5 Best Sewing Kits Reviewed & Rated In 2022

The classic, travel-sized, and durable Artika Sewing Kit excels this list of best sewing kits. The PU leather kit has more than 120 elements comprising a range of assorted spools and basic to major things that you will ever need for your projects.

You don’t need to be a professional to own a compact, convenient, and portable sewing kit. A handy sewing kit saves you from various uninvited emergencies.

From kids stepping out for the first time to the adults traveling a lot, it works like your guardian angel. You lose a button or need a repair for sudden rips in dress, even a mini traveling sewing kit is sufficient.

If you are a professional you must have already faced tough times and very well know the value of a small needle and a thread. There are certain things that a sewing kit must comprise of.

It is better to spend on a well-researched kit that is premium and durable enough to make your investment worth. I have reviewed many products and selected the 5 top sewing kits. The list has something for everyone.

Things To Look For Before Buying Sewing Kits

A sewing kit must have a few basic to essential things to avoid last-minute emergencies. If you are a novice sewer then this list is going to help you a lot.

However, the professionals already know what they want but they can note the elements just in case they miss something. Let’s gather a little more data to improve the artist within yourself.

I have made the notings of things you should have in your sewing kit hope this will help you make your investment worth.

Measuring Tape and Fabric Marking Pens

Measuring tape is the foundation of every great creation. One wrong measurement and you will be starting the whole process all over again. For sewing, the length is around 60 inches or 152 cm.

The fabric marking pens are used to make the measurements accurate. They are normally water-soluble so you can wash and the markings will be gone. They are irreplaceable elements in a sewing kit. You may also opt for marking chalks for the markings.

Needles And Needle Threader

Hand sewing needles are pretty useful for immediate mending and hemming work. Generally, every sewing kit includes various types and sizes of needles.

Experts know their targets right through the eye. Newbies may go for a larger needle eye just to gear up the process.

Also, for both novice and pro sewers, needle threaders are a blessing. With threaders you don’t bother about eye size, they will do the job for you.


Sewing scissors are an indispensable entity in your sewing kitty. A few sewing kits include them but be prepared to get one in case they don’t give.

Identify your needs and passion and choose the right one for yourself. There are different kinds of scissors according to their jobs. dressmaking, pinking, embroidery scissors, to name a few.

Scissors vary in designs, sizes, blade size, and many other aspects. You can go through my article, best sewing scissors and shears to gather more information.


No sewing kit could ever be designed without a well-defined collection of thread spools. As everything comes with a price, if you go in the higher range, you may get a well-assorted collection of threads. Normally you get a minimum of 8 spools in a basic and a regular kit.

You may consider a range of invisible spools too. They often work as a savior. Plus that goes well with any color of the fabric. If you are seeking some guidance then you may check out best sewing threads.

Magnetic Pin Holder

As the name says, it holds your needles while you take a break. The pin cushion is more familiar and it is often included in every sewing kit. You can make out rags and insert the pins in it.

The magnetic holder is generally a metallic article on which you can stick the pins. A pin cushion or magnetic pin holder keeps your pins and needles organized well in place.

Buttons And Extra Zippers

It might appear insignificant to you but extra buttons of different colors and shapes, zippers, hooks, snaps, etc are the last time saviors.

If you are into sewing for quite a long time, you must know how many days go by if you don’t have these small things handy. So make a stock and collect a good range of these entities.

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5 Best Sewing Kits In 2022 With Reviews

1. Coquimbo Sewing Kit


Coquimbo Sewing Kit is quite a name among seamstresses. The convenient, practical and compact is simple yet complete in itself. Simply enjoy the liveliness of hand sewing.

The mini black kit has all the components you will ever need for your basic stitching and sewing. Nevertheless you are a beginner or an established designer, this kit can ardently deal with your daily needs.

The design is practical to use as things will not fall off every time you open the case. The components are securely tucked in their respective designated black elastic bands. Needles are securely kept in an enclosed round transparent box.

The compact and intelligent design makes it convenient to carry while you travel. From small repairs to quick adjustments, this kitty has adequate supplies to keep you going. You never have to wait for a tailor, keep it handy and there you go.

Also, it is a good utility gift item for men, women and people who often travel or love to do DIY stuff. The kit is an ideal choice to teach your kids the initial sewing hacks for the hostel survival.

The kit comprises 16 needles in a needle holder, 12 color spools of thread, 3 white buttons, 2 needle threaders, 2 straight pins, 1 stainless steel scissors, 1 measuring tape, 1 safety pin, 1 seam ripper and 1 thimble. It has everything you really need.


  • Compact and convenient to use
  • Ideal for every level of seamstress
  • Well organized mini sewing kit
  • Portable and economic
  • Holds and restricts things to fall down
  • A complete sewing kit


  • Quality may bother you especially threads
  • Needles break easily

2. Artika Sewing Kit


I am not at fault if I say Artika Sewing Kit is one of the best professional kits on my list. This feature rich kit is an ideal deal for all the newbies, kids, travellers out there.The kit is lightweight, compact and made out of durable PU leather. The enclosure is zip and to keep the components at their places all are tucked in elastic.

Artika has put in their best efforts to provide you with the wide range of sewing accessories without compromising with the quality of each product. Right from the small thing like metal thimble to scissors, you are not going to be disappointed anytime soon.

There are more than 130 pieces of quality sewing supplies. 38 spools, 40 sewing pins in a round case, stainless steel sharp scissors, premium quality golden eye needles in various sizes, marking pencil, lens, white buttons, safety pins, measuring tape and the list goes on.

