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Best Beginner Sewing Machines Under $100

Fortunately, in the realm of sewing, you don’t have to break the bank to acquire a dependable machine. Whether you’re an experienced seamstress seeking a cost-effective backup or a novice eager to embark on your sewing journey, there are numerous excellent options available for those in search of a sewing machine priced under $100.

In today’s bustling marketplace, where choices can be overwhelming, I’ve taken the time to curate a selection of sewing machines that not only meet budget constraints but also excel in performance. To ensure their quality, I’ve established a minimum standard: every machine on this list has received a minimum of 4-star reviews on Amazon. After all, the experiences of real users serve as the most reliable testament to a product’s value.

Furthermore, I understand the importance of simplicity and user-friendliness, especially for beginners. In my selection process, I’ve given priority to machines that are manually operated and extremely user-friendly. These machines are specifically designed to demystify the art of sewing, making it accessible to individuals of all ages and skill levels. They’re more than just tools; they serve as the ideal entry point for anyone who is new to the world of stitching and fabrics.

So, whether you’re eager to delve into the world of sewing or simply need an affordable companion for your creative projects, continue reading. Our carefully chosen assortment of sewing machines priced under $100 will not only help you save money but also empower you to turn your sewing aspirations into reality.

 Model # of Stitches Weight Drop-in Bobbin Free-Arm Auto-needle
 Brother XL2600I 25 11 pounds Yes Yes Yes
 Brother LS2125i 10 15 pounds No Yes No
 Singer Simple 2263 23 14 pounds No Yes Yes
 Brother XL2610 23 11 pounds Yes Yes Yes

Why Choose a Budget-Friendly Sewing Machine?

Opting for a budget-friendly sewing machine offers several compelling reasons, especially if you’re a beginner looking to dive into the world of sewing. Here are some key advantages of choosing an affordable sewing machine:

1. Cost-Effective Entry Point

Budget-friendly sewing machines are a cost-effective entry point into the world of sewing. They allow you to explore your passion without making a significant financial commitment. As a beginner, it’s wise to start with an affordable option to see if sewing is the right hobby for you.

2. Ideal for Learning

If you’re new to sewing, it’s essential to learn the basics before investing in a high-end sewing machine. Budget-friendly models are designed with simplicity in mind, making them ideal for beginners. You can grasp essential sewing techniques without feeling overwhelmed by complex features.

3. Experimentation

Sewing is a creative endeavor, and as a beginner, you’ll want the freedom to experiment with different projects and sewing styles. A budget-friendly sewing machine allows you to do just that without the fear of damaging an expensive piece of equipment.

4. Portability

Many budget-friendly sewing machines are lightweight and portable. This feature is particularly beneficial if you plan to attend sewing classes or workshops. You can easily transport your machine without hassle.

5. Low Maintenance Costs

While budget-friendly sewing machines may have a lower initial cost, they also tend to have lower maintenance costs. Replacement parts and accessories are generally more affordable, making it easier to keep your machine in good working condition.

6. Ideal for Specific Needs

Not all sewing projects require advanced features. If your primary goal is to sew simple garments or basic home decor items, a budget-friendly sewing machine can fulfill your needs without unnecessary complexity.

7. Room for Upgrading

Starting with a budget-friendly sewing machine doesn’t mean you’re locked into it forever. As you gain experience and become more confident in your sewing skills, you can consider upgrading to a more advanced model that suits your evolving needs.

Key Features to Look for

When shopping for a budget-friendly sewing machine, certain key features can greatly enhance your sewing experience. Let’s explore these features in detail.

1. Stitch Variety

A versatile sewing machine should offer a range of stitches, from basic straight stitches to decorative ones. This allows you to explore different sewing techniques.

2. Easy Threading

Sewing can be frustrating if you struggle with threading the machine. Look for models with easy threading systems to save time and frustration.

3. Durability

While we’re focusing on budget options, it’s essential to choose a sewing machine that is durable and built to last.

4. Portability

If you plan to attend sewing classes or move your machine frequently, portability becomes a crucial factor.

Top 4 Beginner Sewing Machines Under $100

Brother XL2600i Sew Advance Sewing Machine

brother xl2600i

The Brother XL2600i is a fantastic budget-friendly sewing machine that offers a multitude of compelling reasons for its recommendation:

Firstly, it boasts an impressive array of 25 stitches, providing a wide array of creative options for both beginners and seasoned sewing enthusiasts. This versatility ensures that you or your loved one can tackle a diverse range of sewing projects with ease.

Moreover, its remarkably lightweight design, tipping the scales at a mere 11 pounds, renders it exceptionally portable. Whether you’re headed to a sewing class or visiting grandma’s house for a crafting session, the Brother XL2600i is a convenient companion, ready to accompany you wherever your sewing journey takes you.

