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5 Best Sewing Kits Reviewed & Rated

In the realm of crafting and DIY enthusiasts, the Artika Sewing Kit stands out as the ultimate companion for those who understand the importance of quality tools and convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned sewing pro or just getting started with your sewing journey, this sewing kit is a game-changer that deserves your attention.

What sets the Artika Sewing Kit apart is its commitment to quality and functionality. Housed in a durable PU leather case, it not only exudes an air of sophistication but also ensures that your sewing essentials are neatly organized and protected. With over 120 carefully selected sewing items at your fingertips, this kit is a treasure trove of possibilities, ready to tackle any sewing emergency that may arise.

Let’s face it; sewing kits are often underestimated in their significance. But ask any sewing enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that having a compact and portable solution like the Artika Sewing Kit is a lifesaver. Whether you’re mending a torn hem, creating a stunning fashion piece, or working on a craft project, this kit has everything you need to make your sewing experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Investing in a high-quality sewing kit is a smart choice in the world of sewing. It’s a testament to your commitment to your craft and ensures that you’re well-prepared for any sewing challenge that comes your way. In this article, we’ve carefully researched and handpicked the top 5 sewing kits, and the Artika Sewing Kit takes the lead as the ultimate choice for discerning users who demand the best in quality, convenience, and functionality. It’s time to elevate your sewing game and make every stitch count with the Artika Sewing Kit by your side.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Sewing Kit

Before making a sewing kit purchase, it’s important to take several factors into account. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sewing enthusiast, having a well-equipped sewing kit is essential. Your kit should include essential supplies like needles, thread, scissors, and pins, as well as additional items such as fabric glue, measuring tape, and buttons. Opting for a durable and portable sewing kit that contains all the necessary tools to handle various sewing projects and unforeseen emergencies is highly advisable.

Measuring Tape and Fabric Marking Pens

A measuring tape is an indispensable tool in any sewing kit, facilitating precise measurements of fabric, patterns, and body dimensions. When selecting a measuring tape, look for one that is flexible, easy to read, and provides both metric and imperial measurements. It should feature clear markings and a secure locking mechanism to keep measurements in place. A retractable measuring tape is often preferred for its convenience and portability. It should also be robust enough to endure regular use without stretching or breaking.

Fabric Marking Pens

Fabric marking pens play a crucial role in transferring markings onto fabric pieces. These pens come in various types, including water-soluble, air-soluble, and heat-erasable variants. Water-soluble pens create temporary markings that can be easily removed with water or a damp cloth. Air-soluble pens naturally disappear after a specific period, usually within a day or two. Heat-erasable pens vanish when exposed to heat, such as through ironing. When choosing fabric marking pens, consider the type of fabric you’ll be working with and the desired duration of the markings. It’s prudent to conduct a test on a scrap piece of fabric before using the pen on your project to ensure it doesn’t leave permanent stains or damage the material.


Needles are indispensable tools for hand sewing, enabling precise stitching of fabrics. A well-stocked sewing kit should include a variety of needle types and sizes to accommodate diverse sewing projects. Common needle types comprise sharps, betweens, and embroidery needles. Sharps are versatile needles with a sharp point and a round eye, while betweens are shorter and sturdier, making them ideal for quilting and heavy fabrics. Embroidery needles feature a larger eye and are specifically designed for embroidery work.

When selecting needles, take into account the fabric’s weight and the type of thread you intend to use. Thinner needles are suitable for lightweight fabrics, whereas thicker needles are better suited for heavier materials. Additionally, it’s essential to have a needle storage system to keep your needles organized and prevent any accidents.

Needle Threader

For those who find threading needles to be a challenging task, a needle threader can be a lifesaver. Needle threaders come in various designs but typically consist of a thin wire or loop that assists in guiding the thread through the needle’s eye. They prove especially valuable for individuals with poor eyesight or unsteady hands.

Using a needle threader involves inserting the wire through the needle’s eye and passing the thread through the wire loop. Gently pulling the wire out results in the successful threading of the needle. This tool saves time and alleviates frustration, especially when working with small or hard-to-thread needles. It’s essential to select a sturdy needle threader that can withstand repeated use.


Scissors are a fundamental tool in any sewing kit, although some kits may include them, it’s advisable to be prepared to purchase a separate pair if necessary.

