Best Embroidery Sewing Machines To Stay Simple Yet Stylish

The champ of this article is Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine This machine is a full bonanza with 138 built-in designs, 240 sewing stitches, advanced needle threader and much more. As you will use, many features will unfold.

An embroidery machine can be divided into two categories: the first one is a combination of regular sewing and embroidery. If you have space constraints or a low budget or you do your own daily business then this can be in your list.

The second category has exclusive embroidery machines. If you are completely into embroidery then these will give a high quality finish now and then.

The combination of both regular sewing and embroidery will save you from double investment. It will be a versatile machine with much more capabilities. But it will not be for seamstresses who do embroidery in bulk.

Don’t worry about your next project! I have chosen a select range of best 5 embroidery machines for all of you. “It is never too late to turn your hobby into a full-fledged business.”

Key Features to Consider While Choosing An Embroidery Sewing Machine

Everybody has their own set of preferences and it is not necessary that you have to make the same choice. You have your own situations and limitations, be smart enough to not to fall prey to the fancy products.

You may browse through the important factors which can help you to get the best embroidery machine.


Built-in Designs and Built-in Stitches

You are not getting a machine to stuck on basic and regular designs, rather you want it to create elegant and exclusive garments everyday. The more designs, the more opportunities of innovation. You may consider a machine which have around 250 built-in designs.

People tend to attract towards fancy plus graceful fabrics more than a plain one. The built-in stitches in a good machine may vary from 25 to 250. As the number of stitches increase, the price will too. Choose the one for your requirements.

Built-in Memory

Now brands are incorporating new ideas to stay in the competition. One such breakthrough is computerized embroidery sewing machines. The memory means you can store a decent amount of templates and patterns within the machine.

The built-in memory feature is like an add-on. If budget is not a concern for you then you may look at built-in memory too. The bigger the memory, more storage it will offer.

Connectivity With Other Devices

To make your projects more customized such as adding your company’s logo on the garment or special patterns which you always wanted to stitch , connectivity with computers, laptops etc can increase your radius.

It will save a lot of time, you can download anything you love, transfer it to your machine over the internet and give a professional touch to your style.

Hoop Size

You never know what opportunities are coming towards you. The best we can do is simply gear up and be ready. A small sized hoop can never accommodate a big design for sure. It is risky if you want to expand your skills and go for a smaller hoop.

Whereas a big hoop will be flexible to adjust a decent size of patterns and designs. It is not a mandatory feature. Analyze your needs and plan by going a little more towards the future aspects and make a wise decision accordingly.

Redesigning and Editing Options

We all tend to crib about things we don’t have, rather than counting on what we have. Similarly, it you got a high-end computerized machine loaded with features and suddenly you find that you can’t edit the patterns, ohh! I just witnessed a heartbreak!!!

There are points when you find the preinstalled designs too small or too big or too dark or too dull that you cannot look at it, the editing feature enables you to edit the preset templates according to your taste and style.

5 Top-Rated Embroidery Sewing Machines With Reviews

1. DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine


DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine is perfect in many aspects. It is small, lightweight, portable and loaded with good number of features. This machine is totally worth the money you are investing in it.

This machine is not a professional but can very well take care of everyday’s needs. It is an ideal option for the beginners to learn sewing along with embroidery. Once you have your hands on this then you can comfortably manage even big projects.

This mini embroidery sewing machine is an optimal choice for all crafters plus for all of you who loves to do DIY projects and takes minor assignments from the clients. Also, you can use this little machine to decorate your home.

The 12 preset different stitching patterns which are abundant for an exquisite collection. To complete this range at a faster pace, you can select any of the 2 speeds. You can adjust the high or low speed options as per the fabric thickness.

To give you a motivated start, the built-in needle threader is all set to thread the needle for you. You can boost the overall process by accelerating the speed using the foot pedal. It is helpful while handling the tough projects.

Every pattern or a design requires different stitch length and width, you can use the adjustable stitch selector to do so. To keep your sewing accessories within reach, the machine has an on-board storage compartment.

It becomes quite difficult to sew the round shaped patterns like cuffs, collars etc without free harm. You don’t need to bother about that too. There is free arm feature with which you can comfortably stitch any round sem.

It comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The company doesn’t have any website so it suggests all its buyer to thoroughly go through the user instructions to avoid any mistake.


  • A mini portable embroidery electric sewing machine
  • 12 built-in unique stitches to let you do the best
  • Double speed that are high and low to get desirable sewing speed
  • double thread for flexible setting
  • Foot pedal to accelerate the sewing operations
  • Simplified machine for newbies to learn embroidery
  • Built-in needle threader for convenient threading through the needle
  • Select the stitch length and width as per requirement
  • Free arm to sew cylindrical shapes like patterns such as cuffs, collars etc
  • Provision to store accessories for an easy access
  • Ideal for people who love crafts, minor projects and DIY activities
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty


  • A customer complained that the machine is built in such a way that neither a kid nor an expert can work on it.
  • Hardly any medium to contact the company but they respond to your queries

2. Brother Computerized SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Brother SE1900 model is professionally engineered and simple to use sewing and embroidery machine. It gives you a different outlook to explore your potential. You can confidently start a completely new project from scratch and finish it enthusiastically.

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For big patterns and letters, there is ample space of 5”x 7” to combine multiple designs with minimum rehooping. You can preview the layout on LCD screen and then stitch it. To save all your favourite designs for future, you may use the USB port (not included) to import from Brother’s site.

The 240 built-in stitches have an exclusive collection of decorative patterns to get a desirable garment. Plus an impressive range of 10 styles of 1 step buttonholes that will fit itself to your buttons.

The machine includes an insane number of 138 embroidery designs of various designs such as seasonal, floral and kids. In addition to this, 10 frame designs with 14 patterns. Of this not enough then it gives you editing option to resize the designs, create mirror images and rotate if you need.

There is a built-in script, serif and san serif fonts, outline etc a total of 7 embroidery fonts to use as it is or mix and match to innovate designs. Simply touch the lever and here is your thread inside the needle eye. Automatic needle threader is a real eye saver when you frequently need to thread the needle.

You find difficult to place the embroidery design in the hoop, it will be easy when you use the LED. it will brighten up the are plus illuminate the space enough sufficient to work on the dark fabrics too.

If still you think something is missing, yes quilting. The drop feed feature for free motion sewing lets you get more artistic with your quilting and sewing skills. You may personalize the fabric with your own imagination with various threads.

Brother has left no stone untouched with an amazing variety of accessory feet. It includes blind stitch foot, spring action zigzag foot, zipper foot, overcasting foot, button sewing foot, and monogramming foot.

The color LCD has 3.2” sew smart touch screen display permits you to view all of your embroidery patterns in full color view. Also, it allows you to select the thread colors of your choice from the built-in color palette and preview it before the final stitching.

With the marvellous features, the SE1900 is backed by a 25-year limited warranty. The company takes care of it customers even after selling the products. Whenever you need assistance, call the customer technical support and enjoy the services for life of the machine.


  • The 17.6 x 9.5 x 11.8 inches embroidery and sewing machine
  • The color 3.2”of sew smart LCD color touch screen display
  • Built-in color palette to choose the thread color
  • 5”x 7” of space for embroidery field
  • 240 unique impressive range of stitches
  • Built-in 7 embroidery fonts to customize the garments
  • Free motion stitching enables you to create your own patterns
  • Built-in LED to illuminate the work station
  • 10 kind of 1 step buttonholes of perfect size for your buttons
  • Impressive 138 various embroidery designs
  • Automatically threads the needle with a touch of lever
  • USB slot to import designs
  • Includes 8 accessory feet for different purposes


  • The cost is a bit steep but it is worth investing for particularly when you want to setup your own business
  • A buyer said that sometimes it becomes noisy but overall he loved the machine
  • No notable negative points as such

3. Brother Embroidery Machine, PE535


Another embroidery machine from Brother’s, as it says Brother at your side. Indeed it is one of the best manufacturers of embroidery machines. Undoubtedly, Brother has aced the art of giving people the product which can compliment their every single penny.

Regardless of your experience, you will find PE535 and incredible investment which you could have ever done. The feature rich, budget friendly and trustworthy embroidery machine.

