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Best Sewing Books in 2023 To Seek Knowledge With No End

For avid sewists, books are an invaluable resource, offering a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and guidance. Sewing books are like trusted companions, filled with expert tips, vivid visuals, and step-by-step instructions to help you master techniques and refine your craft.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these books provide a solid foundation for learning new skills, serve as a wellspring of fresh ideas, and enable you to create exquisite garments that reflect your unique style.

As the art of sewing continues to evolve, investing in expanding your knowledge through books is a rewarding endeavor. To help you build your sewing library, here are the top 10 must-have books that should grace your bookshelf. These volumes are handpicked to sharpen your skills, maintain your motivation, and fuel your passion for sewing.

Dive into these books with enthusiasm, and let the wisdom within their pages enrich your sewing journey. Happy sewing and happy reading!

10 Top-Rated Sewing Books With Reviews

1. The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible – Get The Most Out Of Your Machine


Wendy Gardiner’s book “The Ultimate Sewing Machine Accessory Bible” is a comprehensive guide on how to utilize various sewing machine feet attachments. This 128-page book covers essential topics through six chapters, with step-by-step instructions and vivid color images.

Chapter 1 covers sewing machine basics, while Chapter 2 focuses on using different basic feet styles. Chapter 3 explores specialty fabric and technique feet, like roller feet and walking feet. Chapter 4 teaches creating beautiful edges using gathering, piping, and ruffling feet. Chapter 5 provides guidance on fancy stitching techniques and foot styles for open-toe, pintuck, darning, appliqué, and more. Chapter 6 offers advice on selecting the right sewing machine.

With practical tips and decorative ideas, this book caters to both beginners looking to build a solid foundation and experts seeking to expand their skills. Gardiner’s in-depth knowledge makes this an ultimate guide for anyone wanting to unlock the full potential of their sewing machine’s accessories.

2. Patternmaking for Fashion Design & DVD Package


Helen Joseph’s book provides comprehensive and clear instructions on pattern making. It covers three main principles: adding fullness, contouring, and manipulating darts. The book guides readers through creating patterns for pleated trousers, denim jeans, jackets, and various styles of pants. It includes instructions for sewing components like pockets, belt loops, zippers, and waistbands. The updated jacket foundation draft section covers interfacing, chest pieces, and shoulder pads. Joseph also addresses fitting corrections for basic patterns and pattern making for bias-cut garments. With its thorough coverage and easy-to-follow explanations, the book is a valuable resource for pattern making.

3. Couture Sewing Techniques


Claire B. Shaeffer, a fashion historian, has made haute couture accessible through her renowned guide on couture sewing techniques. This authoritative industry guide has been comprehensively updated with new illustrations and a chapter on specialty fabrics. Shaeffer unravels the secrets of couture garments, covering hand sewing, edge finishes, traditional closures, and achieving the perfect fit with custom fabrics. The book provides in-depth knowledge on couture sewing fundamentals and their practical applications for sleeves, skirts, gowns, pockets, jackets, and more. With precise instructions, supporting photographs, and an accessible language, this edition serves as a complete resource for learning couture sewing.

4. One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects


“101 Sewing Fabric Projects” unlocks a world of possibilities with just one yard of fabric. This book is a treasure trove of diverse sewing ideas suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned seamstresses. It starts with sewing fundamentals, including tools, fabric knowledge, and terminology. Then, it features a wide array of projects contributed by experienced sewists, covering designs for the home, clothing for adults and children, and even pet accessories. From laptop sleeves to jewelry rolls and more, this comprehensive guide is filled with creative projects that will inspire you to make the most out of a single yard of fabric. With its breadth of ideas and clear instructions, “101 Sewing Fabric Projects” is an essential addition to any sewing library.

5. The Sewing Book: Over 300 Step-by-Step Techniques


Alison Smith’s comprehensive book offers over 300 sewing techniques, making sewing effortless. It covers over 100 essential tools, 50 garment types, and a glossary of terminology. From children’s and adult clothing to alterations and home decor, this book unlocks endless creative possibilities. It guides you through hand and machine sewing techniques like darts, pleats, fasteners, hems, and more with detailed photos and instructions. The book includes 15 projects to practice your skills and explores over 100 tools and 250 techniques. With a visual directory of over 50 garment types, “The Sewing Book” serves as the ultimate reference for sewists of all levels, providing modern, up-to-date knowledge in a complete sewing resource.