When choosing scissors, consider your specific needs and preferences. Various types of scissors are available for different sewing tasks, including dressmaking scissors, pinking scissors, and embroidery scissors, among others.

Scissors come in different designs, sizes, blade lengths, and other features. It’s recommended to select a pair that feels comfortable in your hand and suits the type of sewing projects you typically undertake. Additionally, investing in high-quality scissors with sharp blades will ensure clean and precise cuts, enhancing your overall sewing experience.

Thread Variety:

A comprehensive sewing kit should boast an extensive array of thread spools. While top-tier kits might offer a meticulously curated selection of threads, even basic kits typically provide at least eight spools.

In addition to standard threads, incorporating invisible thread into your collection can prove highly advantageous. This type of thread seamlessly blends with any fabric color, rendering it an invaluable asset for specific sewing projects. When making your thread choices, factors such as thread weight, fiber content, and color coordination with your fabrics should be considered.

Maintaining a diverse inventory of thread colors and types empowers you to tackle various sewing tasks and achieve the desired outcomes. It is advisable to opt for threads of superior quality, known for their strength and durability, ensuring longevity and reliability in all your sewing endeavors.

Magnetic Pin Holder:

A magnetic pin holder stands as a convenient tool for meticulous pin and needle organization. In contrast to traditional pin cushions crafted from fabric, a magnetic holder boasts a metallic surface that magnetically attracts and securely holds your pins. This eliminates the need to laboriously insert pins into a cushion, granting swift and effortless access to your pins. The magnetic surface effectively secures the pins in place, safeguarding against inadvertent rolling or dropping, thus saving time and averting potential accidents.

Buttons and Extra Zippers:

Despite their seemingly unassuming nature, stocking up on spare buttons in diverse colors and shapes, as well as having an assortment of extra zippers, hooks, snaps, and other petite sewing supplies, can prove exceedingly advantageous. These items become invaluable when a garment necessitates button replacement or when you aspire to embellish your sewing projects with decorative buttons. Similarly, maintaining a surplus of zippers and other fasteners ensures that you can promptly effect repairs or replacements as the need arises.

Possessing a comprehensive collection of buttons and extra zippers grants you the flexibility to seamlessly match them with varying fabrics and styles, thereby enhancing the versatility of your sewing projects. This practical approach obviates the need for time-consuming searches for the perfect buttons or zippers, guaranteeing efficient completion of your sewing tasks.

5 Best Sewing Kits With Reviews

1. Coquimbo Sewing Kit


The Coquimbo Sewing Kit has gained quite a reputation among sewing enthusiasts, and it’s not hard to see why. This compact yet comprehensive kit offers convenience, practicality, and a touch of elegance for anyone who enjoys the art of hand sewing.

Contained within this sleek black mini-kit are all the essential components you could ever require for your basic stitching and sewing needs. Whether you’re a novice just starting your sewing journey or a seasoned designer, this kit has you covered with a wide range of tools that cater to your everyday sewing requirements.

One of the standout features of this kit is its smart and practical design. Unlike some kits where items tend to spill out as soon as you open the case, the Coquimbo Sewing Kit keeps everything securely in place. Each tool is snugly nestled in its designated black elastic band, and the needles are safely stored in a transparent round box, ensuring they won’t get lost or damaged.

The compact and intelligent design also makes it the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re on a vacation or simply on the go, this kit is designed for quick repairs and adjustments. Say goodbye to waiting for a tailor – just keep this handy kit with you, and you’re ready to tackle any sewing task that comes your way.

But the Coquimbo Sewing Kit isn’t just for experienced sewers. It’s a versatile utility gift suitable for both men and women, as well as those who frequently travel or enjoy DIY projects. This kit is an excellent choice for introducing kids to the basics of sewing, making it a valuable tool for hostel survival or just teaching them a useful life skill.

Inside the kit, you’ll find a treasure trove of sewing essentials, including 16 needles in a needle holder, 12 spools of thread in various colors, 3 white buttons, 2 needle threaders, 2 straight pins, 1 stainless steel scissors, 1 measuring tape, 1 safety pin, 1 seam ripper, and 1 thimble. It truly contains everything you need for your sewing adventures.

In conclusion, the Coquimbo Sewing Kit is more than just a sewing kit; it’s a reliable companion for anyone passionate about sewing. Its thoughtful design, portability, and comprehensive set of tools make it a must-have for both beginners and seasoned sewing enthusiasts. So, why wait? Get your hands on this kit and elevate your sewing experience to a whole new level.


