Best Handheld Sewing Machines For Some Handy Swag

The handheld mini sewing machine ideal for home travel stitching that outranks my list is MSDADA Portable Handheld Sewing Machine. From novice to pros, all you need is a sewing knowledge, 4AA batteries or power adapter and you are good to go with this delight.

A handheld sewing machine is like a stapler that efficiently alters all the small mending jobs instantly. You don’t have to stick to your workspace to finish your projects or sit on the same chair for longer hours and get up with a hurting back or hesitate to travel for fashion meetings.

Keep it in your bag and get handsy and comfy anywhere you want. Groove like never before. There are many reasons for selecting a handheld machine over a full-fledged heavy duty machine.

Handheld Sewing Machine – A spot on rescuer gadget

  • Saves you from emergency garments repair circumstances
  • Ideal for torn seams or pockets, stitch buttons back, strengthen up the loose stitches and is capable of handling small projects
  • Major virtues are: compact, battery operated, inexpensive and portable which are matchless when compared to full size machine
  • A traditional machine cannot be replaced by handheld machine and too a great extent I can say, vice versa.

The advantages, disadvantages and factors will help you make a better choice. I have chosen the top 5 picks for the best handheld sewing machines for you. Let’s have a look at them.

Crucial Factors to Consider While Choosing A Handheld Sewing Machine


If you are in a stylist or a designer, you can’t do a day without a sewing machine. You definitely need a sewing machine handy all the time. Handheld sewing machine is a practical and a smart solution for your instant fits, alterations and other requirements.

Let’s be not in a fantasy world and try to ponder upon the merits and demerits of a pocket sized sewing machine. Consider the virtues and downfalls with equal weightage and decide if you really need one.

Handy and Extremely Portable

This is one of the key points why we are considering a handheld machine. Take the thread, scissors and fabric and sit comfortably in whatever place you like.

Patch up a button, repair the open seams or fix a fallen hem, you don’t need to take out the full size sewing machine every time.

Batteries Operated

In a way, apart from costing they are a big electricity saver. To make these machines operational, you need 4 AA batteries.

While you are away for some business tour or if there is a power shutdown, don’t get bothered it will work.


If you are new to sewing, without giving it a much thought you can start today. Just grab a pack of needles, threads, scissors, bobbins and some basic accessories. The reason is its price range.

Plus it is a low maintenance product so you have enough margin to take the risk of buying one. The price is modest as compared to conventional sewing machines.


If you are thinking that you have to compromise with the features and functions while opting for the handheld machine to some extent you are wrong. In this cutting edge time, every brand is trying to excel in all aspects.

It is quite beneficial for you as some models can handle thick and heavy fabrics, some works well for straight quilting others are good at embroidery. At less cost, you will get a decent amount of features which are enough to uncover various hand sewing techniques.

Some times for good things you have to bargain a little. I am hereby listing some of the demerits which comes with this little chic and smart machine.

Yes! It is slow

Remember: “Slow and steady wins here.”

Don’t know how much this quote holds in real life but one of the trade off of handheld machine is the speed. Sometimes slow is good, focus, relax and enjoy every stitch you sew.

In comparison to full-size sewing machine, the handheld is quite slow. However, handheld also cuts down the probability of going wrong and you can correct it instantly while sewing on a handheld machine.

Cannot replace a full-size sewing machine

Every creation has its purpose. Likewise a traditional sewing machine is designed to handle difficult and big tasks. It will be durable, stable and will last longer. Also, conventional will give much more clean and neat stitches with a professional finish.

The negatives are you can’t put it in your pocket, nor you can take out and start sewing. In addition to this, if you have space issues then keeping a traditional machine is a big headache.

5 Top-Rated Handheld Sewing Machines With Reviews

1. Royalsell Handheld Sewing Machine


Royalsell’s ultra portable, mini cordless handheld sewing machine is definitely a gadget that will make you all gaga. The machine is an electric addition at a very reasonable price.

It features single stitch that is capable of repairing and small daily need alterations. The small size makes it super handy for urgent stitching jobs.

The elegant white colored machine operates on 4 AA batteries or you may use 6V DC with 600mA power adapter (buy separately).

For novice, the good news is that the machine is pre threaded so you don’t have to take the headache to thread the needle on the very first day of your sewing experience.