For those who are new to sewing, the built-in auto-needle threader simplifies the often daunting task of threading the needle, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Additionally, the one-step buttonhole sewing feature further enhances its user-friendly appeal.

One standout feature of this machine is its drop-in bobbin system, which offers an effortless and hassle-free bobbin setup, particularly advantageous for those just starting out on their sewing endeavors.

Incorporating all of these impressive features and benefits, the Brother XL2600i not only shines in terms of functionality but also stands out due to its affordable price point. Its ease of use has garnered it our highest recommendation, and we have enthusiastically endorsed this sewing machine to countless individuals embarking on their sewing journey.

Brother XL2610 Free-Arm Sewing Machine

Brother xl2610

The Brother XL2610 sewing machine bears a striking resemblance to its sibling, the XL2600i. At first glance, they appear almost identical, the primary distinction being the XL2610’s rosy hue and the XL2600i’s blue exterior. However, it’s important to note that many individuals and online sources erroneously assume that the sole contrast lies in their color schemes. This, however, is far from accurate. While they do share a number of common features, there exist several differentiating factors between the two models, with the most notable ones being:

  • 4-Step Buttonhole Capability: One significant advantage of the XL2610 over its counterpart is its 4-step buttonhole sewing functionality. This feature provides a wider range of options when crafting buttonholes, unlike the XL2600i, which is limited to 1 1/8″ buttonholes with its 1-step mechanism.
  • Enhanced Motor Power: Another noteworthy distinction lies in the XL2610’s more robust motor. This enhanced motor empowers the XL2610 to effortlessly navigate through thicker fabrics, a task that might pose a challenge to the XL2600i.

In summary, while the Brother XL2600i is an excellent sewing machine for beginners, those willing to invest a slight additional sum (typically only around $10 more) might find the XL2610 a superior choice. Its superior motor power and advanced buttonhole options make it a valuable asset for sewing projects that involve thicker materials or demand greater buttonhole versatility.

Singer Simple 2263 Sewing Machine

Singer Simple

The Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine is a delightful choice for those venturing into the world of sewing. Packed with a versatile array of features, it boasts 23 built-in stitches, a convenient 4-step buttonhole function, and an automatic needle threader. Crafted with novices in mind, it largely lives up to its reputation.

However, a couple of factors relegate this machine to third place in our rankings, rather than securing a top-tier spot. First, the absence of a drop-in bobbin system sets it apart from the two leading Brother sewing machines. Second, there’s a noticeable disparity in price, with this Singer machine often hovering closer to the $100 mark. Regrettably, the extra $10 to $20 investment may not be justified.

Nonetheless, it remains an admirable sewing machine, especially for those with a penchant for Singer products. It offers an impressive array of features, catering to the needs of most users, and is sure to leave you satisfied in the end.

Brother LS2125i Everyday Sewing Machine

Brother LS2125i

The Brother LS2125i holds the distinction of being the most budget-friendly option within our selection. While it claims the fourth spot on our list, it does so with a few notable differences from its counterparts. This machine offers a more modest selection of stitches, numbering just 10, and does away with the convenience of a drop-in bobbin system and an automatic needle threader. Moreover, it’s a touch bulkier, tipping the scales at approximately 15 pounds.

However, if you or the intended user possess a fair amount of sewing experience and can confidently thread a machine manually, the LS2125i proves to be a reliable choice. Beyond these disparities, there’s actually very little amiss with this machine. It excels in sewing performance, boasts user-friendliness, and adeptly handles the tasks most individuals require in their day-to-day sewing endeavors.

Should you prioritize budget-consciousness and aren’t fazed by the absence of automation, the LS2125i emerges as an entirely reasonable option.

Final Thoughts

In our selection of sewing machines, two models truly shine: the XL2600i and the XL2610. These machines, currently offered at discounted rates on Amazon, are top picks for most users. If you’re seeking a budget-friendly option and don’t need the added feature of automatic needle threading, consider the Brother LS2125i, also available at a discounted price on Amazon, as an outstanding alternative.


1. Are these machines suitable for kids?

Yes, these machines are beginner-friendly and can be used by responsible kids under supervision.

2. Can I use these machines for quilting?

While they are primarily designed for basic sewing, you can use some of them for quilting on a smaller scale.

3. Do I need to buy additional accessories?

Most of these machines come with essential accessories, but you might want to invest in extra needles and thread to get started.

4. Are there warranty options available?

Yes, these machines typically come with warranties ranging from one to two years, ensuring peace of mind.

5. Can I find replacement parts easily?

Replacement parts for these machines are readily available, making maintenance hassle-free.

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