10 Best Sewing Scissors and Shears Reviewed & Rated in 2022

Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors tops my list of the best sewing scissors. It has 8″ titanium bonded blades which are 3 times harder than stainless steel. The sharper blades are corrosion resistant and have contoured soft grip handles. Worth every penny!

The best sewing scissors mentioned in this guide are highly versatile. One can use them for cutting fabric or paper, pinking edges, dressmaking, thread work, embroidery, quilting, etc. No matter if you are a sewing hobbyist, aspiring dressmaker, or a professional tailor, you will admire the quality of these scissors and shears.

10 Best Scissors and Shears in 2022

1 Westcott 13901 Titanium Bonded Sewing Scissors 9.9/10
2 Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears 9.8/10
3 P.Lotor Professional Stainless Steel Serrated Pinking Shears 9.8/10
4 Livingo Multi-Purpose Titanium Heavy Duty Tailor Scissors 9.5/10
5 BIHRTC Gold Vintage Scissors For Sewing, Embroidery, and Art & Craft Work 9.5/10
6 Fiskars 8-Inch Razor-Edge Softgrip Any Fabric Sewing Scissors 9.1/10
7 Pink Power Electric Cordless Fabric and Paper Cutting Scissors 9.1/10
8 Gingher 4.5-Inch Knife Edge Thread Nippers 8.9/10
9 Singer Bundle- 8.5″ Sewing Scissors, Detail Scissors, and Thread Snips 8.9/10
10 ClearCuts Bundle- 10″ Dressmaking Scissors, 8.5″ Craft Scissors, and 5.5″ Embroidery Scissors 8.9/10

10 Best Sewing Scissors & Shears in 2022 with Reviews

1. Westcott 13901 Titanium Bonded Sewing Scissors



Westcott has copyrights on Titanium Bonded Scissors which is a product of its innovative cutting and coating method. These scissors are one of the most famous products across the globe.

These titanium scissors perform to the top standards. Westcott has integrated the titanium bonded technique in the blades of the fabric cutters, craft tools, and sharpeners. This gives strength, durability, protection, and reliability to all their products.

The high performing 8” titanium blades are three times more powerful than stainless steel plus corrosion-free and stay sharper for a longer time. To work on thick fabrics like denim, canvas, etc you don’t need to care about the smoothness and sharpness of the blade.

The contoured, soft-grip handles and redesigned scissors keep your fingers comfortable while working. They avoid fatigue, discomfort, and keep it soft regardless of the fabric you are working on.

The scissors dimensions are 10.9 x 0.8 x 4.5 inches and weigh around 6 ounces and are available in yellow/gray color. It has a pointed tip type. Westcott 13901 has 2 scissors per pack and is available in all sizes and shapes ranging from 2.5” to 9” to use in school, craft, boutique, tailoring, etc.

These 13901 scissors are sharp, strong, and light in weight. The weight doesn’t affect its durability making it sharp enough to do any cutting job.

From medium plastic material or heavy-duty stuff to light ribbons, it works well with everything you wish for. Westcott titanium makes it so fun and comfortable that these scissors will be the ultimate ones you will ever require.

Besides, Titanium scissors are capable of designing personalized embroidery to patchwork trimming. In short, this can be a good choice for small business to big business projects.

In short, Westcott Titanium Scissors are great for both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics. They are never a pain for your hands and fingers even after a long duration of work.


  • No hand fatigue due to soft gripped handle
  • Works well on soft to hard fabric
  • Two scissors in one pack
  • Sharpness three times more than stainless steel
  • Strong, lightweight and durable blades
  • It comes with the limited lifetime warranty


  • Due to its design, some of you may find it low performing
  • Packing may bother you

2. Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears



Gingher is a solid choice when you have design and style as a priority. The dimensions are 0.8 xx 3.9 x 10 inches with gold or silver handles. The handle gives you an easy grip to make effortless work on fabric.

The 8” dressmaker scissors provide a longer cut. It is ideal for trimming seams, cutting long swaths, or patterns of fabric. The versatile knife-edge bladed shears comprise precision ground long blades. These blades can cut many layers of fabric all the way until the tip with ease.