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It works great for all spot on fixing. The 20 x 7.5 x 5 cm machine is an ideal purchase for newbies and kids who are passionate for sewing and cannot afford to wait more.

The response is very convincing for this gadget as Royalsell are quite modest with their policy. If you get a defective product, you can contact and ask for a refund or replacement.


  • Good product at a very reasonable price
  • Highly recommended for light fabric.
  • Can be a good starter package for kids too.
  • Can be a great giftable product
  • Maintain the fabric thickness of around 1.8mm
  • 4 AA batteries or DC 6V (excluded) are sufficient. No power cord is required
  • Single thread sewing machine
  • Can be used for domestic, office and travelling purposes
  • The company will replace or refund if you have received a defective product


  • A buyer said that it is not that smooth as he expected
  • Needle threading may take some energy
  • Do not use it continuously, take a good break and then start again
  • The stitching may get a little messy if done in haste. So, don’t rush into things.

2. W-Dragon Handheld Cordless Sewing Machine


W-Dragon’s handheld sewing machine is cordless, electric and handy gadget. The mini size of the machine doesn’t take much storage space.

The versatile equipment is ideal for your kids, novice and people who often travel and wants to take a sewing machine with them.

If you are a fashion designer who already own a full size sewing machine, sometimes you stuck and badly wished you could have a miniature size of your full size sewing machine. With handheld machine, your wishes will be fulfilled.

It is one of the best handheld machines which are extremely helpful for on spot alterations and repairs.

The 20 x 5 x 7.5 cm machine operates on 4 AA batteries or DC 6V 600mA power adapter. If you are insecure for your batteries you can always carry an extra pack of batteries.

Majority of the handheld machines are limited to the thin fabric only. But this works great on fabric like wool, leather, denim, silk, and crafts. It is recommended not to go beyond thickness of 1.8mm.

Also, the machine is quite practical and can be a good and sound replacement for your full fledged sewing machine. This lets you design your own gloves, aprons, handkerchiefs and any handicraft item.

Further, the machine is capable of stitching regular and simple embroidery, patchwork. However, it is only a small handheld machine but the kind of features and functions it provides are commendable.

The company is flexible with its policies too. If you receive a damaged sewing machine, you can contact them for a refund or replacement.


  • instant , handy, compact design with versatile features
  • Excellent for novices and young enthusiasts
  • Cordless electric sewing machine
  • 4 AA batteries or DC 6V at 600mA of current needed to use (batteries not included in the box)
  • Works well on almost all kind of fabrics
  • Tie the thread knot yourself as it is a single thread machine
  • No need to take out the curtains from the rods, sew or repair them hanging
  • Wall hangings can be easily altered and fixed
  •  Easily stitch upto thickness of 1.8mm
  • Capable to stitch aprons, gloves, handkerchiefs, gloves and much more.
  • Company offers refund and replacement policies


  • Till now users are happy with the machine and its performance

3. MSDADA Portable Handheld Sewing Machine


MSDADA introduced a practical, lightweight and mini handheld machine is quick hitting tool to make instant repairs and alterations. The machine is good for everyone from newbie to expert, you can get trained or give training on it.

The machine is designed to stitch in trick positioning too which adds to its versatility. The price is so comfortable that you can even gift this charming equipment on various occasions.

The company has covered an extra mile to enhance its efficiency and performance. It can fix the repairs which even a traditional sewing machine cannot do such as repairing the curtains while hanging, patching the torn bags and totes etc.

This big time and money saver equipment works excellent on any kind of fabric or material. Plus you can use it on silk, wool, crafts, hem trousers.

You can repair pants without taking it off, attach the button while wearing, fix bedding without taking it off from the bed and I think you can’t ask for more.

While stitching, in excitement don’t try to stitch stuff with thickness more than 1.8mm plus avoid too hard or too soft or too big fabrics.

MSDADA gives 60 day refund guarantee. If you are unhappy with the product, you can contact them through emails. Either your money will be refunded or you will get a solution.

The attractive box comprises the compact and small handheld machine with a user instruction manual, 2 needles, 1 spindle, 1 sample fabric to practice, 1 threader and 6 different sewing threads.


