Best Portable Sewing Machines To Sew Anywhere

The fabulous lightweight and inexpensive Brother CS6000i Sewing & Quilting Machine tops the list. Loaded with the best features, it is a computerized quilting and sewing machine. 60 inbuilt stitches with 7 buttonhole styles, free arm operation and what not makes it unique.

In each house, there is always something to fix or mend. A ready to use sewing machine can repair anything in a jiffy. There can be ample of reasons why you want a sewing machine to be handy.

Some of you already have a heavy duty, costly, features-rich machine which is impossible to travel with, some want to start their sewing journey with the smallest possible machine.

If you are a beginner, I don’t recommend you to go for an expensive machine and if you are an expert, I will suggest you to research thoroughly and spend sensibly.

In my list, I have tried my best to parse the fancy features, difficult to use machines and keep the limelight on the important ones only which features practical functions and are fairly priced.

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing A Portable Sewing Machine

The features listed below will help you to identify the suitable machine for your sewing techniques, designing style and money wise. Some of you might have bells and whistles machine at home which are heavy and difficult to carry.

Now if you want a basic, lightweight and easy to move around with or you are one of those who wants to have only one machine with many features yet portable, soon you will find the best one. Keep Scrolling!

Size and Weight

Size is a major factor for a portable machine. It is easier to move with a 12 lb machine than a 20 lb. A machine with weight somewhere between 12 lb to 15 lb will be a sensible investment.

The size and weight goes side by side. A low weight machine will be smaller in size and may be will have less features but this is not the case always. There are machines available which are portable and rich in feature but then you have to raise your budget a little.

Number of Stitches

The built-in stitches are programmed to create designs with the unique combination of needle movement and speed. These predefined stitches are integrated in the machine and you can choose particular stitch for special fabrics.

This parameter depends on your intend to buy a portable sewing machine. If you are working on various fabrics then you should consider a machine with multitude stitching options.


Type of Machine

A Portable sewing machine can be broadly categorized into three types: electronic, mechanical and automatic. If you know how to use technology then it would be easier for your to use automated options.

A decent computerized machine will comprise LCD may be touchscreen, pre programmed stitching speeds, needle threader, and many other features. You can get a portable machine with buttons, touchscreen or dial controlled.

Needle Threader

It can be a tiring job to target the fraying end of thread through the miniature eyed needle. Plus if you have poor vision or working in lowlight with shaky hands then trust me it will be exasperating for you.

You may consider a machine with automatic needle threader as it will save your time, reduce stress and your job will be done within fraction of seconds.


This feature may not be there in your preference list but as per my experience a convertible free arm with a storage compartment is a must in a sewing machine. Free arm helps to stitch the circular parts of a garment like collars, sleeves, hems etc.

The add – on is storage space to put all the accessories and stuff handy all the time. It augments the portability feature and now most of the machines have this convenient feature in them.


I guess it will be heartbreaking if you accidentally drop your heavy and a costly computerized sewing machine. When you pay heavy, you need to handle the machine with utmost care too.

I have listed machines which are lightweight, easy-to-carry and loaded with features but costly. If you are confident in handling a costly machine then only make investment otherwise choose a decent machine and enjoy your sewing life.

5 Top-Rated Portable Sewing Machines With Reviews

1. Singer Start 1234 Portable Sewing Machine


Singer is one of the known manufacturers of producing simple sewing machines with excellent features and quality. It is pioneer of portable machine, zigzag machine and computerized machine.

Singer’s Start 1234 mechanical sewing machine is a simple, portable, basic, easy-to-use with understandable features machine. An excellent choice for beginners and those who already own a heavy sewing machine at home and looking for an alternative to easily move around.

It’s internal skeleton is made of heavy duty metal frame that provides stability, durability and alignment to carry out skip-free sewing. Since its a Singer product so you can be sure that will last for a good period of time.

It features 6 preset basic stitches that can be selected simply by turning of the dial. It includes impressive patterns like satin, zigzag, blind hem, straight, scallop and a 4 step buttonhole.