The double plated blade made out of chrome over nickel finish is durable, sturdy, and striking. The bent handle style helps to hold the fabric flat on a counter or tabletop for a mistake-free, smooth and comfortable cutting. It has a nylon sheath that protects the blades when not using.

Gingher is popular for its old school and traditional techniques and yet delivering the best products. To guarantee flawless shears and longevity, they use skilled technicians and years old methods. Recommended for cutting patterns or long swath and trimming seams

The shears are good for domestic purposes. If you are planning to keep it for office use then please don’t do this experiment. Not because it can’t cut paper but because after cutting stuff which it is not recommended for, may shorten the life of blades.

Gingher is good at taking care of their customers. If your scissors need to repair or sharpen the get it done right away. It provides repair and tool sharpening convenient services for free. They give exceptional care and restore the product to its original functional condition.

In short, Gingher Knife Edge Dressmaker Shears with golden handles is a delight to boost your cutting skills. These are made to cut even multiple layers of heavyweight materials.


  • Knife edged and ultra-sharp blades
  • Easy and precise cuts until the tip
  • Bent handle for accurate and smooth cuts
  • Artisanal and timeless quality scissors
  • Designed from premium forged steel
  • 8” blade provides enough retention
  • Comes with a nylon sheath for protection of blade


  • Scissors are heavy
  • Users said that scissors are horrible and difficult to work with

3. P.Lotor Professional Stainless Steel Serrated Pinking Shears



P.LOTOR brings a lightweight 9.3 inches of beautiful and durable stainless steel zigzag blade pinking shears. It concentrates on durability and innovation to make every task efficient and easy.

The shears have the finest quality of zigzag blades for sharp edge cutting and long life. It handles the everyday tasks of trimming fabrics, cutting paper, internal linings, and designing material beautifully. Simply, you can use it for both domestic and professional use.

The professional P. Lotor scissors comprise soft-grip handles. This keeps your hands and fingers strain-free. You can easily work for longer hours without any stress on your arms and hands. Even you stay at comfort while working on various fabric stuff.

The additional feature is that it is designed in such a way that it can be used by both left or right-handed people. The soft grip fulfills every small to big cutting needs of the tailor, sewer, homemaker, etc. people from every age group can use it without any fatigue.

The ball bearing gives stability to the blades. It keeps the joints strong enough to work smoothly. Plus the ball bearings maintain accuracy, smoothness, and precision while cutting the cloth.

When coming to the performance, people said that it is comfortable to use and gives excellent performance while cutting and designing. The scissor is a premium quality equipment that will last for years.

For a perfect design, there is a using tip for you. It will perform much better if you please lubricate the joints when using it for the first time or it may stick.

In short, this serrated purple is a professional dressmaking sewing craft scissors. The sharp stainless blades give a perfect cut to every fabric that comes in its way.


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Designed to complete everyday task
  • Stainless steel blades for smoothness cutting action
  • Ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users
  • Long-lasting blades
  • Soft and non-slip grip to avoid stress
  • Smooth and mess-free cutting


  • Allows only zigzag cutting
  • People said that it got stuck so greasing the joints can solve this

4. Livingo Multi-Purpose Titanium Heavy Duty Tailor Scissors



Livingo is a brand that believes in spending time and effort to know about consumers’ needs and aims to deliver the best. Their products clearly convey the high spirit of quality, minimalism, and delicacy to the end-user.

To achieve the premium quality and to introduce the durable tailor scissors, the multi-purpose titanium scissors passed the 150000 times cutting test. The tests comprise high density hot forging steel, anti-corrosion Titanium test, soft-grip handle, and sturdy lightweight crafting shears.

Coming to the physical aspects, the size is 9.5 inches. The material is stainless steel 420J2 with food-grade polypropylene and TPE. It is capable of cutting over 16 layers of a regular fabric easily and in one go, from here you can imagine the strength.

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The titanium-coated all-purpose ultra-sharp blades strongly resist adhesives (tape and glue) and rust. It can smoothly and efficiently handle almost all kinds of tasks and an ideal option for dressmaking, quilting, cutting patterns, sewing, tailoring, handicrafts, alterations, etc.

