Best Sewing Machine For Cosplay For Personalized Fashion Treats

Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine is indeed the best choice. With a good number of stitches, wide table and advanced accessories, it will give you a variety of costumes any day.

Cosplay is a nostalgic word for me and my brother. When I walk down the memory lane, I remember how my mother used to stitch costumes and dress up us like our favourite superheroes.

Coming back to this era! I know some of you are struggling for similar things like my mother used to. Say, the machine for cosplay, the cloth it can handle, the features it must have and much more.

The correct sewing machine is the primary and most important investment to make. So, to your delight I have come up with the 5 most amazing and suitable cosplay sewing machines for you.

The easy to use, relevant features rich and also budget-friendly machines are listed that will accompany you through all your thick and thin.

Just as I remembered the hard work and efforts of my mother, you will also give even more memories to your kids. Let your costume tell a story.

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing A Sewing Machine For Cosplay

Cosplay is a craft which gives you another chance to relive your childhood memories through your kids. Plus you can design costumes and celebrate the festivals where creative attires play a humongous role is really a delight.

To make a fancy costume, you use different props, cut outs of various sizes, unique adornments to embellish on a fabric of several thicknesses. To give the perfect look, you need to know about all the factors and parameters which are as follows.


Types of Stitches

There is no end to this however the minimum stitches you generally require comprises zigzag stitch, straight stitch and stretch stitch, but as we are more interested in cosplay and costume designing, decorative stitches will be an advantageous add-on.

Free Arm and Storage Space

Now-a-days it is a common feature and in the majority of the machines it is given like detachable free arm and it can be converted into storage compartment too.

Free arm is basically a small area where you can easily sew pant hems, collars, cuffs, sleeves and much more circular shapes. It is quite advantageous for cosplay when you have stitch various designs and patterns.

Machine Built

One of the key factors is machine built. It can be a plastic body or a metal. However, metal frames are known for their durability, longevity and stability. In general, there is no sewist who will never work on heavy and thick fabric.

It is always suitable to be prepared for the worst. While you are dealing with thick fabrics at high speeds, a plastic body machine (if not constructed as per standards) becomes shaky. To avoid vibrations and turbulence, it is recommended to get a metal framed sewing machines.

Fabric Type

Cosplay accessories and items cannot be generalized, it keeps changing as per theme and occasions. You can select fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton and may avoid elastic, shiny fabrics.

The cheap elastic and shiny material tends to wear and tear fast plus while stitching these make thread bunches after every fine seam. You can even check for the needles which can be used for such decorative items.

5 Top-Rated Sewing Machine For Cosplay With Reviews

1. Singer Stylist 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine


Singer Stylist 7258 is an exemplary computerized sewing machine which is features packed with accessories to expand your creative instincts. The amazing package of built-in 100 stitches is a delight for all the sewists.

These 100 built-in stitches involve 76 decorative stitches, 9 basic or regular stitches, 8 stretch stitches and 7 various buttonholes stitches. This wide variety of stitches with buttonholes surely gives you ample of ideas for costumes.

Besides, the machine is a divine edition as it can do crafts, heirloom, decorative sewing, quilting, fashion sewing etc. Plus, it gives you liberty to choose the desired titch from the stitch selection panel using a button.

The machine comes with preselected length and widths of stitches which makes the process faster. However, you can adjust the length and width if you have any specific requirements or needs for a little for customized feel.

Above all, there is a bobbin winder stop feature which automatically stops turning when the bobbin is completely filled with the thread. So, all your worries will be winded with this and you do not have to worry about overfilling.

The easy threading with needle threader completes the threading process itself. Threading guidelines are printed on the machine for your easy access and convenience.

Further, the clear covered top drop-in bobbin system is easy to monitor the thread supply. Also, to illuminate your workspace brightly there is a LED light is installed which remains cool irrespective of how long machine is being used.

In addition to this, once the machine stops you can select the needle position (up or down). When quilting, appliqueing or pivoting fabrics, it is better to keep it down. Whereas, when removing fabric keep it in its highest position.

Coming to the bonus accessories that include 2 spool pin felt discs, auxiliary spool pin, 3 thread spool caps (small, medium and large), general purpose foot (on machine), screwdriver for needle plate, one-step buttonhole foot.

Also, it includes satin special purpose (decorative sewing), 4 Class 15J Bobbins (one in machine), blind hem foot, seam ripper, lint brush, zipper foot, needles package and a darning plate.


  • Lightweight (14.6 pounds), portable and easy to place
  • 100 unique built-in stitches including decorative, stretch, basic stitches
  • Bonus accessories with all basic to advanced adornments
  • Automatic bobbin winder, automatic reverse clutch withy 13 needle positions
  • Comes with a 25 year limited warranty
  • Presser foot lifter and pressure controller
  • Features automatic needle threader, 6 segment in feeding system
  • Adjustable needle up/down options
  • A stitch selector dial which is pre selected at optimum stitch length and width
  • LED light to brighten up the sewing working area
  • 6 built-in unique 1 step buttonholes
  • Top drop-in bobbin mechanism with transparent case to monitor the bobbin thread
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  • A little pricey
  • A buyer complained that the performance of the machine declines at higher speeds
  • A customer said that after the use of a few days, it started thread bunches like bird nests.

2. Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine


Brother XR9550 sewing machine lets you play with your creative instincts and design anything from a simple garment to quilting classics. The automatic needle threader targets the thread right through the needle eye with a simple touch of a lever.

Also, the project runway limited edition comes with an intuitive and large LCD display through which you can set your stitches with push button. It displays your settings clearly on the screen.

This machine features 165 unique stitches comprising, utility, decorative, alphanumeric and heirloom stitches with eight patterns of single step auto sized buttonholes. All of these stitches and patterns enhances your innovative capabilities.

The 8 styles of autosized buttonholes gives a good insight of how creative you can be with just a few buttonhole options. Specifically, when you design a costume for your tiny tots, these small things play a vital role.

Additionally, the 8 instant change presser sewing feet are included which can tackle any difficult to impossible to achieve targets. These contains monogramming feet, quilting feet, buttonhole feet, blind stitch, zigzag, zipper, overcasting and button sewing.

The machine features an oversized wide table to adjust your large sized flowy fabrics smoothly. Plus, the protective hard cover to avoid any accidental damage to you or to your garment.

The jam proof quick set drop-in top bobbin is one of the easiest mechanisms to set the bobbin in front of your eyes. You can even keep track of the thread left on the spool. The brand backs the machine with a 25 year limited warranty with technical support.

The pack includes 4 bobbins, seam ripper, cleaning brush, 3 spool caps and an extra spool pin, wide table, hard case, power cord with pedal, accessory pouch, owner manual with DVDs, eyelet punch ball point needle, needle set and twin needle.


  • Computerized sewing machine with user-friendly features and mechanisms
  •  Especially designed for flexibility, durability and stability even at higher speeds.
  • Top loading drop-in bobbin makes it easy to keep track of thread on reel
  • Ton of accessories in the box
  • 165 stitches for unique patterns and designs with 8 styles of buttonholes
  • Large LCD screen to see the selected stitches
  • Free arm feature to sew collars, sleeves etc
  • The drop feed for free motion to use both hands for sewing and quilting
  • Automatic thread cutter makes every garment a designer finish
  • Works well on thick and tough fabrics such as denim hems, upholstery, canvas etc


  • A user said since the machine is lightweight, it is not sturdy.
  • Some people found less accessories than expected.
  • A buyer said the bobbin thread continuously gets stuck.

3. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine


Singer’s Quantum Stylist 9660 is a dream machine for all the passionate seamstresses. Loaded with features and yet not the fancy ones are such a big thing to manage. The 600 built-in unique stitches is a huge number for enormous designs and styles.

600 stitches involves 5 alphanumeric fonts and 13 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes with special buttonhole underplate, stitch elongation options and mirror imaging. Every outfit stitched with this chic machine tells a different story every time.

Stitches are shown on the front panel, with just a touch on button you can select the settings as desired. The commonly used 8 stitches are put on the machine’s front for easy access and direct stitch selection set up.

The machine is perfect for free-motion quilting, pocket stitching, applique work, topstitching, and many more. It is capable to handle almost all kinds of fabric without any hassle.

The heavy duty metal frame supports the heavy fabric operations efficiently and maintains the alignment for skip free sewing. Also, the twin needle decrease the stitch width for stitches other than straight ones.

Other captivating features comprises simple threading system, simple to load top drop-in bobbin mechanism with clear cover to check the thread supply. Plus, it features an extension table to give you extra space to tackle bigger tasks and projects.

It comes with a number of accessories such as 18 different presser feet located in the free arm storage compartment inside the sewing machine. Extra wide extension table, seam ripper, Class 15 bobbins, lint brush, pack of needles, auxiliary spool pin, 2 screwdriver, spool pin felt, clearance plate, 2 spool cap, shank for presser feet.

The 18 presser feet includes zipper, satin stitch, buttonhole foot and underplate, straight stitch, darning and free hand embroidery foot, all-purpose, button sewing, narrow hem, open toe, overcasting, blind hem, even feed/walking foot, cording foot.

Besides the above feet, there are some more interesting foot types namely single welt cording foot, clear piping foot, adjustable bias binder foot, braiding foot with guide, and stitch in the ditch foot fancy trim foot.


  • 600 unique built-in stitch count for huge number of patterns
  • An extension table to tackle heavy fabric to glide freely
  • A presser foot lifter and pressure controller to have more customizable features
  • 13 single step buttonholes styles
  • Needle threader, adjustable stitch length and width and automatic rever stitch to lock every seam
  • Brightlight LED to glow up the work space
  • LCD screen to check the settings before giving the final command
  • 2 LED light source for more illumination while sewing dark fabrics


  • Check the machine as soon as you receive it to avoid any defect
  • A user complained that either the thread gets stitch it makes bunches and jams the work
  • The bobbin winder doesn’t work as instructed in manual

4. Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine


The 13.6 pounds Singer Tradition 2277 sewing machine is definitely an advanced tool which has every feature a seamstress will need during his sewing career. It is just perfect for all of you no matter if you are a newbie or a professional.

