Best Computerized Sewing Machines For Emerging Designers

For a quick guide, the champion is Singer Confidence Quilter 7469Q Computerized Sewing Machine. This is a delight for novice to skilled sewist. The useful and advanced features give you a relaxing and happening sewing journey.

Computerized machines are ruling the industry to a large extent. They give an impressive performance on every fabric regardless of the thickness. They have made embroidery, quilting and designer stitching a walk in the park.

They are fully features loaded and choosing among the best is slightly a difficult task. To engage your creative and designer instincts, you need to first identify your requirements.

I would like to suggest you that rather than getting greedy for the lots of features, if you choose sensibly then you will end up with the most satisfactory machine.

I have selected the 5 best computerized sewing machines for you. For every level of sewist, there is something. The list has gone through my extreme vetting process, so you will get the best out of the best.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Computerized Sewing Machines

Features and Attributes

However, majority of the computerized sewing machines have all the basic features with the enhanced attributes still you need to pay extra attention on this factor. Identify your need, select the machine that fits the best in your needs.

You can check for stretch stitches, quilting features or embroidery settings. Some of you may keep several foot on their priority. According to my experience, you may consider a machine with a good amount of features that can be useful for you in the long run too.



Consider the size of the machine as per the availability of the working space. The small sewing machines will be light in weight and easy to carry. Size determines the portability factor too. Whereas the big machine will be heavy and will be kept in the same place for ages.

You may go for a machine with the optimum size without compromising with the features. Earlier every machine was manual and they tend to heavy in size but now brands are making machines which are lighter in weight and heavier in features.

Area of Interest

Every machine is skilled for some specific operations apart from the regular facilities which almost every machine provides. If your interest is in embroidery then select a masterpiece which largely matches your requirements.

If you are into quilting and mending clothing, then you can choose an ordinary computerized sewing machine. Most of the computerized machines are designed to handle the basic operations. Above those basics, you have to make an intelligent choice.

5 Top-Rated Computerized Sewing Machines With Reviews

1. Brother Designio Series DZ2400 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine


Designio Series DZ2400 is one of the premium machines introduced by Brother’s. Make an exceptional choice and level up your skills with computerized quilting and sewing machine.

The 185 unique built-in stitches are enough to innovate new designs everyday. Plus the 55 alphanumeric stitches for basic monogramming can be a highlight for your garment. With this combo you can keep designing some real chic stuff.

DZ2400 is equipped with a backlit LCD display for a comfortable viewing in low light. Regardless of the age and vision, this feature adds efficiency to your work. You will be pretty impressed with its advanced attributes.

The first step of sewing is threading the needle and I feel if you waste a lot of time in this action then it’s time to get rid of it right now. The advanced threading system is here to eliminate the unnecessary struggle.

The DZ2400 lets you take over all the controls and drive the machine as you want. You can select the sewing speed according to fabric and the design you are going to make. You can control this with a speed slide lever and groove the fabric like never before.

If you love to play with colors then dark fabrics must be on your list. To avoid any wrong stitch due to lack of proper light, this model has a super illuminated work space. The LED lighting arrangement helps you to differentiate among colors.

The machine is adorned with 8 built-in buttonholes to enhance the grace of your garment. To give a designer finish, all the buttonholes are naturally sized to match every button for specific usage.

The front bobbin loading is inconvenient to operate and even you can see the amount of thread left in the spool unless you remove it to check the same. This machine has a jam proof top bobbin setup for the easy accessibility to the spool.

You can slide the fabric freely over the large workspace. It becomes spacious to stitch formal wears, quilts, dresses, costumes and anything which needs a lot of space.

The box includes a wide table to handle big projects, accessory bag, foot controller, several foot (zipper, buttonhole, overcasting, walking, quilting, zigzag, button sewing,blind stitch, monogramming foot), power cord, user manual and 25 years of limited warranty.


  • Exceptional choice for quilting and sewing projects
  • 185 built-in stitches with 55 alphanumeric stitches for basic sewing purposes
  • Backlit LCD to work efficiently even in lowlight.
  • Comfortable needle threading and a wide workspace area
  • Adjustable speed control to match your requirements
  • LED system that illuminates the workspace
  • Easy to work on dark fabric with dark threads
  • Graceful buttonhole options to give a professional touch
  • Super easy stitching selection
  • Accessories include: foot controller, several foot, accessory bag, power cord etc.
  • Larger workspace to handle wide variety of projects
  • 25 year limited warranty for endless customer support


  • A user said that the bobbins do not wind properly.
  • A buyer is not satisfied with the area for fabric

2. Singer Confidence Quilter 7469Q Computerized Sewing Machine


The heavy duty metal framed Singer’s Confidence Quilter 7469Q Computerized machine is indeed a chic to consider at least once. Loaded feature all the necessary features this machine will definitely make sewing fun and easy for you.

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If you are a skilled and new quilters, the automatic needle threader is a creative and relaxing feature for all of you. Also, the advanced drop in bobbin system is easy to operate. Drop and Sew!