  • Single thread machine unlike all the general handheld machines
  • The spindle can be extended
  • 4 AA battery powered or DC 6V power adapter
  • Quite simple to replace the needle
  • Comes with a good number of accessories
  • Works smoothly for fabrics of thickness upto 1.8mm. The performance degrades once you cross the threshold
  • Contact the company in case the machine is not smooth enough for fabrics less than thickness of 1.8mm


  • Have to take a break when batteries are hot
  • A user found it difficult to tie the loop so a little agitated. You may follow the videos step by step for an easy operation.
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4. UODOO Handheld Mini Sewing Machine


The portable machines still need a base or platform to stabilize itself. However, handheld machine doesn’t need that too. You sit on your couch be comfortable and replace, rab the handheld tool start sewing instantly.

Nobody had ever imagined it could be so simple. UODOO handheld machine is just like that. Though the machine is pocket sized, it is capable of doing wonders.

The wonderful tool can work on any fabric that includes silk, wool, jeans, leather, denim and what not. You can use it for crafting purposes too.

The machine acn able to sew hanging curtains without taking them down, button the shirt while wearing, fix bedding without anystripping and much more.

The limitation is the thickness of the fabric which should not exceed 1.8 mm. Plus the fabric should not be too hard or thick, too soft or delicate and too big.

The machine only needs 4 AA batteries to work smoothly. The single thread handheld device is a good option for gifts. The good thing is you can gift this item to people from all ages.

If you are a beginner, don’t hesitate to spend. If you are a professional you use and remember me. The pre threaded machine is always ready to use.

This charming device can do every practical sewing. From designing your own handkerchief to patchwork or embroidery, you name any simple thing and it is ready to go.


  • Pocket size, mini, hand sewing machine
  • Solve your daily sewing requirements instantly
  • Skilled to work on silks, wool, leather, denim, jeans, etc
  • Repairs hanging drapery, bedding without stripping and many more
  • Ideal for novice to masters, everybody can use
  • Good gifting tool for any age group
  •  Single stitch machine operates well on 4AA batteries
  • Pre threaded and ready to use machine
  • Use while travelling or whole watching your favourite TV show
  • A person said that the machine is as per description


  • No demerits as yet. Users are happy with this handheld sewing machine
  • Do not take fabric beyond 1.8 mm of thickness

5. HAITRAL Portable Handheld Sewing Machine


Haitral is popular in providing quick sewing solutions for all the mending and pending work you have. The portable, small and cordless handheld sewing machine is sufficient to tackle your different sewing needs everyday.

The machine is 4 AA battery controlled. You can even keep an extra pair of 4 AA batteries to deal with emergency situations.

Majority of the sophisticated mini machines breaks down because of broken or jamming thread. You can easily avoid this condition, by simply controlling the tension. Plus you can conveniently tie the knot to close the need thread.

The easy to thread and sew mini tool takes only 5 steps to finish the threading process. To start sewing, all you need to do is keep the fabric on the platen, press the button and you are ready to go.

The portale machine features replaceable needle which can be removed and changed with a simple twist of screw. You can do it if the needle is bent or broken.

The package comprises the complete accessories which are 3 needles, 3 bobbins, 1 needle threader, and one extension spindle manual along with the little handheld sewing machine.


  • Extremely handy and can even work with one hand only
  • 5 easy steps to thread
  • Works great for delicate fabrics
  • An ideal solution for quick repairs
  • 4 AA battery operated
  • Extension spindle to use longer spool thread
  • Easy to knot the ending stitch thread
  • Put the cloth and press the switch you re ready to stitch
  • Easy to replace needle
  • Adjustable tension to avoid jamming
  • Loaded with accessories in the box
  • You can contact the seller in case you face any problem


  • A person reviewed that the machine that the machine broke within seconds of taking out of the box
  • Fabric thickness is a constraint, should not exceed 1.8mm
  • A user complained that he has to thread it over and over again
  • It is incapable of tackling over thick or thin or too soft materials

Final Verdict

To make a little easier for you, the machine which is features rich, budget friendly and has more capacity to replace a full size sewing machine is MSDADA Portable Handheld Sewing Machine.

The smart, mini, compact, features filled machine is apt for beginners to professionals. The machine is capable of handling a large variety of fabrics, an ideal gifting product. It can also do crafting and mending work without removing a curtain, bedsheet or a shirt from its place.

All the products I have cited above are the best of best machines. You just analyze what are your requirements, jot them down with the tick box.

Go through my list, tick the box and you will be left with the machine which suits you the best in every aspect.

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