The 80 unique designs with exceptional range of various borders and fonts to give life to your garment. Plus embroidery field of 4”x 4” with grid sheet and tools that can align the design and needle where needed.

The automatic needle threader takes care of your eyes and is very helpful when you need to do threading multiple times while using different colored threads. The provision of USB port is there if sometime you want to import and keep your designs file safe with you. The USB is not included in the box, you need to buy it separately.

A sew smart 3.2”of large LCD touch screen to look at your embroidery designs in full color version. All the Brother customers will get access to where you will find 1000s of high quality embroidery designs like disney pixar, disney, marvel etc.

The 9 built in lettering font comprising 6 English and 3 JapaneseYou can change it then and there before giving it a final command. You can select from upper or lower case, symbol characters and numerics.

There is embroidery lettering editing which permits you to increase or decrease the spacing between the letters, place the letters in curves or at an angle, align the text on multiple lines and what not.

The exciting series of features include adding embellishments on the garments and give your closet with fresh and refreshing designs. Also, you can develop designs with standing lace to create beautiful 3D and ornament projects. Plus you can embroider on denim and personalize your favourite looks anytime.

Brother was not satisfied so it gave you one more feature of creating impressive gifts and favours with professional touch for various occasions like showers, graduations and weddings.

You can preview the final selection of colors and design and then stitch it immediately. With this product you can make everybody happy from a child to an elederly person, there is something for everyone.

The bilingual user manual with an instructional DVD is all set to guide you at every step. The 25 year limited warranty gives you confidence to bring this chic your home. Till you have this product, you will get free customer support for your every query.


  • A versatile embroidery machine.
  • An affordable, feature rich, reliable product
  • A perfect model for beginners and experts
  • Impressive 80 high quality designs on various themes.
  • Comes with 80 built-in designs besides borders, fonts and much more
  • Provision of built-in memory to import designs from USB stick
  • 3.2”of LCD with sew smart touchscreen display
  • You can even preview a colored version of your design before stitching
  • Automatic needle threader to keep your eyes stain free.
  • Large embroidery field with alignment tools and grid sheet to fit in all your favourite designs
  • 9 embroidery lettering fonts containing 6 English and 3 Japanese
  • Adjust the lettering designs, you can edit them in multiple ways
  • Access to 1000s of exclusively for Brother customers
  • Various kinds of designs with embellishments, lace, embroider on denims
  • Customized gifts and surprises on different occasions
  •  A 25 year limited warranty with unlimited technical support


  • Even after using it for quite a good amount of time, people don’t have any negative points to say.

4. Brother PE770 Embroidery-Only Machine


After seeing another embroidery machine from Brother’s, you must be thinking that I am some agent of Brother. But let me be very honest and clear, neither I am crazy about Brother nor I am their agent.

My sole motive here is to provide you the best and genuine reviews as much as I can. Brother is certainly the jack of all trades but it has mastered the skill of making flawless and efficient embroidery machines.

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Brother PE770 is one such embroidery machine which has an expansive field of 5 x 7 inches which is an adequate space to create larger patterns, monogramming, combining layouts and lettering designs with minimum rehooping. You can make larger patterns on bags, quilts, jackets etc.

The 6 lettering fonts and 136 embroidery designs can fill a full wardrobe from scratch with every design entirely different from others. Embellish everything from a simple tshirt to home decor.

The 136 designs contain all decorative options like intricate florals, delicate scrollwork, classic and quilt pattern and anything you dreamt of. After finalizing the design, you can add any of the 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles for a pro finish.

There is branded embroidery card (not included) which can be inserted in built-in card slot to access several designs and patterns. The simple to use touch screen LCD has backlit plus it can access high end design with editing which easy to navigate.

There are ample of editing options to elaborate and resize the designs as per the need. You can do sizing, mirror imaging, rotation of the design and even set it to any angle as you want before finalizing it for stitching.

The automatic needle threader which threads the needle by simply following the numbered diagrams printed on machine to do the process faster. The quick set bobbin itself pulls the thread and the embroidery as commanded.

With a simple touch of a button, the auto thread trim perfectly does its job of trimming the unwanted threads and gives a finishing touch to the garments. Every Brother customer has an access to buy 1000s of downloadable designs from

The box comprises the computerized embroidery only PE770 machine with a 5 x 7 inches embroidery hoop, dust cover, embroidery arm, an accessory bag, operational manual, power cord and 25 year limited warranty.