6. New Complete Guide to Sewing: Step-by-Step Techniques for Making Clothes and Home Accessories


Reader’s Digest’s sewing publication serves as a comprehensive encyclopedia catering to sewists of all levels. Each chapter focuses on a specific technique like pockets, waistbands, seams, sleeves, necklines, and zippers. The guide provides a thorough, engaging process with colorful photos, examples using household tools, and practical garment projects. It offers invaluable information on tailoring, mending techniques, different fabric types, a glossary of sewing terms, and in-depth explanations on using sewing machines. This complete guide to sewing stands out as one of the best resources available, equipping beginners, intermediates, students, and experts alike for their continuous learning journey in the world of sewing. With its breadth of content and clear instructions, it’s an essential reference for sewists.

7. Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make


“The Sewing School” is the ultimate guide designed specifically for kids with a love for creating things. Featuring 21 engaging sewing projects suitable for ages 5 and up, this book encourages kids to sew too! With easy-to-follow pictorial instructions and cut-out designs, young sewers can create adorable potholders, pillows, blankets, dolls, and more. The projects are tailored to children’s abilities and well-tested at their level, mostly involving simple hand stitching without a sewing machine. Parental supervision is recommended until kids develop a basic understanding. This book nurtures kids’ talents and fosters a lifelong passion for sewing through age-appropriate, hands-on projects. It’s an inspiring addition for young crafters and a great way to introduce sewing to the new generation.

8. The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting


Sarah Veblen’s book is the ultimate guide for precise pattern adjustments and achieving a perfect fit for garments, regardless of body shape or size. Entirely focused on the art of fitting, it aims to create garments that conform flawlessly to the body through specific pattern alterations. This comprehensive resource covers the fitting axis, common and unusual fitting challenges, identifying issues, making accurate adjustments, and transferring changes to patterns. It walks you through the entire fitting process, from working with muslin to fitting on a real body, while providing insights on accommodating different sizes and types. With hundreds of clear visual aids, you’ll gain lifelong skills to fit any garment on anyone, ensuring a polished, comfortable fit that reflects your personal style. By mastering these techniques, you can achieve the perfect fit every time.

9. Singer: The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing, 3rd Edition


Nancy Langdon’s comprehensive photo guide makes learning to sew with a Singer sewing machine an enjoyable journey. This definitive guidebook, now in its 3rd edition, covers fundamentals of sewing for garments and home decor with updated techniques and 1200 photographs across 312 pages. It teaches selecting the right tools and accessories, using traditional and serger methods, and achieving stunning results in tailoring and home decor sewing. The detailed, step-by-step instructions cater to beginners and experienced sewists alike. You’ll learn to maximize your machine’s potential, take precise measurements, work with commercial patterns, make fitting alterations, and develop professional sewing skills. With its depth of content and visual aids, this guide provides a strong foundation for successful sewing projects from fashion to home furnishings.

10. How to Use, Adapt and Design Sewing Patterns: From Store – bought patterns to Drafting Your Own: A Complete Guide

This book is an all-encompassing guide that empowers you to develop your own distinctive style in sewing with confidence. It serves as a roadmap for both beginners and experienced sewists to curate a personal fashion statement through their creations.

For novices, it establishes a firm foundation by guiding you through understanding sewing patterns and designs. “How to Use, Adapt, and Design” takes you on a comprehensive journey from sewing basics to crafting your own collections.

The book unveils secrets to maximize store-bought patterns, teaching you sizing, pattern markings, transforming fabric into wearable garments tailored to your body and style. It covers essential tools, fabric selection, design nuances, precise measurements, pinning, marking, and cutting techniques.

By devoting yourself to this book’s wisdom, you’ll become a master at altering and enhancing patterns into individual masterpieces carrying your signature. Whether a beginner needing an indispensable resource or an experienced sewist seeking to refine skills, this guide beckons all levels to elevate their craftsmanship and find success in sewing.


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