Best Sewing Machine For Denim And Jeans To Reveal Some Naked Truths

Love never fades and so do Denim. JUKI MO644D Serger Sewing Machine will never let it fade with its impressive performance. It is a serger capable of giving designer finish on any thickness of cloth. the lightweight can stitch fine and elegant 1,500 stitches in a minute.

If you have only denim and jeans in your wardrobe, I truly understand your affection for it. The key to design an impeccable outfit from denim fabric, reinforce every stitch to lock each seam.

Denim is a tough fabric to work on but we all are here to learn how to handle the most difficult fabrics with ease and precision. To achieve that supreme level, you have to trust your and your machine’s abilities.

To sew difficult fabric, you have to consider a few set of rules like there are specific machines, needles and tools to deal with different fabrics. Similarly, denim needs something strong, reliable and accurate like it.

For your ease, I have extracted a bunch of 5 sewing machines that works excellent on denims beside other fabrics too. Once you go through this, you will find the machine of your dreams and desires.

Factors to Consider While Choosing A Sewing Machine For Denim And Jeans

When you are looking for the best equipment, you need to keep certain key factors in your mind. I have stated some factors below to give you a little more picture of how to get the most suitable machine.

Gather information and data as much as you can, you avoid the tension and unnecessary burden. Here you go!


Powerful Motor

This is another vital factor that you just can’t ignore. If you are investing in a machine, it is expected to perform like a workhorse. Motor is the heart of machine, the smoother it runs the more productive results it will give.

Stronger motor implies to handle thicker and tough fabrics effectively. With a heavy duty machine you need a heavy and powerful motor so that they can complement each other and revamp your styles everyday.

Machine Body

The simple logic for it is heavy duty or heavy built machine lasts longer than a plastic built lightweight machine. If you have all the needed features but compromised on the frame of the machine then all these features are not of any use.

Moreover, to work on heavy and thick fabrics like canvas, jeans, leather etc you certainly need strong and durable built machine to take the load smoothly without any vibrations.

Key Features

Look for some important features that are mandatory in a machine. If even half of them are there, you can go well with them too. Those are automatic needle threader, adjustable stitch length and stitch width, tension dial, strong motor, reverse stitch.

Also, you can check for jam resistant top drop-in bobbin mechanism, LED light, stitch selection dial, speed controller, extension table, extra high presser foot etc.


Irrespective of mechanical or computerized machines, brands are concentrating on several stitch number in less price. But ultimately there is always some limitation. To cross that limitation you pay more, you get more, logic works.

Its good if you can manage to get many stitching options at a reasonable cost. Keep your greed inside, consider your budget and then move further. Large number of stitches means, increased number of unique designs.

Stitching Speed

Speed is good till you control it. It is better to look for variable speed controller so that you get the flexibility to set it according to your comfort level.

Plus, while handling fabrics of different thickness you can easily adjust the speed and get the seams more strong and reinforced.

5 Top-Rated Sewing Machine For Denim And Jeans With Reviews

1. JUKI MO644D Serger Sewing Machine


Juki with its innovative ideas has come a long way as a sewing machine sellers. The quality, performance and longevity of product coming out of their workshop. From fabric to purpose specific, they are ruling the industry like never before.

One such serger machine is JUKI MO644D which is an excellent sewing machine based on industrial technology. No matter what your work location and profession, from home to office or factory you can it anywhere you feel like.

The portable and compact serger is built for dedicated and strong cutting system which is capable to give high-quality stitch to every garment you sew. This machine is quite easy-to -use with user-friendly mechanisms.

The machine has dimensions 10.6” x 13.4” x 11.6” which takes very less storage space. It is a lightweight edition by Juki, your kids can take it to practice classes while you can carry it even when you are travelling.

This workhorse can stitch up to 1500 stitches in a minute. It also features various presser feet for blind stitching, piping, cording, gathering etc. from light to medium and medium to tough fabrics, it glides through every fabric.

Whereas experts can easily use it as they already have that level of judgment for how much speed is required to sew fabric of various thicknesses. Also, it can sew from denims to many layers of heavy fabrics.

It is a convertible 2/3/4 thread serger with automated rolled hem capacity. You get a vast range of stitch options that comprises 4-thread overlock, 3-thread flatlock, 3-thread overlock, 3-thread rolled hem, 3-thread narrow overlock, and 2-thread rolled hem.

For the right threading, it features color coded threading and breakaway looper. It gives professional ad high-end to the outfits, apparels and home decor. Additionally, the upper knife gives an easy and safe space to threading access.

Further, MO644D Serger comes with differential feed, flexible stitch length, multi-purpose foot to cover a large variety of stitch patterns and products comprising elastic and tape.

This machine brings you an adequate amount of needed and required accessories. You can easily set up your sewing venture with ll these assemblies.


  • lightweight , portable and super speedy
  • It can sew 1500 stitches in a minute
  • Multi-purpose foot to give every fabric a designer finish
  • Capable of sewing denims and multiple layers of thick fabrics too.
  • Even durable enough to take to your learning classes
  • Adjustable knob to set the presser foot
  • Single and double needle serger which opens up many designing options
  • 2/3/4 thread serger comes with automatic rolled hem
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  • A user pointed out that though the machine is worth the money but there are too many steps involved in thread the needle.
  • ON/OFF switch for cutting knife is missing
  • A buyer is upset as he didn’t receive the manual and tools.

