Best Sewing Irons To Spruce Up Your Garment

The declared champion is Rowenta DW5080. The Germany made steam iron featuring stainless steel soleplate ensures uniform steam distribution. Anti-calcium system avoids impurities and gives you a wrinkle-free closet.

Sewing Iron is another crucial investment after a sewing machine. If you want to get the correct sewing iron, understand your needs well.

Everyone wants a wrinkle-free life weather on the face or on fabric. To get it, either you exercise or your iron. For a quick note, you may consider the following attributes for a sewing machine:

  • Less heating time
  • Large translucent water tank
  • Soleplate
  • The intensity of steam as per the fabric
  • Auto shut off when left unattended
  • Anti-calcium system

I have explained every minor detail which may help you in selecting the best one out of plenty of options.

In my product reviews section, I have sewn together with the top rated sewing irons which I feel are the best ones available in the market.

Factors to Consider while choosing Sewing Irons



Soleplate is the first thing which gets in contact with your fabric. The catch here is yes it does depend on the brand and the material of soleplate, but it depends more on you. If you are well aware of the fabric and the intensity of heat it needs, you are good to go.

If this is your first purchase first understand the equation between fabric and the temperature it can withstand. If you will use a high temperature on fabric like polyester, any iron will stick.

Many sole plates are made of stainless steel but I got my silk cloth ruined. Ceramic, titanium or nonstick Teflon, I have ruined a good number of garments with almost every material.


The iron weight ranges from 1.5 lbs to 5 lbs. The weight doesn’t hold so much of importance that you make your purchase over this. But it is mentioned here just to make you aware of the basics.

The advantages of heavy iron over lightweight iron are:

  • Stable temperature options
  • Stores more heat
  • Needs less force to iron stubborn wrinkles
  • Bigger water tank with a bigger flash of steam

Whereas as the disadvantages are:

  • It may take a lot of time to cool down (if no auto shut off feature)
  • Difficult to reach corners and in between narrow spaces
  • You don’t need to go to the gym; your arms and hands may hurt after sometime.

Steam Flash

For a uniform distribution of steam, the holes need to be spread out equally in the soleplate. This may give you better results.

It doesn’t depend on the number of holes but how uniformly they are all over the soleplate. Sometimes an iron with fewer holes produces more steam.

While ironing, if you find that steam has become uneven then check the holes. Mineral deposits might have blocked the holes.

Cord Length

The usual length of the cord is 2.5m or 8 feet which I think is sufficient. For add on advantage keep your ironing board or table near the plug. You may even use the extension for more length.

Another aspect to check is the 360 degrees swivel cord which is flexible, tangle free and stays out of the way while ironing.

I have seen the cordless iron too but I have never used one. If you have any experience or by chance, you go for it, I would like to hear you some practical reviews in my comment box.

Anti Drip and spill proof

Anti-drip and spill-proof water tank lid prevents water to come out. It avoids the droplets to fall on the material when ironing at low temperatures with no steam.

Some fabric gets stains of water and it becomes difficult to get rid of embarrassment. Check the lock of the lid and remember this factor.

Auto Cut – Off

This is a very common feature which you will find in almost every sewing iron. For safety reasons, this feature has become a must in every iron.

If the iron is left unattended or idle for a dedicated amount of time, it will cut off. Also, when it achieves a preset temperature then also it powers down to avoid any accidents.


Higher power results in faster and hotter iron, more power and better ability to shot steam and vice versa. For instance, say a 1200 Watt iron may take very long to reach the desired temperature whereas a 2000 Watt will take half of its time.

But the drawback of higher power iron is that it may need more than standard current to sustain. The wise thing to do is go for an around 1700 Watt iron which will match your power supply needs.

Water Reservoir

There are 2 things to check in a water tank first is the capacity and second is the visibility of water level.

The want tank capacity should be sufficient enough to work for a good number of hours. To check the water level, you may consider buying an iron with translucent or clear water tank body.

5 Top-Rated Sewing Irons With Reviews

1. Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Ironrowenta-dw5080-micro-steam-iron

Rowenta DW5080 FOCUS 1700 Watts is an outstanding value iron made in Germany with powerful steam features. They have taken the features to another level. The highlighting features are easy and smooth controls and precision tip. This tip works like magic for spaces between the buttons, pleats, and seams.

The stainless steel soleplates easily hop from one garment to others and penetrate deeper for efficient ironing. It has a precision tip that smoothens hard to reach areas. More than 400 steam holes with 35 g/min of steam get uniformly distributed over the soleplate and cover the entire fabric.

With the dimensions, 11 x 5 x 6 inches DW5080 has a powerful auto steam feature which produces a regular burst of steam. This feature effectively makes difficult stuff free from wrinkles. The bonus is that it can shot variable and vertical steam.

When the water boils, it leaves behind calcium which normally chokes the holes. This iron is equipped with anti-calcium system which automatically gathers the scale in the boiler and avoids calcium build up. Hence, it gives the boost to the overall life of iron and performance.

