product noted that their children were enthusiastic about this particular sewing machine model. When your child begins playing with these kinds of Alex toys sewing machine skill is developed in fun and without pressure.

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