The easy and fast threading system gears up the sewing process. You can simply follow the threading images printed on the machine. If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, you don’t need to do any guesswork, the preset stitch length and width are already set.

The 2 vertical spool pins for dual needle sewing can stitch parallel rows and adds elegance in tour garment. The twin needle is an optional purchase,

The versatile 7 pounds Start 1234 features a removable free arm and a storage space that houses all your important tools and accessories. Free arm manages all the curved stitching like pant hems, collars, sleeves etc.

Also, the three presser namely buttonhole foot for attaching buttonholes, ribbon slots etc, zipper foot to put piping, cording and zippers, all-purpose foot to complete your all basic swing purposes.

A numbered bobbin image on the machine guides you to wind the bobbin easily. It stops automatically when the bobbin is full. The machine is built to operate at 110 volts only so it will be preferable in US and Canada.

There a number of accessories to accompany your machine and that are several feet, pack of needles, darning plate, screwdriver, lint brush or seam ripper, bobbins, spool pin felts, foot control. Power line cord, quick start guide and user manual.

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  • An ideal machine for beginners and hobbyists
  • A good replacement for your heavyweight machine
  • Lightweight, portable, simple and features rich mechanical machine
  • Highly durable and low maintenance
  • 6 built-in stitches with 4 step buttonhole
  • Presetting stitch length and width
  • 3 presser feet (ll-purpose, zipper and buttonhole)
  • Automatic bobbin winding system and threading system
  • User friendly, highly convenient to use
  • Removal free arm with storage compartment
  • Comprises all the basic accessories
  • Free online video for quick guidance
  • 25 years limited warranty


  • User reviewed that the bobbin tension system is disappointing
  • While sewing at high speed the bobbin pops out
  • Sometimes the machine jams
  • A buy said that setting up the bobbin is a lengthy process

2. Singer Simple 3223R Handy Sewing Machine


The crisp raspberry color Singer’s 3223R is a fresh and simple designed sewing machine. The lightweight machine is easy to carry and can be taken to your classes, meetings and anywhere you want.

From basic home decor to fashion, you can handle small to big projects efficiently. The 23 different built-in stitches including basic stitch, decorative stitch and stretch stitch and more.

In just 4 painless steps you can sew buttonhole stitch and attach beautiful buttons in curtains, dresses, etc. you can set the selector dial to choose the type of buttonhole. The reverse lever secures the stitches at starting and ending and prevents unraveling.

The adjustable stitch length customizes each stitch you sew on any fabric in the most amazing ways. You can resize the distance between the stitches and work on techniques like applique,basting and many more.

Just insert and wind the bobbin under the needle plate and you are all set. The front loading bobbin is hard to keep track of the thread left on the spool. Whereas the machines with top loading are comparatively accessible in many ways.

The detachable free arm makes it easier to stitch pant hems, collards, sleeve cuffs etc. you slide off the storage space to access the tools and accessories and you can make it free arm machine.

If you want to further explore your creative limits, attach or remove the presser feet and fly as high as you can. Plus extra high presser foot lifter accommodates the thick fabrics easily.

The box contains a soft machine cover to keep it dirt free when not in use. It also comprises general purpose foot, button sewing foot, zipper foot,buttonhole foot, edge/quilting guide, lint brush/seam ripper, auxiliary spool pin,pack of needles, Class 15 transparent bobbins, screwdriver, darning plate, thread spool caps, dust cover etc.


  • A basic, lightweight and portable machine to sew your all projects
  • Interior skeleton built of heavy duty metal frame
  • 23 built-in stitches for various stitches including basic, decorative and many more
  • Simple to follow 4-step buttonhole system
  • Detachable free arm to sew sleeve cuffs, trouser hems or smaller projects
  • Compartment to access accessories and tools
  • Front loading bobbin makes it simpler to check the thread amount
  • Darning plate to prevent the direct contact of fabric with teeth
  • Stitch selector dial to select your favourite stitch to sew
  • You can customize stitch length and use it for basting, applique etc
  • Get rid of extra ravels with reverse stitching and lock the sems cleanly
  • Soft cover to protect the machine from debris and dust
  • Removal snap on presser feet to carry out different sewing techniques
  • Presser feet to sew thick fabrics
  • 25 year limited warranty period


  • Some people got a few bad eggs so one of them is the bobbin system. Check the machine as soon as it reaches your step.
  • Front loading bobbin makes it a little difficult to keep the track of thread
  • Very basic machine. There will not be much choices in decorative stitches for you

3. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine


The ease of use, superb quality, and cost effective are few notable attributes that makes Brother the most profitable and lovable brand of all times. Brother’s XM2701 is an absolute example of above qualities.