The highlighting feature is that it is multi-purpose titanium bladed scissor. The all-purpose operations include working on fabric, denim, leather, rug, carpet, cardboard, umbrella, and whatnot. In short, it is a perfect thing to give life to your designer’s clothing too.

The soft gripped handle and lightweight control the precision and gives maximum comfort. Reduced mass prevents fatigue and lets you work continuously for hours. It is an ideal choice for people who have tailoring as a profession.

I can say it is a premium titanium coated blades household, office scissors. It can solve almost all your sewing and tailoring purposes. It comes in an elegant and graceful printed gift box.

The add-on is the lifetime warranty. Livingo individually tests and selects its products. This ensures the performance and results you expect. The feedback depends on the commitment and backed by customer satisfaction reviews.

In short, Livingo’s tailor scissors are a heavy-duty tool designed to handle fabric like a rug, denim, canvas, leather, etc. The multi-purpose titanium bladed scissors can cut up to 16 layers of regular fabric.


  • Heavy-duty blades are multi-colored, ergonomic, precise, sharp and durable
  • Titanium coated stainless steel blades for smooth cutting
  • Easily cuts 16 layers of regular fabric
  • Lightweight, affordable, soft gripped handle
  • Precise grinding experience with extensive forging treatment
  • Comes with a lifetime product warranty


  • Left-handed people may get disappointed
  • The user received a flimsy and loose pair

5. BIHRTC Gold Vintage Scissors For Sewing, Embroidery, and Art & Craft Workbihrtc-gold-vintage-scissors-for-sewing-embroidery-and-art-craft-work


The elegant and stylish BIHRTC Gold Vintage Scissors are the epitome of beauty with performance. The pack comprises two beautiful multipurpose scissors.

These are made out of superior quality stainless steel and alloy which is processed by special hardness. Thus, the snipers are durable and sharp to use.

The blades are sharp, straight, and can be used to trim yarn ends and loose threads. This gives a finishing touch to the outfit. Plus, the pointed edges reach the corners and hard to reach places quite easily.

The 4.5 inches long scissors are perfect to handle sewing, crewel, DIY projects, needlework, crafting, embroidery work, paper or thread cutting, and whatnot. Thus, you can keep it for daily use but take care of its delicate construction.

In short, the European plum blossom and classic crane style scissors are lightweight, flexible scissors with comfortable handles that are durable and highly efficient. The small size makes them an ideal traveling embroidery scissors.


  • Multi-functional embroidery scissors
  • Designed with stainless steel and metal
  • Stays rustless for a long time
  • Consist of shiny, hard and metal material
  • Sharp tip and delicate handle


  • After long use, they may not remain smooth to use
  • Needs regular oiling

6. Fiskars 8-Inch Razor-Edge Softgrip Any Fabric Sewing Scissors



Fiskars is one such brand every list will have. Loaded with features and durability, it has aced the textile industry with its quality and efficiency. The 8” Razor-Edge Softgrip Scissors is the right choice to prove that.

It features hardened stainless steel blades which are ground to provide a razor edge. Also, the blades give long-lasting durability. Such construction makes it suitable for effortlessly cutting heavy material too.

It is capable of snipping a wide range of materials of varied thickness. From denim, leather to multiple layered fabric, it moves like butter.

Further, if you often feel pain in your fingers after long use of scissors then this one is perfect for designing painless dresses. The soft-grip handle ensures extended use and reduces fatigue to a greater extent.

In short, the pair is efficient, offers great quality, and is very much affordable. Even the sharpness of the blades is not going out anytime soon. Hence, it is one of the best deals to crack right away.


  • Comfortable and classic design
  • Stainless steel durable blades
  • Softgrip handles to minimize hand fatigue
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Sometimes hard to open/close
  • People who have arthritis, their fingers may get tired soon

7. Pink Power Electric Cordless Fabric & Paper Cutting Scissors



Pink Power Electric Cordless Fabric & Paper Cutting Scissors is certainly a unique tool of its kind. With powerful performance, it gracefully shapes the design and personality of your outfits and dresses.