2. TOYOTA Super Jeans J34 Sewing Machine


TOYOTA which are known for the solid and heavy duty automakers has stepped in the world of clothing industries. Don’t you fear about the quality, they have controlled the quality and reliability of their every product.

TOYOTA’s J34 is an elegant black/brown sewing machine with an attached extension table to complete all your super projects well on time. The 11.8” x 16.5” large table gathers the flowy fabrics easily and lets you conveniently stitch as you desire.

Further, the measuring ruler for fast measurements is a much needed feature. It is capable of sewing denim, jeans and multiple layers of various fabrics say from 3 to even 12 layers without missing any stitch.

In addition to this, you can put 9 to 12 layers of soft denim or 9 layers of hard denim it will glide over all the layers like butter. Plus, the features like automatic needle threader, presser foot pressure that is set with dial, free arm etc gives you a blissful experience.

Further, the 34 built-in unique stitches on a super convenient stitch panel gives a quick view of all stitches including letters or numbers. These stitches include stretch stitches, blind hem stitches, utility stitches, decorative stitches, overlock stitches.

Also, 4-way smocking stitch, triple reinforced zigzag stitch, triple reinforced straight stitches, applique stitches, are included in 34 built-in stitches. All these comes with 4-step buttonhole stitch.

The drop feed function helps you for attaching buttons, darning, strippling and other different free motion operations. Juki gives this chic machine with a lot of accessories to free you from any headache of buying adornments separately.

The box contains all the necessary feet (zigzag foot, gliding foot, overcasting foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot and blind hem foot), wide extension table, 3 packs of needle, a spool cap, a spool pin, advisor guide, bobbins, screwdriver, a felt .

Besides, it comes with a soft cover, a foot control, seam ripper to snip off extra threads, user-friendly instruction book and a warranty card.


  • Comes in classy black/brown color
  • 34 built-in unique stitches which covers almost the complete range of stitches
  • Stitch panel allows you to set the dial on desired stitch, letters or numbers
  • A soft cover to keep your machine dust free
  • The extension table has sufficient space to accommodate a large and heavy fabric easily
  • Features all the basic functions like presser foot pressure, automatic needle threader, drop feed for darning and much more
  • By removing the table, you can use free arm operation to sew small circular openings
  • Ideal for fine fabrics like nylon, silk and many more to tough and thicker fabrics like denim, canvas etc
  • It appears with a decent bunch of accessories and tools


  • A user is disappointed with the lightweight of the machine. He said when he sews the machine becomes unstable and vibrates.
  • A buyer complained that the machine can’t handle more than 3-4 layers of a simple light fabric then what to talk about multiple layers of thick fabric.

3. SINGER Simple 3223G Sewing Machine


Whenever you hear the name SINGER and simultaneously you are an avid sewing fan, you know how much it matters. People say SINGER is synonymous to perfection, reliability and feature-packed sewing machine.

This time Singer is in the market because of its thoughtful creation Simple 3223G sewing machine which is versatile, enduring with incomparable features at this price. With this machine in your sewing machine, you will feel that sewing never looked so good ever.

This durable model has a sturdy internal skeleton which is built out of heavy duty metal. This metal frame holds the mechanisms and maintains the alignment for a perfect skip-free sewing.

For developing new designs every time for crafting or fashion sewing or decorative sewing or home decor sewing, it has 23 amazing built-in different stitches with an automatic 4-step buttonhole mechanism.

Follow the instructions to thread the needle and get it done in a few seconds. Plus it gives you ample of customizable options to innovate every stitch and seam such as select the stitch that suits your work.

The on-board storage compartment provides effortless access to the tools and accessories. Plus the free arm mechanism helps you to reach to collars, sleeves, cuffs and to every hard-to-reach area.

When we are into sewing or have our hands full of a number of projects we tend to change the fabric quite often, at that time the snap-on presser feet are beneficial. It features 2 such feet which are swift and doesn’t need screwdriver for changing.

The 4 snap-on feet are all-purpose for regular sewing, buttonhole foot for attaching ribbons, buttonholes etc, zipper foot for adding piping, cording, zippers etc, button sewing foot for sewing over buttons.

The box contains four snap-on feet, darning plate, 2 spool caps, edge/quilting guide, screwdriver, Class 15 bobbins, seam ripper/lint brush, pack of needles, soft-sided dust cover, auxiliary spool pin, power cord, simple instruction manual, foot pedal and intro DVD.


  • Reliable, compact and heavy duty sewing machine
  • Features 23 built-in stitches with 4-step buttonhole
  • Automatic bobbin winding to keep your bobbin always full
  • Raised presser foot lifter to sew many layers to fabrics together
  • Storage compartment and free arm function for all the circular hems
  • Comes with a fair number of accessories and tools
  • 4 snap-on feet that makes sewing an enjoyable adventure
  • Alterable stitch length and zigzag width
  • Multiple needle position and 4 segment feed dog mechanism
  • It comes with a 25-year limited warranty


  • A user said that there is some glitch with the tension adjustment and the stitch length often changes with the speed
  • A person faced problems in bobbin winding system
  • It is a functional machine but not the brilliant one.