Singer has eliminated a lot of space of guesswork and has given the features which are a time saver. Like automatic needle threader, programmable needle up/down and many more. It is helpful while doing patchwork, applique, pivoting or quilting fabric.

The drop feed enhances the quality of work. You may use this particular setting for button sewing, stippling and much more. Plus you will get all the chances to expand your horizons while sewing on this heavy metal frame machine.

The strong frame gives you maximum stability and alignment for heavy fabrics. To keep the stitches strong and mess free, you can adjust the stitch width and length as per your requirement.

A wide extension table is included with the machine so that the fabric can glide easily. This extension expands the working area and you can comfortable handle the large projects.

To speed up the work, the machine comprises many quilting feet. Not only this, 98 built-in stitch patterns with a fully automatic single step buttonholes adds volume to the overall look of the cloth.

The automatic reverse sewing locks the stitches and keeps the seams firm. 13 needle positions and twin needle control lets you handle the stitches and fabric as you want. The two bright LED light maintains the perfect visibility without giving any stress to your eyes.

The box includes all the standard accessories such as different foot (all-purpose, buttonhole, zipper, satin stitch, blind hem stitch), soft sided dust cover, bobbins (class 15J), pack of needles, power cord, auxiliary spool pin, thread spool caps, foot pedal. spool pin felt, lint brush/seam ripper, screwdriver with a manual and a DVD.


  • Electronic portable sewing machine
  • Durable and heavy duty metal frame
  • Quilter with 98 built-in stitches
  • Comfortable and stress free threading and programmable needle up down
  • Ideal machine for quilting
  • 2 bright light LED
  • Various quilting feet for ample of designs and patterns
  • Automatic needle threader with adjustable stitching dimensions
  • Extension table for extra space
  • Embroidery and darning foot, open toe foot, ¼ inch foot, even feed foot
  • Portable and cabinet mountable
  • 25 year limited warranty with a 24/7 online assistance.


  • A user said that the machine lasted for only 3 weeks
  • A buyer is disappointed with the performance and the cost of the machine.

3. Janome JW8100 Fully Featured Computerized Sewing Machine


Don’t hesitate to say yes to your next sewing project,you will definitely rock it. Janome JW8100 features cutting edge technology which ensures perfection, accuracy and grace to your every creation.

Janome JW8100 is fully featured loaded model 100 stitches which comprises 18 quilting, 28 home decor, 27 heirloom, 10 basic and elegant options to give life to every stitch you sew.

You can conveniently customize the tasks just by the needle which will maintain accuracy while quilting and sewing. To reinforce every seem, you can use reverse button.

The heavy duty metal framed machine has a LCD display which guides you through steps for a perfect sewing experience. It provides durability and avoids skip free stitching.

JW8100 has a unique and exciting feature in which if you will remove the storage compartment then the machine will turn into free arm. The free arm is for sewing any cylindrical shaped patterns like collars, sleeves or hemming a pair of pants.

You get a lot of space to personalize even the difficult to handle fabrics such as fleece, knits and wool with 7 – piece feeding system. Further, this divine machine can thread the needle within the fraction of seconds with one-hand needle threader.

The impressive attributes don’t stop here, it has you can select any stitch from 100 built-in stitches from the card and then remove the card for easy storage. It also comprises an attachable extension table to manage large projects.

To sew layers of tough fabrics or quilts, you may use even feed foot. Plus, to make consistent quartner inch seams, the ¼” feet is given. Further, it automatically optimizes the stitch length and width according to the need.

In addition to all the above cited features, the packing includes a dust free cover, all basic foot sewing, assorted needle set, lint brush, stitch card, screw driver, bobbins (class 15), large and small spool holders, foot control, power cord and much more including an instruction book with 25 year limited warranty.


  • The metal frame maintains stability even while working on heavy fabrics
  • Easy to operate with 7 piece feed dog system, simple threading, top drop in bobbin setup etc
  • Simple features like speed controller, start/stop button, reverse lever, locking stitch and much more
  • Comes with 100 built-in stitches, 7 stylish buttonholes designs
  • Comprises 27 heirloom, 28 home decor, 7 buttonholes, 18 quilting, 20 basic and fashion to customize your projects
  • Detachable accessory storage compartment to make free arm machine
  • Wide extension table with hard sided dust cover
  • Easy to choose stitches from the removable stitch chart


  • Some beginners are upset as they found the machine difficult to operate
  • A buyer complained that it was difficult to sew thicker fabric.

4. Juki HZL-LB5020 Computerized sewing machine


Juki Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of sewing machines sew stitches for garments in almost every field. Juki’s machines are famous and supports a large part of global sewing industry.

Juki’s is a popular name industrial sewing machine which can perform several functions. These machines are for everyone of you regardless of you being a beginner or an expert.