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The thermostat knob controls the steam output. You can select the output as per the fabric. The intensity of the steam is defined by the type of fabric. The thermostat maintains the soleplate’s temperature and avoids the fabric to stick.

If the iron is unable to shot steam, check the water level once. You can easily check the water level through the translucent water tank body. If it is low then use tap water to fill in the hole. The anti-drip lid prevents leaking and spitting while ironing the delicate fabric at low temperature. The water tank capacity is 10oz.

To prevent mishaps, Rowenta has auto power cut option. Also, it cuts down your electricity bill. If left vertical the auto shut off stops after 8 minutes. If left tipped over or horizontal, it cuts off after 30 seconds.

The performance is superb you will never be disappointed with that. It has a self-cleaning feature in which it flushes out the minerals which get deposited in the holes. Sometimes the loose mineral particles obstruct the path of steam, but with this system, it never happens.


  • 1700 watt Micro steam iron with stainless steel soleplate with precision tip
  • 400 holes to flush out steam
  • Thermostat knob to control the temperature as per the fabric
  • Translucent water tank to see the water level
  • Automatic cut off when left unused
  • Self-cleaning system to enhance performance
  • Inbuilt anti-calc system to remove impurities


  • Buyers said that it lasted only for a year
  • A user complained about the water leakage

2. BLACK+DECKER D2530 Professional Steam Iron


The BLACK+DECKER is a trusted name in the fabrics irons. They keep on updating the features according to the modern and ongoing trends. This professional steam iron has features which fulfill your everyday sewing tasks easy, stress-free and faster.

The stainless soleplate glides easily from all the different types of fabric. This heavy duty durable soleplate cleanly makes every fabric wrinkle free in no time. You will get a crisp \and professional look with any type of material.

The digital setting enables you to customize the steam rate for every fabric. The high steam shot perfectly blasts away the waves of wrinkles. It delivers the right amount of steam which is needed with a touch of button.

The professional electric iron produces a dense flush of steam which you can hold vertically. You can use it directly on the hanging clothes, upholstery, drapes, etc like a steam iron. Plus the handle is ergonomic, which will avoid stress on your hands and wrist.

For elaborated guidance, it has a clear view LCD screen on which you can see your settings for steam and fabric. You can digitally control the temperature for each material. The display screen shows the READY command once the iron preheats itself to the set temperature.

For the perfect look across every fabric, customize each setting separately. The steam controls and variable temperature options are simple enough to take care of your fabric as directed.

There is side by side buttons for moisture control. One for steam flush and another for the gentle spray to deal with deep and stubborn wrinkles.

Sometimes when you have loads of work, you may mishaps may happen. To save you from every possible risk, there is an automatic shut off. This feature is helpful when iron stays unattended. If it is on its soleplate or side, it will cut off after 30 seconds. If kept on heel rest then after 8 minutes it will shut off itself.

The self-cleaning system keeps this iron on top. When the iron needs to be clean, the CLEAN command will flash on the LCD. In self-cleaning, the iron throws out the mineral deposits which hinder the smooth ironing system.


  • The added feature is Digital LCD display
  • High steam rate to get wrinkle free garment
  • Customizable variable temperature and steam control
  • Comfortable and soft handle to tackle deep wrinkles
  • Durable, dependable and heavy duty stainless steel soleplate
  • 3-way auto shut off feature
  • Side by side controls to handle moisture output
  • Anti-drip and spill-proof water tank lid


  • A user twice got the defective iron
  • Avoid overheating of the iron

3. Vornado SF-717, Mini Steam Iron


Vornado’s Steamfast home and away mini steam iron may be the world’s smallest iron which efficiently removes wrinkles and makes crisp creases. It is durable enough for home use and compact and lightweight enough to take it with you.

The tiny non-stick soleplate cleans every wrinkle around the pleats or pockets. For quick touch-ups, it takes hardly 15 seconds to heat ups and 3 variable temperature controls work for almost every material.

SF-717 hardly takes 15secs to heat up its 1.4 ounces of the water tank. It has simple one-touch steam control with 3 different temperature settings for several fabric types. Fill it up to maximum up to 1.1-ounce mark with tap water.

This lightweight mini iron is well equipped to remove every wrinkle out of your fabric and gives it a crisp look. 240 watt of power works good for any fabric plus 7.5 feet of power cord allows you to reach any corner.

It has an ergonomic, slip free handle which prevents your arms and hands from any fatigue. It never stresses your fingers even if you work for a longer span. Steamfast has improved the grip over the years for comfortable ironing.

Vornado SF-717 mini steam is designed for traveling purposes too. The size and weight let you carry it for any tour or trip. It easily fits in your luggage and takes a very small space.

The voltage ranges from 100 and 240 volts which are flexible to work on any voltage. The dual voltage works of ideal volts never hinder your way to use it.

This iron is a delight for every sewer. It comes with a good traveling bag for its safety. It protects the iron from direct contact with any fabric or material. The added measuring cup is given for your convenience. You don’t have to spend extra for that.


