Brother LS-2125i Mechanical Sewing Machine Review

For a novice at sewing, this beginner sewing machine has everything you will ever need, whether you’re making clothing alterations or simple home decor items. This Brother model comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual and all the essential features that a beginner needs, such as a bobbin winder, buttonhole maker, automatic threader, and a built-in free arm for sewing sleeves and pant hems.

Features of the Brother LS-2125i Mechanical Sewing Machine

The Brother LS2125 is lightweight, compact, and with its carrying handle built in the machine, makes for easy storage and bringing anywhere. This Brother’s footprint is only 15 inches by 6.5 inches, a convenient size for placement on a desk or table without the requirement of a dedicated area in order to sew. Its portability is, obviously, another plus factor if you travel frequently.

With a dial for controlling upper thread tension, it guarantees that stitches come out smooth and not loose or puckered. Turning the dial in a right direction will enable you to increase the tension while you are sewing; the same goes for decreasing the tension, just turn it to the left. These settings are ideal to have when you work on different types of fabrics like denim and cotton.


Another dial is the stitch selector which enables you to pick out the exact stitch you want done with ten built-in stitches that include the basics like zigzag, stretch, and blind hem stitches. Unlike other Brother models, this easy to use sewing machine is meant for beginners as evident in these built-in stitches that are easy and fast to master.

Create buttonholes automatically in four steps using the buttonholing stitch and the buttonhole foot inclusion. You can also use another inclusion, that of the button-fitting foot for sewing on the buttons. Although most Brother models carry this automation buttonholing feature, it will be much appreciated by novice sewers who may not know how easy it has become to make buttonholes.

Bobbin winding is easy with the LS2125. When the upper thread is in place and your bobbin is set on its winder, all you have to do is push the bobbin to the right side and you have the bobbin all wound for you. Threading is easy as well; just follow the printed diagram on the sewing machine and you’re all set to go since it does the threading for you.

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Work on cuffs, sleeves, pant legs of children’s clothing, and other smaller items of cylindrical shape with this particular Brother model’s free arm, is built in for this kind of sewing. The free arm also has a storage compartment for the included accessories so you are better organized while you work.

This free arm can also double as a flat bed when the occasion calls for it. There are also three snap-on presser feet types such as the buttonhole foots, the zipper foot, and the buttion sewing foot. This inexpensive sewing machine comes with a foot pedal and a pouch for accessories like a needle set, twin needle, a darning plate, extra spool pin, screwdriver, and three bobbins.


Pros and Cons of the Brother LS-2125i Mechanical Sewing Machine


Its performance as a sewing machine for everyday use to do clothing alterations and mending, simple sewing of home décor such as table linen, napkins, curtains, pillow cases, is excellent. Give this Brother model an A+ score for being an easy to use sewing machine as well as an appliance you can grow with as you learn sewing techniques.

Another “pro” for this beginner sewing machine is the free arm’s capability to be converted into a flat bed as well as a storage for sewing accessories doesn’t only help you get organized but provide you with a larger working area. On the other hand, the portability of this model makes it convenient to bring in places where you want to do some sewing other than your house.

Because it is lightweight and has a built-in handle, carrying around this Brother model doesn’t strain the user. The feature that provides the most convenience in terms of time, however, is the automatic threader of this particular Brother model in all, this is one sewing machine that serves as a good investment that a beginning sewer can pass along to a sibling, child or even a friend.



There were users who experienced the incorrect bobbin winding and the thread locking under or on top of a fabric while sewing but these are about the only issues that may be considered “cons.” As far as other users were concerned, these were minor and negligible issues that can easily be resolved by contacting a Brother customer service representative.

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What Customers are Saying

The Brother LS2125 sewing machine was given an Amazon overall rating of five stars by 452 out of 728, with 136 giving the product four stars, 43 giving it three stars, 40 rating it two out of five stars, and 57 giving the product one star. Simply put, there were still more customers who were satisfied with this particular Brother model than those who had submitted the mentioned “cons” and other similar comments.

Not all who purchased and reviewed this particular Brother model were beginning sewers. The experience of veteran sewers with this Brother showed that while this sewing machine was designed to meet the needs of a beginner, those who have been sewing for a long time – professionally or as a hobbyist – found this Brother model just as efficient as their more advanced machines.

The price of this Brother has been duly noted by customer reviews as value for money, especially by those on tight budgets. Other customers who gave this Brother as a gift to friends or family members reported satisfaction from the recipients. Another feature of this Brother that was not left unnoticed was its capability for storage in small spaces.



Should you buy the Brother LS2125i? Well, why not? If you’re someone who is interested in learning how to sew and has the budget for a less expensive machine, this Brother would be perfect for you. If you’re at the intermediate sewing levels, this particular Brother model can do wonders for practising sewing and mastering the craft before you go on to the advanced level.

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