Brother FS40 Sewing Machine Review

Disclaimer – Due to restrictions, the Brother FS40 is not sold in the US. This sewing machine is available to buy from the UK on amazon, please see our links below.

Why Did I Review the Brother FS40?

After seeing all the hype around this sewing machine, I thought it was time to take a look. Especially considering the price range.

The Brother FS40 has been designed for beginners as it meets a lot of the requirements that I think beginners need. After seeing the 90+% five-star reviews on amazon, I knew it was time to check this sewing machine out.

With 40 stitches, speed control and drop feed systems, the brother FS40 looks like a real bargain, but the important question is, does it really live up to it’s name?


Features of the Brother FS40

­40 Stitches: Brother never fail to amaze me with the features that they include on their sewing machines, especially the amount of stitches. I normally recommend above 15 stitches for beginners as it allows them to get use to all the different stitch types and experiment with their fabrics. I feel this helps users grow a sense of creativity as they can practice more unique designs. Having 40 stitches also allows you to work on a bigger variety of projects which I find beneficial.

Speed control: Brother included a nice little feature on the Brother FS40, they included a speed control button. This allows users to limit the speed at which they sew. I find this extremely beneficial for beginners because they can practice at a constant speed and get a feel for the speed, they feel comfortable with, and then choose that speed the next time they sew. It also improves accuracy greatly which is why it is becoming a very popular feature on sewing machines.

Drop in Bobbin: The drop-in bobbin is a simple addition to the machine; you simply drop in the bobbin and you are done. This prevents the threads getting jammed in sewing machines that do not have a drop-in bobbin.

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Drop Feed System: The drop feed system on the Brother FS40 enables free motion embroidery on the sewing machine. It’s always handy to have a sewing machine that can do free motion quilting/embroidery just to make life easier on specific projects. Please note that you would have to buy a free motion foot separately though, so this feature is not plug and play!



The biggest pro for this sewing machine is its ease of use. Beginners absolutely love this machine and I have no doubt why. The Brother FS40 comes with a beginner’s DVD that walks you through how to setup the machine from beginning to end. So, if you have never owned a sewing machine before, then this may be your best starting point.

The Brother FS40 also has a very sturdy construction which results in a great stitch, everyone knows that when a sewing machine vibrates, it affects the quality of the stitch and can sometimes cause the user to slip slightly. So, I’m quite impressed that brother have made this sewing machine so sturdy knowing it is going to be mostly beginners who used it.

Finally, the sewing machine is great value for money. If you shop around the market, then I guarantee that you will struggle to find an alternative to this sewing machine for the price. Brother are an established company who are well known for providing value for money sewing machine. I would not hesitate to purchase this myself if I was a beginner.



This sewing machine is honestly the first sewing machine I have come across which does not have a real con to it. The sewing machine is absolutely perfect in my eyes and the only thing I can say is that it may not have enough features for an advanced sewer, but that is simply because it was designed for beginners.

What do the Customers Think?

A massive majority of customers adore the Brother FS40 sewing machine and only have good things to say about it. They think its extremely sturdy, it creates a quality stitch and it is extremely user friendly. There have only been two bad reviews fort this machine regarding the threads getting tangled up and the manual being unhelpful. I personally think that the two bad reviews are from people who did not follow the DVD and tried to jump straight in.

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My number one rule for sewing machines is always go through the training material that they provide. As they may have adjusted some of the features slightly in comparison to the sewing machine norm. Meaning if you set it up like you would another sewing machine and not how Brother want you to set it up, then it may cause issues.


Verdict of the Brother FS40 Review

Overall, I think the Brother FS40 is a perfect machine. The superb quality of this sewing machine alone is enough to convince anyone. With 40 stitches, it’s more than enough to allow the brain to be creative even for beginners. Including a speed control for beginners and finally having a drop feed system to enable free motion quilting, I personally think this is an amazing sewing machine. I give this sewing machine a 9.7 out of 10 for beginners.

Keep in mind if you are an intermediate sewer or more advanced then I personally think there are better sewing machine out there. The reason why I do not recommend other sewing machines to beginners is due to the advanced features and learning curve, beginners simply would not be able to use more complex sewing machines to their full potential and they would most likely end up with lower quality sewing projects.

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