The cordless electric scissors don’t need any messy long wires or extension cords to work. Rather these are battery operated. All you need to do is collect the old sewing stuff and make a little space for this tool.

These heavy-duty craft scissors are a complete kit with two specialty blades. Be it a big or small project, you can easily snip and get through it.

The added advantage is rest for your hand and fingers with the ergonomic handle. It increases your efficiency and frees up your time to explore other opportunities.

These scissors weigh less than a pound and have a total length of fewer than nine inches. This makes it easy to move around with.

From thick to thin, it is capable of zipping and snips any project you have on your table. Without any cutting mat, you can use it for cutting carpet, metal, leather, corrugated cardboard, plastic, wrapping paper, etc.

Above all, you can say yes to the projects that include cutting various fabrics, craft, dressmaking, scrapbooking, quilting, sewing and whatnot.

The scissors can work continuously for two hours. Plus, you don’t need to keep extra batteries. Rather, you can recharge the lithium-ion batteries that can give you another two hours of backup.

The electric power scissors set comprise an electric scissor, 2 blades, one charger, and one lithium-ion battery. You no need to keep any space for doubt as the company provides a full three-year warranty for this.

In short,  the Pink Power is an electric lightweight and compact scissors. It is a great choice for both left and right-handed people.


  • Lightweight and compact scissors
  • Rechargeable and removable batteries
  • Capable of handling any project
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle


  • Noisy because they are electric
  • Charging may be an issue

8. Gingher 4.5-Inch Knife Edge Thread Nippers



Gingher is an established name and doesn’t need much introduction. The brand is sufficient to tell about its mark in the textile industry. It produces top-notch engineered shears with unmatchable craftsmanship and attributes.

The nippers are constructed with double-plated chrome and are hot forged. It is the best tool if you have a great hold on heavy-duty projects comprising thick or multi-layered fabric.

The knife-edge nippers are capable of handling heavy yarns, thick fabric, etc. Additionally, it can efficiently snip off the threads which continuously spoils the look of your design. It alone gives your outfits a professional and designated look.

Further, you don’t need to concentrate on the open/close mechanism, the spring action will open the blades after every cut.

The 4.5 inches Knife Edge Thread Nippers is another addition to enhance your crafts, needlework, and home sewing projects.

The specialized handle gives you improved control while dealing with various fabrics. If you are worried that these may slip off then you don’t have to. They offer you an excellent grip without any hassle.

In short, the knife-edged blade is an ideal choice for handling varied fabric, yarns, etc. The overall design is soft and smooth.


  • Constructed with double-plated chrome
  • knife-edge blades give smooth snips
  • Ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • Specialized handle for improved grip


  • Heavier than it looks
  • It may get easily scratched

9. Singer Bundle- 8.5″ Sewing Scissors, Detail Scissors, and Thread Snips



The Singer is a renowned producer of superior quality products from machines to cutting tools. You name anything and Singer has it all.

The little bundle of joy comprising 8.5” Sewing Scissors, Detail Scissors, and Thread Snips is a complete kit from start to end. All are precise, versatile craft scissors from a centuries-old brand.

The 8.5 inches dressmaker scissors go well for both sewing and crafting work. They can easily flow through the multiple layers of fabrics.

The next one is the 5-inch thread snips. To clear out the unwanted threads and for final touches, it snips off every annoying thread and leftovers.

The scissor blades feature quality steel construction resulting in crisp and clear cuts. The deeply embedded blades in the scissors ensure maximum cutting strength.

All tool design is rust-resistant and provides long-lasting performance for each project. Also, the ergonomic comfort grip handles save you from unnecessary stress and strain.

The pack contains Singer ProSeries 8 ½ inch heavy-duty scissors, ProSeries 4 ½ inch detail scissors, and a ProSeries thread snip.

The high quality, durable scissors, trimmer, and snip is for both left and right-handed use. A complete kit to grace your sewing needs.

In short, this pack has every common type of scissor, you will ever use in your sewing life. This combination can handle fabric from canvas to crepe. So, you may consider this in your shortlisted list.