It is capable of handling multiple projects with its full range of features. With the user-friendly built-in functions it works well at almost no cost. If your budget is your constraint then this is indeed the right choice for you.

XM2701 has 27 built-in stitches with a complete range of basic stitches which are zigzag, decorative, blind hem, stretch and many more which are enough for any sewist. In addition to this it features 63 more stitch functions making it a divine machine for a beginner and a professional too.

With the maximum sewing speed of 800 stitches in a minute, it proves its versatility. You can easily thread the needle without any hassle with just a push to lever. The video tutorials are available online to make it more quick for you.

The 1 step auto-sized buttonhole effortlessly creates the buttonholes. All you need to do is to place it in the place where you want to attach the button. The LED illuminates the workstation and prevents unnecessary stain on your eyes.

The 6 unique quick change sewing feet namely blind stitch, zipper, narrow hemmer, buttonhole, zigzag and button sewing makes it more skillful. The jam resistant bobbin system is top loading that gives a clear view of thread left on the spool.

The needle threading has never been so easy, you can do it with a slight push to the level. If you find any step easy to follow then you can see the online videos for better understanding.

The machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty. The box contains an instructional DVD with a bilingual user manual. Plus you will get the free customer support till the machine is with you.


  • Lightweight (12.6 pounds), portable, easy-to-use
  • Functional, versatile, affordable and long lasting
  • 27 built in stitches with 6 different quick change sewing feet
  • Sews 800 stitches in a minute with stitch selection dial
  • Super simple threading feature with automatic needle threader
  • Covers wide range of operation with free arm feature
  • Handles projects from basic home decor to fashion
  • Additional 63 stitch functions to add volume to your creation
  • Customizable options with 1 step autosized buttonholes
  • Jam resistant top drop-in bobbin setting to keep thread quantity in view
  • Bright lit LED for the glowing work space
  • Free technical customer care support with user friendly bilingual manual
  • 25 years of limited warranty


  • No notable tools and accessories
  • A user said that the automatic needle threader is difficult to use
  • Some people complained that sometimes the foot pedal slides around

4. Varmax Sewing Machine With Extension Table


Varmax brings the smallest machine on my list. It is cute, little, compact and is capable to handle easy to difficult projects. If you are a newbie or you want your little one is a sewing enthusiast, start your course with this machine.

In many aspects, this machine stands out and you would love to try your hands on this mini machine. The large extension table gives an adequate amount of space to carry out your projects involving heavy or large fabric with ease.

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This battery operated sewing machine starts instantly whereas a heavy duty sewing machine that operates on AC adapter takes some time to get ready for work. Although the AC adapter is also available with this machine.

The small size is designed especially for carry purposes. The built-in lamp brighten up the working area, prevents the stain on the eyes and makes it easy to work on dark fabrics too.

The machine has a thread cutter which easily identifies the unwanted threads and snips it off. This feature gives a clean finishing touch to the garment and hence enhances the overall quality.

It also features a cuff slot to design any cylindrical pattern such as collars, sleeves, pant hems and much more. Even while working on heavy fabric, it remains stable and you feel hardly any vibrations.

It can efficiently tackle all the mending and repairing work. Whenever you find any hole in a fabric, start the machine and it will be fixed in just a blink of an eye. The double thread function avoids bunching of thread.

This machine give you enough room to customize your designs. There are two speeds that are low and high, you can select the desired speed and work with ease. It is good for kids, newbies to create simple home decor, crafts etc.

The package comprises the machine with a wide extension table, a foot pedal, 1 needle, 1 power adapter, 4 bobbin, 1 needle threader, and a user manual for a better understanding of features.