  • Compact and convenient to use
  • Ideal for every level of seamstress
  • Well organized mini sewing kit
  • Portable and economic
  • Holds and restricts things to fall down
  • A complete sewing kit


  • Quality may bother you especially threads
  • Needles break easily

2. Artika Sewing Kit


I must say, the Artika Sewing Kit truly stands out as one of the finest professional sewing kits in my opinion. This kit boasts a plethora of features that make it an ideal choice for beginners, kids, and travelers alike. Its lightweight and compact design, coupled with its durable PU leather construction, make it a practical and reliable companion for sewing enthusiasts on the go. The secure zip closure ensures that all the components are neatly organized and held securely in place with the help of elastic bands.

What sets Artika apart is their unwavering commitment to providing a wide range of high-quality sewing accessories. From the smallest details like a metal thimble to a pair of sharp stainless steel scissors, Artika has left no stone unturned in delivering top-notch products. With over 130 pieces of premium sewing supplies, this kit leaves no room for disappointment. It includes 38 spools of thread, 40 sewing pins neatly stored in a round case, a set of high-quality golden eye needles in various sizes, a marking pencil, lens, white buttons, safety pins, and a measuring tape, among other essentials.

Speaking of the thread selection, it’s truly impressive. With 38 spools at your disposal, you’ll find 18 multi-color threads as well as 3 white, 3 black, 2 light blue, 2 blue, 2 beige, 2 brown, 2 ivory, 2 red, and 2 gray colored threads. This variety ensures that you’ll have the perfect thread for any sewing project that comes your way.

Whether you’re planning to attend a sewing camp or sending your child to sewing classes, investing in the Artika Sewing Kit is a no-brainer. It’s user-friendly and suitable for sewists of all skill levels. Furthermore, it makes for a thoughtful and practical gift, especially for those who have a passion for sewing.


  • Premium sewing kit elements
  • Comprises things from basics to advanced level
  • Lightweight, compact and convenient
  • The case is durable with zip enclosure
  • No cheap plastic material is used


  • Thread spools are too small
  • The ruler is made of low-quality material

3. SINGER 07281 Vintage Sewing Kit


Singer is a brand that undoubtedly holds a special place in the hearts of many. While I wouldn’t classify myself as a die-hard fan, I do admire the dedication they put into providing top-notch products. One such offering is the charming Singer Vintage Sewing Basket, a veritable treasure trove of sewing accessories. Its quirky aesthetic is not only eye-catching but also reflective of its outstanding quality. What’s more, its collapsible handle makes it exceptionally convenient for storage and travel.

This basket boasts a magnetic closure and a removable tray that allows you to organize your sewing supplies in a multitude of ways. Lift the lid, and you’ll discover a built-in pin cushion to neatly house your pins, as well as a handy storage pocket for keeping scissors and other small essentials within easy reach.

Without a doubt, this sewing basket is a fantastic addition to your sewing arsenal. It’s particularly well-suited for children and beginners, offering them a solid foundation to start their sewing journey. Professionals, on the other hand, might find themselves needing to supplement their tools, but they can still derive plenty of benefits from this versatile basket.

Inside, you’ll find a generous assortment of goodies, including 100 dressmaker pins, 10 hand needles, 10 mini thread spools, each containing 10 yards of thread, a needle threader, 8-inch fabric scissors, a seam ripper, a pin cushion, a 60-inch measuring tape, and even a thimble to protect your fingers.

In conclusion, Singer’s Vintage Sewing Basket is more than just a storage solution; it’s a treasure chest for sewing enthusiasts, offering both style and substance to elevate your sewing experience.


  • Compact sized sewing basket
  • Ideal for beginners and kids
  • Magnetic button enclosure and funky styled
  • Removable tray to keep things in line
  • Value for money
  • Contains all the basic sewing accessories


  • Professional may not like it
  • The size is not that large

4. Craftlab Best Mini Sewing Kit


If you’re in search of a top-tier sewing accessory kit that’s perfect for travel, everyday use, and those tricky moments, look no further – allow me to introduce your new, dependable companion: the Craftlab Best Mini Sewing Kit.

This kit is designed to be by your side, whether you’re packing it into your suitcase, stashing it in your purse, keeping it in your car, or neatly tucked away in your desk drawer. It’s a versatile solution for all your sewing needs.

