Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch Machine Review

As the world progresses and technology develops, conventional practices get replaced by better, more efficient alternatives. This is particularly important in today’s fast-paced environment where end-users have come to expect lower delivery times, be it a service or product offering. In order to meet these heightened demands, production devices need to be increasingly time-efficient while maintaining the level of quality that customers expect. Brother’s Cover Stitch 2340CV has done this for the sewing and embroidery market.

Like hand embroidery, cover stitching is a highly valued service, but traditional ways of cover stitching are time-consuming, making it impossible for manufacturers to meet the increased demand. The Brother Cover Stitch allows professionals to achieve faster stitching and embroidery and comes packed with a number of added features and benefits. The machine enables users to work with any type of heavy or light fabric to create masterpieces in cover-stitching.

The versatility of the machine in terms of stitching patterns and fabric thickness makes it a perfect fit for a number of tasks. Hence, users do not have to switch machines for different tasks and professionals do not need to carry around different machines with them.

Sewing lace, elastic, tape, and other materials onto a fabric can be achieved without any trouble with this machine. Its ability to follow circular patterns without going offcourse or cutting while stitching also makes it easier for users to stitch hems and undertake similar tasks.

The Brother Cover Stitch2340CV comes equipped with a number of stitching options including tri-cover, wide and narrow stitching, and a color-coded threading guide along with presser and adjustment dials and looper threading for highly customized cover-stitching. Additionally, the machine can operate at incredible speeds, drastically reducing stitching time.

Brother Cover Stitch 2340CV Features


Incredible Stitching Speed: 1100 SPM

In comparison to other machines in a similar price range that can only work at a speed of 800 stitches per minute, the Brother Cover Stitch2340CV offers a maximum speed of 1100 stitches per minute, allowing users to finish projects faster but with enhanced accuracy.

Its impressive speed enables more tasks to be completed in a short span of time. This makes it perfect for professional users who have targets to meet and for those home users who do not particularly like stitching or have the patience of sitting for hours on end.

Stitch Evenly with Ease

The machine comes with a blind stitch foot and a gathering foot along with a presser foot dial, allowing users to reduce the probability of stitching uneven seams. The use of the presser dial achieves a clean stitch by enabling users to smoothly place the fabric without wrinkling it. The option to adjust the setting with the presser dial in the middle of a stitch helps users avoid the fabric gathering together and ruining the stitch. It is also easier to stitch along curves with the help of the presser dial.

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The Brother Cover Stitch2340CV comes set at a default pressure setting for all normal stitching jobs. This setting can be tweaked to work better with light or heavy stitching projects as required.


The Brother 2340CV is a highly versatile and advanced sewing machine that offers a range of features and capabilities. One important aspect to consider when shopping for a sewing machine is the power source and the number of needles available. It is crucial to have accurate information when making your decision to ensure that the machine you purchase meets your needs and expectations.

In regards to the power source, it is essential to note that all models of the Brother 2340CV that are manufactured for the U.S. market are electrically powered and do not rely on foot treadles to function. While it is true that this machine comes equipped with a foot pedal that allows you to control the sewing speed, the foot pedal only acts as a means of controlling the machine and does not provide the power necessary to operate the machine.

Additionally, some retailers have mistakenly described the Brother 2340CV as a two-needle machine. However, this is not the case. The Brother 2340CV is equipped with three needles, which allows for increased versatility and the ability to handle a wide range of projects with ease. It is important to confirm the specifications of the machine you are interested in before making a purchase to ensure that it has all the features and capabilities you require.


  • Built-in accessory storage allows users to better organize the various stitching essentials
  • Lay-in threading reduces setup time and complications
  • Color-coded threading guide makes threading tasks less complicated
  • The adjustment dial gives better control over stitch lengths, which can be adjusted based on the task at hand
  • An advanced looper threading system saves time for decorative and chain stitching and when creating professional hems
  • Maximum sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute


Is Brother 2340CV really a good one?

The Brother 2340CV is a well-rounded and capable machine that excels in hemming and handling delicate and stretchy fabrics. With its ease of operation and included accessory bag, this machine appears to be a great option for those with some serger experience.

However, it’s important to note that the merits of a sewing machine can vary greatly depending on individual needs and preferences. It’s always best to do thorough research and consider factors such as your level of experience, the types of projects you will be working on, and your budget before making a purchase. Additionally, reading reviews and talking to other sewing enthusiasts can provide valuable insight into the performance and capabilities of the Brother 2340CV and help you determine if it is the right machine for you.

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Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Users of the Brother Cover Stitch 2340CV praise its professional-grade build quality, stitch quality, and finish. The sewing machine succeeds in providing a neat and well-finished product, making it an ideal choice for professionals. In addition to its fine stitch quality, the machine’s ability to stitch on a variety of fabrics of varying thicknesses makes it an obvious favorite for many users.

A number of customers who purchased the machine enjoyed the choice of complimentary stitching essentials that it comes packaged with. These include two snap-on feet, a needle set, a storage bag, a set of four thread nets, spool mats and spool caps, a set of tweezers, a hexagonal wrench, cleaning brush and softcover for added protection.

Customers also appreciated the color-coded labels and threading guide the machine comes with. With an option to use a maximum of four different colors, this nifty addition to the machine makes threading tasks less complicated. This makes it easier for users to get to the end of their sewing tasks accurately and without complications.


Another popular feature in the Brother Cover Stitch2340CV is the easy lay-in threading as it takes less time to set up, allowing users to get into the stitching task without having to mess around with complicated setups. The machine’s ability to stitch at a speed of 1100 SPM has also been the highlight of many customer reviews.

The Brother Cover Stitch2340CV is a lightweight machine that packs a punch, with users considerably impressed with its portability and compact design. Despite its lightweight, the machine offers a larger work area than most other cover stitch machines available in a similar price range. This makes stitching tasks easy and convenient.

Despite the machine being an all-rounder and an obvious favorite, some users do complain about its thread tension which needs to be controlled manually, posing a challenge for new or elderly users. Adjusting the tension requires pressing four different buttons, which takes some getting used to. However, once users get the hang of it, there aren’t many other machines that offer the same level of control that this one does, and none match it in stitch quality and finishing.

All in all, the Brother Cover Stitch2340CV is a great choice for beginners who want to learn stitching and professionals who are looking to get quality stitching work done on the go.

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