The accessory bag includes 3 spool caps, 2 screwdrivers, seam ripper, cleaning brush, needle set, 3 bobbins and a pair of scissors.


  • Exclusively for embroidery purposes
  • durable , feature rich with built in memory
  • A broad 5”x 7” of embroidery field, flexible to accommodate all sizes of designs
  • USB slot to import designs for future use
  • Backlit LCD with touchscreen display to view vivid colored designs
  • Editing options to redesign or add effects to the decided patterns if desired
  • Automatic needle threading through an easy to follow diagram
  • 136 unique embroidery designs with 6 lettering fonts
  • To enhance the look, there are 10 frame shapes and 12 different border styles.
  • Quick set and hassle free bobbin system to ready to start embroidery
  • Auto thread trimmer saves the design and itself do the finishing work
  • Access to for Brother customers
  • Comes with a lot of basic and advanced accessories in the box


  • A person said that he present his mind to hate this model but he ended up loving it
  • A buyer found some issues with bobbin set up but later got resolved through technical team
  • A person complained he got only the manual all the mentioned accessories are missing

5. Brother Embroidery PE550D Machine


I just realised that this is the fourth embroidery machine from Brother’s on my list. Now you will not believe me and I don’t think I have enough data to present that can establish that I don’t belong to Brother.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on what we have. We all are here to get the best one and I can ensure you that you will get the best out of the best. PE550D is a dependable, affordable and versatile embroidery only machine.

This model has an embroidery field of 4 x 4 inches which is a decent size to meet your daily needs. The 125 unique designs including 45 fascinating Disney designs besides floral, freestanding lace, borders, kids and holidays designs.

A large number of built in designs based on several themes are quite impressive. There is a memory slot to insert USB, in case you want to import and store the patterns and designs safe with you.

The best feature for any age group,the automatic needle threader to get rid of frustration and stress. Plus to keep your eyes stress free and relaxed, it is one of the people’s choice features.

The wide 3.2 inches of LCD touch screen display is fully colored to differentiate among the various thread colors for the final embroidery design. You can even edit if you find something more classy and elegant and want to replace it with a design which is dull.

The editing feature gives you options to resize, rotate, move, mirror image etc. also, there are two more additions two line printing and letter arching to give volume to every bit of your hard work.

The box contains the embroidery arm, embroidery foot, 4 x 4 inches of embroidery hoop, tools and supplies, machine dust cover, user manual, 25 year limited warranty.

The tools and supplies include disk shaped screwdriver, 4 spool caps, 4 bobbins with 3 pre-wound bobbins with embroidery bobbin thread , spool net, seam ripper, power cord, cleaning brush, 3 piece needle set, large screwdriver.


  • Exclusively designed to fulfill embroidery projects
  • 125 built-in designs to enhance every inch of your fabric
  • Large colored LCD touch screen to preview every activity
  • Automatic needle threader that loves your eyes
  • USB port to import several designs
  • 6 embroidery lettering fonts in various formats
  • Allows to edit embroidery lettering designs
  • You can add cool disney characters to personalize any project for kids
  • Embellish to elevate your designer skills
  • Free standing designs to give you full room to innovate to any extent
  • Comes with a lot of tools and supplies
  • 25 year limited warranty


  • A buyer got a defective piece and called customer care but end up disappointed
  • A customer found the 4”embroidery field too small as per her projects
  • Only embroidery machine so unable to handle daily sewing work

Wrapping It Up

Now you have to analyze and select the one which is compatible with your needs, space and budget. Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine edition gives you a whole new sky to put as many stars and galaxies as you want.

The crux is that this piece is full and overloaded with features, patterns, designs, fonts, everything you want after spending such a good amount. For all the intermediates and experts, this is the destination.

The next is Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine which is versatile, affordableand feature rich and has all the needed featuresThe machine has 80 designs along with borders and fonts to add grace to the garment.

The large LCD display, automatic needle threader, large embroidery field and much more. This machine can cater to all the people who are not in a mood to invest in something big.

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