The impressive quality of this model is that it can perform all the functions from basic to advanced. It is built in such a way that it becomes easy to use. The compact and simple design keeps it on the top of every sewing enthusiast’s list.

It comes with unique 20 stitch patterns to design your own collection and revamp your wardrobe. The stitch chart is given to refer various stitches and take the right steps while sewing garments.

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To save your time and eyes, automatic needle threader perfectly does its job and thread the needle eye without any delay. The other noticeable features such as 7 point feed dog system, variable speed override makes your task super easy.

The machine is easy to start on thick and tough fabrics like leather, denim etc. to avoid any difficulty while dealing with dark fabrics and dark threads, a provision of bright LED light is given which illuminates the work space.

The 1 step buttonhole perfectly fits in any standard size to add grace in the garment. Free arm sewing is indeed a blessings while you sew collard, cough, pants etc. it gives you hands free access to the clothing and handles the operation efficiently.

The packing includes various foot styles (standard zigzag, blind hem, zipper, applique or satin stitch, overedge, one step buttonhole etc), spool caps and seat, lint brush or seam ripper, screwdriver, pack of needles, bobbins, power cord, hard case and what not with a user manual, DVD.

It gives a warranty of 5 years mechanical defects, 2 years electrical defects and 90 days on defects in workmanship or material defects.


  • Quite easy to use
  • Functions range from basic to advanced
  • Compact machine for newbies to experts
  • Comprises 20 stitch patterns and 7 point feed dog system
  • Automatic needle threader and speed override system to make your life easy
  • LCD Screen to help where you stuck.
  • 1 step buttonhole which easily fits in every size
  • Free arm sewing to design cylindrical patterns or openings
  • Bright light LED which enable you to differentiate between dark fabrics.


  • A buyer is upset as he didn’t get all the accessories
  • A buyer said that he is a beginner and he didn’t find machine easy to operate.

5. Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW Computerized Sewing Machine


Brother is a leading brand who has earned the reputation solely by supplying quality and innovative products. The brand is recognized by its premium quality accessories, budget friendly prices, simple to use machines for all embroidery and sewing enthusiasts.

The Brother’s CE7070PRW gives you an open opportunity to hone your skills and be a designer at a perfect value. With 70 unique built-in stitches you can select a large variety of decorative, quilting, heirloom and utility styles for sewing veterans.

To complete larger projects varying from dresses to quilts, the wide table provides you enough space to glide your garment however you want. This extra space is very useful when you need to complete the tasks at the last minute.

The 7 built-in one step buttonholes are perfectly built to fit the standard and specific buttons. It gives a graceful and n elegant look to the garment. One more convenient feature is the automatic needle threader which puts the thread right through the eye of the needle with just a touch.

You can select the stitch style of your choice and the relevant settings with the push button selector. What you will input will be shown on the LCD display and you can make all the necessary changes in front of your eyes. This feature avoids incorrect stitching of the clothing.

Black is your favourite! Don’t worry with the LED lit super bright area you can comfortably work on any dark fabric without any mess. You can clearly view every minor detail you are going to do on the fabric.

At a glance you can see all the built-in unique stitches on the stitch chart. The stitches are printed on the front of the machine for your quick reference. Further, the model has top load drop in bobbin which stays in place and gives quality stitching.

Apart from all these features, the other impressive features include feed system to move the fabric smoothly, fast and easy bobbin winding and free motion to innovate your quilting projects and handle them effectively.

The box contains the computerized sewing machine with various presser feet (zigzag, overcasting, zipper, monogramming, button fitting, buttonhole, blind stitch etc), foot controller pedal, wide table with markings, a user manual for easy start guide.

The packing has an accessory pouch comprising 3-piece needle set, twin needle, 4 bobbins, screwdriver, extra spool pin, 3 spool caps, seam ripper, ball point needle, cleaning brush.


  • Gives a consistent, couture level premium stitches
  • Personalize your style with 70 unique stitches
  • 7 one step buttonholes to give chic finish
  • Loaded with all the necessary accessories
  • Wide table to handle large and heavy fabrics
  • 7 different feet for blind hems, zippers and buttons
  • Simple to thread with automatic needle threader
  • Needle plate markings to place your fabric at the right distance from needle
  • Select the stitch on the LCD screen
  • LED bright light to illuminate the workspace
  • Quick top loading bobbin setup with fast bobbin winding
  • 25 years of limited warranty


  • A user said that it is difficult to see on the LCD screen
  • A buyer reviewed that the machine keeps on jamming.

Summary Of Findings

In my view the clear winner is Singer Confidence Quilter 7469Q Computerized Sewing Machine. This electronic portable class machine is fully loaded with all the useful features to enhance the look of your collection.

The noticeable features include 98 built-in unique stitches, programmable needle up/down, 2 LED bright lights, automatic needle threader you name any feature and it is there.

Further, it has an extension table for free flowing of the fabric. The amount of features and facilities, this machine owns is matchless but it definitely matches the price it is offering. Happy Sew Year!!! Love.

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