Crafted from durable ripstop nylon, this kit is built to withstand the test of time. Unlike some other sewing kits made from cheaper materials that might not last a week, Craftlab’s Mini Sewing Kit is designed for longevity.

Inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to keep your sewing projects on track. What sets this kit apart is the clever use of elastic holders, which keep all the items securely in place, maintaining a tidy, organized, and neat appearance.

This sewing kit makes for a thoughtful gift suitable for people of all age groups. Whether it’s a child you’re empowering to handle minor repairs independently or your grandmother who already possesses sewing skills, this gift is always a delight to receive.

The versatile kit boasts an impressive array of contents, including 30 needles, 10 pins, 12 spools of assorted thread (plus bonus black and white thread spools), high-quality stainless steel scissors, 6 shirt buttons, 2 threaders, and a seam ripper.

But that’s not all – the Craftlab sewing kit also includes a valuable bonus: a free ebook that serves as a hand sewing survival guide, perfect for beginners embarking on their sewing journey. It offers essential insights and skills for basic hand sewing and mending work.

Undoubtedly, this sewing accessory collection is a standout. The durable nylon case is not only sturdy but also features a zip enclosure that ensures all your sewing elements stay in place. You’ll never have to deal with a messy, disorganized kit again – it opens up flat for easy access to everything you need.


  • Premium compact sewing kit
  • Best for everyday, travel or urgent repairs
  • Designed with ripstop nylon material
  • The ebook book is great for guidance
  • Comprises all necessary components
  • Portable, durable and made to last long


  • The quality is not up to the mark
  • Spool of the thread is terrible, buyers are unable to find the end

5. Embroidex Sewing Kit


The Embroidex Sewing Kit stands out as an excellent choice for those embarking on their sewing journey. It embodies the perfect blend of organization, compactness, and readiness to meet all your sewing needs. Crafted with a durable PU leather finish, this sewing kit exudes a sense of sophistication and style, thanks to its sleek design and convenient zip enclosure. It not only securely houses your sewing notions but also keeps them in place with its elastic gripper.

One of the remarkable features of this kit is its impeccable organization. You won’t find yourself rummaging through the entire kit every time you open it. Everything is thoughtfully arranged, allowing you to locate your sewing essentials effortlessly.

The kit’s elastic gripper arrangement ensures easy access to your tools and materials. Whether you’re a seasoned dressmaker or a novice, this sewing kit is a versatile companion. It equips you to handle a variety of tasks, from simple mending like fixing shirt seams and replacing buttons to more complex endeavors like repairing ripped hems.

The Embroidex Sewing Kit comes complete with essential items, including a versatile pair of scissors capable of cutting anything from lightweight muslin to heavyweight fabrics, an assortment of needles, a seam ripper, 14 thread spools in a range of colors, shirt buttons, a foldable measuring tape, a thimble, and various other small but crucial accessories.

What sets this all-in-one kit apart is its commitment to superior quality and comprehensiveness. It includes items that many other kits tend to overlook, making it an indispensable asset for any sewing enthusiast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional sewing kit – it’s a must-have for DIY crafters, frequent travelers, beginners, and anyone in need of a reliable sewing solution


  • Compact, portable and easy to use
  • Comprises all the usual sewing components
  • User-friendly, well equipped and organized
  • Zipper case with fantastic sewing notions
  • Handy and economical


  • Thimble is a bit small
  • Thread quality is little annoying

Before You Depart…

The Artika Sewing Kit stands out as a formidable candidate for the coveted title of the finest sewing kit available on the market. It boasts a comprehensive array of indispensable supplies, ensuring that you are never caught in a bind during your sewing endeavors. While it may not be entirely flawless, it consistently delivers on its primary objective without sacrificing quality.

Within this kit, you’ll find a diverse assortment of items, ranging from pins, needles, a magnifying lens, scissors, a thimble, and a plethora of other essential tools. It caters to individuals of all ages, making it an excellent choice for you, your children, or anyone who shares a passion for the art of sewing.

In summation, I wholeheartedly endorse the notion that every household or dormitory room should be equipped with a sewing kit. Whether you realize it or not, this simple yet versatile kit can act as a safeguard against unforeseen predicaments. So, stay prepared and continue to weave the fabric of your creativity!

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