The add-on is the 1 year warranty with after sales service. Plus whenever you want your query to be entertained, you just need to contact them anytime you want.


  • Avoid using pedal button and switch together.
  • Pull out the batteries while you use the power supply


  • 2.8 lbs of super light, compact and of course portable machine
  • Easy to use, great bang for your buck and space saver
  • Works well for beginners and intermediates.
  • Best for people who travel a lot or have space limitations.
  • Capable of sewing different fabrics without any difficulty
  • Comes with a large extension table to put your fabric glide freely
  • Ability to handle small to big projects
  • Easily sews collars, cuffs, sleeves etc
  • Operates on batteries
  • Built-in light source to solve low light problems
  • Double thread stitching prevents knotting of threads
  • Low and high speed options as desirable
  • One year warranty plus ensured after sales services


  • Some people said that the machine is too light
  • A user complained that it stopped working only after 2-3 uses
  • If you find any problem in the machine Amazon will solve your problems.
  •  Some of the accessories were missing

5. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine


CS6000i is a computerized, affordable and features rich machine introduction by Brother’s. This power packed machine is an excellent support to help you evolve as a professional sewer ever.

This machine is a perfect host of well defined features with 60 built-in stitches at such an unbelievable value for money. These stitches includes 20 decorative, 20 regular, 7 quilting, 7 auto-buttonhole styles and 6 heirloom stitches.

The computerized sewing and quilting machine comprises 7 styles of different one step buttonhole to attach a perfect sized button to your garment.

It contains easy to view backlit LCD display which allows you to select stitches plus the stitch length and width with a push of a button. You can easily choose your needs from the figure located on the machine.

The machine incorporates almost all the basic features like free arm to sew round designs, automatic needle threader that perfectly targets the thread through the eye of the needle and much more.

The electronic speed controlled machine operates on high speed of 850 stitches per minute. Besides, it has jam resistant quick set bobbin system, stitch and buttonhole table.

To work effectively on the dark fabrics, the machine features illuminated sewing space. It prevents straining your eyes and avoids frustration while your are loaded with a good number of projects.

With this machine you create exquisite quilts, revamp your wardrobe, restyle your home decor. This gives you ample opportunities to recreate looks you always wanted to do.

The box contains a hard case, oversized wide table, eight sewing and quilting feet (overcasting, monogramming, zipper, buttonhole, walking, spring action, quilting, zipper, button sewing and buttonhole feet) and many other tools and accessories.


  • Extremely economical with ease of operation
  • Lightweight and sews 850 stitches per minute
  • 60 built-in stitches with 7 styles of single step buttonholes
  • Features free arm operation to sew cylindrical items
  • computerized sewing and quilting machine
  • Flexible sewing speed, automatic needle threader
  • Needle up/down buttons are a big time saver
  • Convenient button for start and stop operations
  • Wide table to accomodate large and heavy fabrics
  • LCD screen to guide you through the process
  • Easy threading operation with drop in bobbin
  • Stitches are neatly aligned
  • Hardly makes any noise
  • Hard cover to avoid building up of dust


  • Always check your machine right after unpacking it. A buyer received a defective piece.
  • The construction material of machine is plastic so it may shake while dealing with tough and heavy fabrics
  • When switches off, reset the settings, doesn’t saves the previous settings
  • Less storage space to keep the accessories

Wrapping It Up

Out of the above listed options, my mind sticks out with the Brother CS6000i Sewing & Quilting Machine. I am pretty sure that there are very less chances when you will find such a masterpiece which is full of useful features and balances the price as well.

It is an excellent machine to grow with, no matter where you start from. It is a delight for beginners and blessing for experts. It features all the basic functions you ever dreamt of in such a mini, cost effective machine.

Besides, a wide table, LED lit working area, LCD to customize stitches and other functions. The machine is capable of sewing quilts apart from all the home decor, fashion and crafting stuff. You cannot definitely ask for more.

Sewing is the cheapest therapy, you will ever find. For this therapy. Stay stressed ALWAYS!!!

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