  • Ideal for sewing and crafting work
  • High-quality rust-free construction
  • Ergonomic handle for a fatigue-free journey
  • Nano tip ensures small details
  • Bent handle smoothly cuts the fabric


  • Snip edge may not be smooth
  • May not accommodate every finger

10. ClearCuts Bundle- 10″ Dressmaking Scissors, 8.5″ Craft Scissors, and 5.5



Introduced by Clear Cuts, these shears are ideal and the best for sewing purposes. These scissors are best for embroidery and sewing. The title screams that the blades are precision cutting hence ideal for styling and designing.

These blades are titanium bonded that cuts through any material seamlessly and cleanly. This performance of blades makes it a good option for craft tools.

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If you are looking for shear for professional use then its 3 times harder than stainless steel blades makes it the one. Titanium fused, rust free with ultra edge precision, it is ruling the market. Without any doubt, they will last long and worth your investment.

The titanium blades are ergonomic and lightweight. It will not hurt your arms and hands even after the long duration of work. The grip is so soft and comforting for the fingers that you can happily deal with the tough fabric too.

The Clear Cuts titanium bonded shears are sharp enough for dressmaking. They have sufficient fine precision to slice the fabric into a graceful garment. It is worth mentioning here that it is perfect cutting and trimming scissors.

The noticeable point in this pair of sheers is that it is a good gifting option for any gender. The Clear Cuts has 3 scissors set i.e. small, medium, and large. All the scissors are smooth, comfortable, and durable to work.

It is worth mentioning here about the 3 different sizes of the scissors coming in one packing.

  • Titanium 10 inches – Accurately cuts 255mm fabric
  • Dressmaking Shears 8.5 inches – works well on 215mm fabric thickness
  • Craft Scissors, 5.5 inches – Embroidery scissors for 140mm fabric

Besides, it never lets its performance go down. Even after years of rough and heavy usage, you will feel the same sharpness and running cuts as the first time use. No doubt it is a superior quality shear at this budget-friendly cost.

In short, this bundle is adequate to support your crafting and embroidering desires. The lightweight and ergonomic design let you easily give a clear cut.


  • Consistent performance even after long time cuts
  • Titanium blades 3 times harder than the normal stainless steel
  • A good deal of 3 in one pack at a reasonable price
  • 3 different shears for different purposes
  • Keep away from kids because of ultra-sharp blades
  • People especially mentioned about the good packaging


  • Quality may be bothersome
  • The handle is cheap but cuts great

Factors To Look For Before Buying Sewing Scissors & Shears

The metal type, size, blades quality, brand, budget, blade style, handle comfort, safety every minor detail matters. Here are some factors you should keep in mind before buying the best sewing scissors for yourself.


The size of the scissors defines the type of fabric and sharpness of the blade you are going to deal with. Small scissors aka traveling scissors are lightweight, compact and portable but the trade-off is the sharpness. With small scissors, you cannot expect to work on thick fabrics.

Whereas large scissors have sharper blades but difficult to carry. They are versatile for many operations and work well with tough fabrics. Large scissors respond well with heavy-duty usage.

Sharpness of Blades

The sharpness of the blade is the crux of sewing scissors. Titanium coated blades have gained popularity as they give smooth cuts along the seams. These are stronger and harder than regular stainless steel. They are durable and sturdy too.

Handle’s Comfort

You should always check the structure, material, and size of handle. It should be free from any stress and fatigue.

Like an asymmetrical full-sized handle is the most comfortable to work for longer durations. It maintains the balance between your fingers and thumbs with different holes for both.

Whereas, an equal hole sized handle may not be that comfortable. Make sure you keep it down at regular intervals to avoid stress to your hands and fingers. The thing you need to remember is to consider slip-free, ergonomic, soft handles.


The blades of any sewing scissors are quite sharp. You may go for some cases for the scissors or get covers for blades only. Some of the companies do provide safety gear with the sewing kits.

The smaller scissors are not the ones that bother as they have less sharp blades. Whereas the longer scissors have very sharp blades so take extra care of yourself while working with them.