4. Brother ST531HD Sewing Machine


Brother is an established brand in clothing and garment industry. Popular for its compact, durable and long lasting designed machines, it is still every sewists first choice.

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It owns a large variety of sewing machines for several purposes plus especially designed to serve specific duty. Likewise, Brother ST531HD is a portable, compact and sturdy constructed sewing machine.

This machine is an ideal device for everyday alterations or mending and sewing tasks. It is capable of handling thick and tough stuff such as denim, leather etc or a delicate and smooth fabric.

The plus point is that it glides effortlessly from a single layer to multiple layers (up to 6 layers of denim) of fabrics of varied thickness. However, for this, you need to know that every needle can sew a set of fabric thickness. Find the correct one and proceed.

For instance, the heavy duty needles are for certain thickness of fabrics. If you want to sew thick denim then use heavy needle and sew it on optimum speed. Speed, needle size and fabric thickness give perfect result when coordinated well.

It would be easier for novice seamstress if they can practice on some decent speed machine otherwise you may find it difficult to carry out crucial projects. One should get the knowledge of needles, fabrics and the speed then only take up bulk projects.

The portable machine has an internal frame of metal which remains stable even after working for a good number of hours. Also, to save your fingers from any mishap, there is a metal finger guard.

Besides, a metal needle plate eases the process of fabric feeding and makes it swift. If you are crazy for jeans, the spring action zigzag foot is best for jeans hems. Even if you have projects of difficult fabric, the non stick foot maintains the consistency.

ST531 HD sewing machine is for everybody regardless of your expertise, it is one of the best companions so far. One more reason is automatic needle threader which perfectly targets the thread through the needle eye.


  • Compact, stable and portable design
  • Automatic needle threader that speeds up the whole project
  • Anybody from newbie to professional can use it.
  • A metal finger protector to keep your fingers safe from any accident
  • For jeans hem, it features spring action zigzag foot
  • Non stick foot to tackle difficult fabrics
  • Comes with heavy duty needles which ensures durability
  • Comfortably handles up to 6 layers of fabric like denim


  • People were expecting better user manual
  • A user said that he found it difficult to sew even 3 layers of fury

5. Janome MOD-8933 Serger Machine


Janome is till a powerful name because of machines like MOD-8933 Serger. It comes with 3 and 4 thread stitching options so that you can choose the desirable setting. Plus, there is a built-in elasticity to fit the garments naturally.

The retractable upper knife serges the threads without damaging the fabric. It makes the mechanism safer and simpler. Further, the differential feed eradicates puckering and stretching of all fabrics.

If you turn the dial up means you have placed the fabric that puckers or stretches. Whereas if you turn it down indicates strong fabric and avoids unwanted puckers. Simply, this machine is perfect to conquer every task with precision, confidence and power.

This smart serger has a wide open left side to view the threading setup. The threading becomes faster with the help of lower looper pretension. Besides, with the adjustable length and width settings you can create various and many rolled hem looks.

In addition to all these features there are more functions such as automatic needle threader which is a must requirement in today’s environment to keep your eyes relaxed. Then the built-in threading chart is quite helpful to refer the option you want to use.

Further, the quality and finishing of every fabric narrates it story. This serger is the best companion for your development as a sewing enthusiast. For beginners, it opens up a lot many options to design, knit, hemmed and denim projects.

The package includes accessories and tools such as tweezers, set of serger needles, 4 spools of thread, foot controller, general purpose presser foot, power cord and an easy-to-understand instructional manual .

All the above accessories with an incentive of 5 -year limited warranty.


  • Lightweight, handy and value for money serger machine
  • Machine is heavy duty so it is durable and stable
  • The thread capability is 3 and 4
  • For stretching and puckering, there is a differential feed
  • Lower looper can be accessed with pretension setting slider
  • You can swiftly change the rolled hem options
  • Comes with a bonus bundle of tools and accessories
  • Great quality and performance at a great price
  • Lay-in threading system with color coded thread instructions


  • This serger cannot be used as a sewing machine
  • A buyer pointed out that the moving parts are not covered to avoid any injury
  • Better to check the machine as soon as you receive it.
  • Free arm is missing, even if there is no storage space

Key Takeaways

There is nothing flawless or perfect in this world but there are certainly things which are near that level. One such delight out of my top 5 selected sewing machines is JUKI MO644D Serger Sewing Machine.

If we check the necessary features and functions that are needed to sew a fashionable jeans or you want to showcase your skill set by stitching garments of denim then you cannot overlook this bossy product.

The machine is a complete package of a serger and a sewing machine. For better understanding, it can sew whatever you want and then give it a complete designer touch to enhance the quality of the garment.

I would suggest you to go through all the reviews one by one before jumping on any conclusion. Take a note of your priority features, functions and most importantly budget.

I hope you select the suitable machine for you. You can buy Fashion but not Style.

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