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The lightweight and portable machine has 23 built-in ordinary to extraordinary stitches that includes 9 decorative stitches, 7 stretch stitches, 6 essential stitches and a single step buttonhole stitch.

Further, the machine boasts a heavy duty metal frame which prevents skip free sewing and gives stability to the process while you are dealing with heaving and tough material.

You can select the stitch style from the dial and start your project instantly.

Also, you can save your eyesight for old age and young ladies can relax their eyes with this automatic needle threader that solely completes 20% of the task. Plus, you can personalize each stitch length and width (by turning the dial) as per the costume requirements.

It features an arm with on-board storage compartment to keep your accessories within reach. The free arm makes cuffs, collars, sleeves etc accessible to you. You can even sew pant hems with free arm function.

In addition to this, the machine comes with 3 presser feet namely buttonhole feet, all-purpose feet and button sewing feet. The extra high presser foot lifter can easily accommodate many layers of thick fabrics to join them together.

The box comprises assorted accessories such as several feet, darning plate, screwdrivers, thread spool cap holders, zipper foot, class 15 bobbins, lint brush, seam ripper, needles, power cord, quick start guide and a user understandable instruction manual.


  • Traditional sewing machine which is versatile, durable and a timesaver
  • Perfect for all types of fabrics
  • 23 built-in stitches with automatic needle threader shoulders the most important tasks in sewing
  • Automatic embroidery needle threader accelerates the pace of the project
  • Heavy duty metal frame enhances the stability and avoids skip-free sewing
  • Works at 110 volts machine (only for US and Canada)
  • For professional finish,1step fully automatic buttonhole is there
  • Comes with plenty of adjustable options that can help you in customized work
  • Adjustable stitch length and width to increase or decrease the measurements as required
  • Features the reverse stitch to reinforce every stitch you sew
  • From denim to soft silk, you can try it on everything you like


  • No automatic bobbin threader. You have to follow the traditional method only
  • A person pointed out that the automatic needle threader is not automatic but it is useful.

5. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine


Janome has a crazy fan following because it has successfully delivered what it has claimed. Despite its popularity and increasing demand, it is one of those brands that never compromises with the quality.

Janome 2212 is for beginners and experts alike. Coming to the features, the sewing machine has a whole bunch of exclusive assorted accessories to put in your storage space.

It is a great addition for your sewing room at budget friendly price. This entry-level model has 12 unique built-in stitches with a simple 4 step buttonhole to attach buttons to your cushions, curtains, costumes, shirts and many more.

You will never feel bounded and limited with this machine, it gives amazing range of customizable options. Through the dial pattern selection you can check out several patterns and finally stitch the one which suits the best for your garment.

Above all, the machine features free arm function to make circular or round or cylindrical hems with ease. Especially for cosplay fabric, you have to create your own ideas into reality from scratch. For such innovative ideas, free arm is like must feature.

This machine ensures quality stitch, locked seams with perfect finish. The drop feed is quite beneficial to do free hand sewing. Sometimes to sew heavy fabric ot quilts or multi layered patterns you need both hands for a proper grip of the fabric.

The exclusive bonus package includes pack of 10 branded bobbins, needles of size 14. The lightweight Janome model gives you liberty to adjust the stitch length and zigzag stitch width to give volume to every stitch.


  • The lightweight, portable and multi tasking sewing machine
  • Perfect for beginners if they do not want to invest much and get a good deal
  • Ideal for experts who often travel for their work
  • Adjustable stitch length and zigzag stitch width options
  • Free arm sewing for circular hems
  • Drop feed to get a perfect hold of the heavy or slippery fabric
  • Enough heavy duty sewing thick fabrics like jeans, canvas etc.
  • Comes with an assorted bonus bundle
  • 12 built-in stitches from regular stitches to decorative stitches
  • Even versatile for quilting and other patchworks
  • Extremely helpful for basic to advanced sewing projects


  • A user said that the machine is perfect but the warranty is lousy.
  • Check the accessories as soon as it gets delivered to you. People are complaining for missing accessories.

Wrapping Up For Now

Taking everything into account, I can say Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine is certainly for all the sewing enthusiasts out there.

The 165 stitches, jam proof top load bobbin, LCD screen, wide table, needle cutter and what not. This machine aces all features.

Being a big brand name Brother is well-acquainted with the responsibilities it holds. One of the most people’s trusted brands Brother’s sewing machines set an example of versatility, durability and multi functionality.

This is my version after deep research and from years of experience. You have the power and you have to look, what matches the best to your priorities and choose accordingly.

To summarize, you need a sewing machine which can handle different types of fabrics, in case you want to join various patches or leftovers to make a costume then a decent stitching speed and features to compliment the price and your requirements.

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