7 Best Sewing Machine Tables for Your Sewing Needs

Best Sewing Machine Tables: After writing the post on the best sewing machine list and their reviews for this year now I am thinking to write on Best Sewing Machine table list and their review. I got good responses from my first post which was written on the best sewing machines review including leather sewing machines, serger sewing machines with tables, and other models of sewing machines some of them were sewing tables and some of them were without tables.

So, if you have a machine but don’t have a Good sewing table then you must read this post fully and till the End. You will find lots of sewing tables review with their features and it will help you in choosing the deciding the best Sewing machine table for your sewing needs.

I have reviewed 7 sewing machine tables in this post and all of them are just amazing from the aspects of features. I researched and studied a lot on the best sewing tables before writing this review to provide you the best sewing tables at good deals.

So here is the list of:

7 Best Sewing machine table list

  1. South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table on Wheels
  2. South Shore Artwork Craft Table with Storage
  3. Sullivans Quilter’s Table
  4. Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing and Craft Table, Black/White
  5. Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish
  6. Soft White Sauder Sewing and Craft Table
  7. Sewing / Craft Center – Folding Table

Now I will review all these best sewing machine models individually with their features and design. I have added the link to check price and buy below every sewing machine table which will take you directly the machine buying and pricing mean. It will save you lots of time and you won’t need to find these machines online.

Isn’t interesting?

Yes, It is. I know you will love this post as well as the sewing machine tables I have listed and reviewed in this post.

Review of Best sewing machine tables start here:

South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table on Wheels


The very first sewing machine table that comes in our list is South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table on Wheels. You will love this sewing table. This sewing table comes with a great look, attractive design, and handy features. Here are the features of this sewing table:

  • South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table is scratchproof and water-resistant.
  • It is more flexible and can be used as a craft table as well as a sewing table. This means you can perform two different tasks with the help of this best sewing machine table. No need to buy a craft table and sewing machine table differently.
  • It has two open storage spaces.
  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • I hope these features are enough to make you but this amazing sewing machine table. If not, no worries, still 6 sewing machine tables are on the way in this post.
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South Shore Artwork Craft Table with Storage


I have listed this sewing table at number two on our list. This sewing table is much similar to the sewing I reviewed above. But it has some additional features as well which are listed below:

  • It comes with an additional 3 spaces with 2 adjustable shelves.
  • It comes with larger work surface
  • Both listed above and this sewing table are made in Canada.

Sullivans Quilter’s Table


I am listing this best sewing machine table at the number 3 in our listing. This table has some unique features which make it different from other sewing tables. Here are some features of Sullivans Quilter’s Table for your sewing needs.

The main feature of this sewing table is that it supports fold out melamine table with 1 inch gridded surface.

  • It has high-quality locking casters.
  • Dimensions: 47L x 35.5W x 29.75H Inch (Open), 47L x 16.5W x 29.75H inch (Closed).
  • It has a roll-out serger storage shelf.

Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing and Craft Table, Black/White


This sewing table is also very popular among the sew lovers. I have listed Studio Designs Eclipse SewingTable at the fourth number. Let’s have a look at their features:

  • This sewing table comes with drop-down platform dimensions: 22.75 inches wide x 10.75 inches deep.
  • It has a folding side shelf with 9.25 inches wide and 23.5 inches deep.
  • It comes with heavy gauge steel construction
  • Table Comes with Dimensions: 44.75 inches wide x 23.5 inches deep x 29 inches high
  • It has an adjustable platform.

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish


After reviewing four best sewing machine tables now it’s a turn of reviewing the fifth one. I have listed the Sauder Sewing Craft Cart table in the fifth position. Now without wasting time I would like to discuss some of the amazing features of these Sewing tables. So let’s start.

  • This sewing machine table has drop-leaf for extra work surface
  • It has a roll-open door with two storage bins
  • This sewing machine table also comes with adjustable shelving behind the right door.
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Soft White Sauder Sewing and Craft Table


Now it’s the turn to review Soft White Sauder Sewing and Craft Table to our list. This table has also almost the same features of the sewing table reviewed above (at number 5). So, here are the main features of this sewing machine table:

  • It also comes with 2 storage bins attached to the door.
  • This sewing machine table comes in white color as it is already being cleared with the name of this best sewing machine table.
  • Dimensions of this Sewing table: 40″W x 19″D x 28.5″H
  • It comes with drop leaf and 2 adjustable shelves.

Sewing / Craft Center – Folding Table


After reviewing the list of 8 best sewing tables now it’s the turn to review the seventh and last but not least sewing machine table from our list. So the name of the sewing table I am going to review in this post is Sewing / Craft Center – Folding Table. This Sewing machine table is suitable for all types of Sewers. As it has already been cleared by the name that this sewing machine table comes with Folding support. It also comes with Drop leaf, 2 storage bins attached to the door, 2 adjustable shelves.


All the sewing tables reviewed in this post are best and you can choose according to your budget and sewing needs. I have reviewed different models and types of sewing tables that vary in features and pricing. So, it would be better for you to check the features and compare 2 or 3 machines according to your need and finally decide the best one for your needs.

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