Starting from the amazing range of assorted thread. There are 38 spools that include 18 multi color, 3 white, 3 black, 2 light blue, 2 blue, 2 beige, 2 brown, 2 ivory, 2 red and 2 gray colored threads.

If you are planning to attend a sewing camp or sending your child for any classes, this is the first thing you can invest in without second thoughts.

The kit is easy to use for any category of sewist. Further, it can be a great gift for your loved ones especially for sewing enthusiasts.


  • Premium sewing kit elements
  • Comprises things from basics to advanced level
  • Lightweight, compact and convenient
  • The case is durable with zip enclosure
  • No cheap plastic material is used


  • Thread spools are too small
  • The ruler is made of low-quality material

3. SINGER 07281 Vintage Sewing Kit


Singer is a name which needs no introduction. I am not a die-hard fan but I appreciate the efforts it makes to give you the best of the products.The cute Singer Vintage Sewing Basket is a large pack of sewing accessories. The funky look is quite attractive like its quality. Plus, since the handle is collapsible so this is easy to store and travel with.

The basket has a magnetic enclosure and an organizational removable tray to load and align your supplies in various ways. The inside cover consists of a built-in pin cushion to insert your pins, storage pocket to keep the scissors and other small stuff.

This basket is certainly a great addition to your sewing collection. It works well for kids and beginners. Professionals will have to add a lot of things separately but can use the basket for ample of benefits.

The basket comprises 100 dressmaker pins, 10 hand needles, 10 mini thread spools each of 10 yards, needle threader, 8 inches fabric scissors, seam ripper, pin cushion, 60 inch measuring tape and a thimble to protect your fingers.


  • Compact sized sewing basket
  • Ideal for beginners and kids
  • Magnetic button enclosure and funky styled
  • Removable tray to keep things in line
  • Value for money
  • Contains all the basic sewing accessories


  • Professional may not like it
  • The size is not that large

4. Craftlab Best Mini Sewing Kit


If you are looking for a premium sewing accessory kit for travel, everyday and difficult times, here’s your new buddy. Craftlab Best Mini Sewing Kit is all set to accompany you in your suitcase,purse, car, desk drawer and wherever you want.

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The kit is made up of ripstop nylon which lasts for a significant amount of time. There are several items available made out of cheap stuff, for them surviving even for a week is a great deal.

The kit contains all the necessary things to keep you going. The noteworthy point is that the elastic holders keep the things intact, hence giving it a tidy, organized and neat look.

It can be a great thoughtful present for people of any age group. From a kid whom you want to make independent to handle small issues to you grandmother who already knows how to tackle it. This gift is always a delight to have.

This versatile kit includes 30 needles, 10 pins, 12 spools of assorted thread with a bonus black and white thread spools, superior quality of stainless steel scissors, 6 shirt buttons, 2 threaders,and a seam ripper.

In addition to this, Craftlab sewing kit comes with a free bonus ebook to get sewing right from the basics. It is a hand sewing survival guide for your initial days of sewing journey to learn hand sewing skills for mending work.

Definitely, it is a great collection of sewing accessories. The nylon case is durable and the zip enclosure keeps the elements in place. You never open it with a mess, it opens up flat.


  • Premium compact sewing kit
  • Best for everyday, travel or urgent repairs
  • Designed with ripstop nylon material
  • The ebook book is great for guidance
  • Comprises all necessary components
  • Portable, durable and made to last long


  • The quality is not up to the mark
  • Spool of the thread is terrible, buyers are unable to find the end

5. Embroidex Sewing Kit


Embroidex Sewing Kit is a great starter kit on my list. It is a highly organized, compact and ready solution for your sewing necessities.It is a smart and graceful looking durable PU leather finish sewing kit. The design is made stylish and lucrative with a zip enclosure. It holds back the notions and prevents them from falling down with an elastic gripper.

The kit is not overloaded but it has all the sewing notions arranged in the most impressive way. You don’t have to check the whole kit everytime you open it. The accessories are so organized that you find the things in a blink.

The kit has easy to access elastic gripper arrangement. Plus, it is an absolute utility sewing kit for DIY crafters, frequent travelers, beginners and emergency use.

If you are already an expert dressmaker, you can instantly fix things like mending the seam of shirts or tops, replacing buttons, repairing ripped hemline and other daily stuff.

Embroidex Sewing Kit comprises an efficient scissor that can easily cut a lightweight muslin to a heavyweight fabric, a needle,a seam ripper, 14 thread spools of various color, shirt buttons, foldable measuring tape, thimble, and other small accessories.

The superior quality all-in-one kit is certainly a great asset and should not be missed. Also, it has all the things which many other kits easily missed out. A great pack to own.


  • Compact, portable and easy to use
  • Comprises all the usual sewing components
  • User-friendly, well equipped and organized
  • Zipper case with fantastic sewing notions
  • Handy and economical


  • Thimble is a bit small
  • Thread quality is little annoying

Before You Go…

Artika Sewing Kit is a champ of this race. Loaded with almost all the essential supplies, it will never let you stand still. It may not be foolproof in many aspects but it certainly serves the purpose that too without any trade-off.

The kit has a number of assorted elements, pins, needles, lens, scissors, thimble, and the list is very long. Conclusively, it is an ideal choice for you, your kids, and any of your dear one who is an ardent fan of sewing.

Finally, to wrap it up I strongly feel that a sewing kit must deserve a place in every home or a hostel room. Knowingly or unknowingly it protects you from unseen. Be prepared and keep sewing always.

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