Scissors Vs Shears: The Difference And Who Should Buy Which

Scissors and shears are meant to do different applications. Let’s step out of the illusion together and check how similar-looking tools are serving different purposes.


  • Scissor is a multifunctional cutting or snipping tool which can commonly be found in every home or workplace.
  • They have equal-sized finger holes and the blades are generally 6 inches long.
  • To hold a scissor you can use your thumb and a finger
  • Scissors are used in cutting paper, embroidery threads, trimming nails, and various grooming and craft-related applications.


  • Shear is a larger scissor made for specific purposes like gardening, fabric cutting, etc.
  • They have one large and one small finger hole and the blade length is generally more than 6 inches.
  • In shears, the smaller hole can accommodate the thumb and the larger one can accommodate three to four fingers.
  • They are used in dressmaking, trimming grass, cutting fleece, and many other things.

In addition to this, to carry out different activities there are various types of scissors and shears available in the market. They are modified in design, structure, and shape as per the requirement. However, both can be kept in your sewing kit.

Types Of Sewing Scissors & Shears

Recognizing the correct type of scissors to play with fabrics is like half the job done. Broadly, there are six types of scissors to choose from.

1. Dressmaker Scissors & Shears

If you wish to buy only one pair that can be used for any fabric, dressmaking scissors can fulfill your wish. The blades are sharp, long, and maintain the angle while cutting the curves. The longer blade length works well on thick fabrics

The two blades are designed differently for unique comfort. It’s one blade has rounded tips to avoid snagging and the other has pointed tips for precise cuts. If you want seam trimming and pattern cutting with clean and crisp lines, consider this pair.

2. Pinking Scissors & Shears

Pinking scissors are a type of decorative scissors with serrated or zigzag blades to make the garment beautiful. Basically it is used to keep raw edges or threads from fraying or unraveling along the lines. Hence gives it a finishing look.

It works best for working on woven material as the serrated edge holds the slippery fabric like satin firmly while snipping. The bent handle gives the support when you cut the fabric over a flat surface or tabletop. If you are an expert and want to give your style a shape, you are good to go with this one.

3. Tailors Scissors & Shears

Tailor scissors are usually shorter in length, say 5” which eventually makes them light in weight. They are capable of handling several sewing operations and easily work through heavy duty fabric such as canvas, leather, etc.

The blades are quite thicker for precision cuts and snips all the way till the tip. The scissors of small length and its portable feature is ideal for quilting and sewing courses. People with any level of expertise can use it according to the fabric thickness.

4. Quilting Scissors & Shears

Quilting scissors are useful when you want to slice or trim heavy fabric like denim, canvas, etc. Broadly they can be categorized into two types, namely, rag quilting scissors and heavy-duty scissors.

Rag quilting scissors are good for beginners or people who find it difficult to use scissors. They are generally spring-loaded. Whereas heavy-duty scissors can be used to handle tough and stubborn fabrics. They provide strong grips and are recommended for carpet upholstery.

5. Paper Scissors & Shears

Paper scissors have sharp lengthy blades with pointed tips. They can be used for cutting long, straight, and effortless slits or slices in varied fabrics. You can use them for smaller and hard to reach areas.

Paper scissors are a must-have tool of your sewing kit. They are beneficial for cutting paper interfacing, various paper sewing patterns, and whatnot. I mostly prefer them when I have to prepare dresses for cosplay and other fancy outfits.

6. Embroidery & Thread Work Scissors & Shears

It is a lightweight, user friendly, compact snipper that gives precise, small, and quick cuts. The fine pointed tip of the blades is built to go close to the fabric without any damage.

It is recommended for needlework, thread work, and embroidery designs. Since the scissors are small with sharp and thin blades, you can trim threads precisely and closely. It is a perfect choice for buttonholes and applique work.

Before You Go…

To conclude this review, Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors are the best sewing scissors that you can buy today. With the sharpness three times more than that of normal stainless steel, it gives your fabric the mess-free and precise cuts.

I hope my article has given you some insight regarding the kind of sewing scissors you may opt for. The fact is that if by any means you use the incorrect scissors it may cost you much more than what you have actually paid for it. Good luck with your sewing journey!!!

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