  • Single touch steam controller
  • Heat light indicator
  • Non-stick soleplate with fast heating and anti-slip handle
  • 4 steam outlets, 1.4 ounces off the water tank
  • Ideal for dresses, curtains or drapes, quilts, table linen, etc
  • Weight is 0.96 lbs and the cord length is 7.5 feet
  • Compact, lightweight and powerful
  • Works on dual voltage with 420 Watt of power
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  • No auto shut off feature
  • No steam burst button works on steady steam

4. Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron (ChromeTeal)


The impeccably tailored Sunbeam Steammaster cares for your basic ironing needs with the proven exceptional results. The wrinkle blasting steam power works in both vertical and horizontal arrangement.

Sunbeam commits that the brand will give the care and warmth to you and your family. Without any second thought, you can trust the quality and investment you have made. It’s the brand duty to satisfy you and give you the memories to cherish every day.

If you are tired of the extra stubborn wrinkles which need extra pressure to get removes, the solution is here. With the quick button press, the shot of powerful steam instantly smoothens the deep wrinkles.

The iron has a professional pointed tip to iron around buttons, pleats or for detailed ironing. Its stainless steel soleplate comprises macro-sized hole for the steam blast which efficiently gives you a wrinkle eliminating steam flush.

The iron is well equipped to freshen up the look of curtains, drapes, upholstery, hanging garments. Use the iron in an upright position and the vertical flush of steam vanishes the untidy lines and creases. You don’t need to set up board, all you need is a slight touch.

You can set the right amount of steam needed for those garments which differ by fabric. Set the variable steam lever to get the desired steam blast. For ironing wool that doesn’t need any steam, you can select the dry/steam option.

Further, if you feel that the set steam is not sufficient then you can press the button for additional steam. The dual spray option gives you the mist to dampen the material through the double water mist output.

For a pleasant and fun experience, the iron supports no mess, no leaks, and no worries policy. The 3-way motion smart technology shut off the iron when left in an improper position or unattended for a while. For horizontal arrangement, the shut-off time is 30 seconds and for the vertical or side position, it is 15 minutes of inactivity.

The 8 feet retractable cord manages to give a hassle-free and neat storage. With a quick press, it conveniently retracts the cord into the built-in the storage compartment. The integrated compartment is quite innovative.


  • A powerful blast of steam for flat and vertical ironing
  • Automatically shut off when left unattended for a long period.
  • 8 feet retractable cord for mess-free and hassle-free storage
  • Dual spray mist to dampen the fabric for easy ironing
  • Set the fabric with the dial to avoid sticking up of clothing
  • Easy glide non-stick soleplate to adjust with any fabric
  • Sliding water fill door for anti-drip and spill-proof operation
  • Variable steam controller to get the perfect crease


  • A buyer said that the iron is not safe
  • People reviewed that it may stain the cloth with rust dust

5. T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam iron, 1725 Watts (Black)


T-fal is an expert of technology, everyday use of products and ergonomics. It has assessed the consumer habits and is all set with new products, solutions, and innovative ideas to give you a mess-free life.

They have designed the steam irons, keeping in mind, to give you an effortless and timeless performance with no compromise with the quality and features. You are a beginner or an expert, regardless of that it belongs to YOU.

T-fal 11.1 x 5.3 x 5.9 inches of new black and silver steam iron symbolizes innovation and creativity for smooth ironing and efficient performance. Taking care of your needs, the thoughtfully built iron cleans out every bit of wrinkle in no time.

The ultra glide durilium ceramic soleplate lets you smooth out any stubborn wrinkles from a variety of fabrics. The ceramic soleplate is scratch proof with extraordinary non-stick features. It ensures durability with easy ironing. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

The soleplate comprises multiple holes for uniform distribution of steam all over the fabric. The 1725 Watts of power flashes a burst of steam of around 100grams per minute.

The XL cord of 12 feet reaches even hard to read areas. You don’t need to invest in extra boards for mobility. There is no storage compartment in the iron but the cord is easily manageable.

The water tank capacity is 9oz or 270 ml. this extra large water tank sustains for a longer duration and requires fewer refills. It reduces water from dripping or spilling on the fabric.

Auto power off feature is given for safety purposes. When you are not using the iron but the power is on then it will automatically shut off the iron. If the iron is kept sideways or tipped over position it shut off after 30 seconds and if kept horizontally then it takes 30 seconds to cut off.


  • The ceramic soleplate with a lifetime warranty
  • 1725 watt of power with a strong blast of steam
  • 3-way auto shut off feature
  • Mess and hassle-free easy cord for comfortable storage
  • Self-cleaning option to remove calcium impurities


  • No retractable cord
  • People found the instruction in user manual difficult to understand. For this, I will suggest you check the video on YouTube.


Out of my top 5 sewing irons, Rowenta DW5080 which features almost all the characteristics of the best iron. It has an excellent rating.

The made in Germany iron is an example of agility and performance. The stainless steel soleplate with micro holes gives a smooth and finishing touch to the fabric.

The features like temperature control, anti-drip lid, 3 way shut off system makes it a high performing durable product.

Rowenta commits for the highest level of performance with a modernized design. So you may consider this option. Make a Crisp Crease and Clean Choice. Good Day!

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