How to embroider Caps, Hats with Embroidery Machine?

Embroidery is a form of fabric decoration in which colored thread are sewn into the cloth to create patterns or pictures. Embroidery can be applied to all types of clothing, including T-shirts and jeans. It’s also one way that many people express their creativity. If you have some free time on your hands, why not try learning how to embroider? It’s a skill that will last you forever.

The most famous is machine embroidery which can embroidery caps, jeans, and other products in a quick and efficient manner. There are many embroidery machines out there in the market to embroider different kind of stuff like t-shirts, caps etc.


Human embroidery is making use of the needle and thread to make patterns or pictures on fabric like t-shirts. Many people do this for fun as a hobby because it’s very easy to learn how to human embroider unlike machine embroidery which needs expertise in operating machines. The designs that are made by human embroidery are known as needlepoint designs.

Human Embroiderers can design and create their own kind of patterns using different colors, sizes and shapes of stitches to make a stunning piece of art on fabric. In fact, you don’t even need to be good at drawing in order to get started with Human Embroidery. You can use your favorite photos or images to design something that you like.

Embroidery is not only limited by application of stitching designs on fabric but it also has another form known as Sashiko stitch which is a type of decorative hand sewing and embroidery originating in Japan and uses simple running stitches (straight or curved) for reinforcing fabric edges, reinforcing cloth to prevent tear and for decoration.

Today Sewingers will discuss the proper way to machine embroider caps and hats.

Choose the best embroidery machine

The first and most important step is to choose the best embroidery machine. Consider different features while choosing the best embroidery machine like Embroidery Speed, Hoops Sizes, Needle Configuration and so on.

It’s also important to consider the cost of different machines so that you can get the best embroidery machine within your budget.


Look for Free-Arm configuration

Make sure that your embroidery machine does come with free-arm configuration. If not, then look for embroidery machine models that do have one available. Free-Arm configuration helps your to embroider small and curved areas like caps easily because of its cylindrical shape.

Proper Hoops Size

Make sure that you select an appropriate hoop size accordingly to the cap’s measurements or your need. Hooping is very important part of caps embroidery process because it holds fabric in place while stitching and also allows both hands free movement without any fabric bunching or shifting.

Choose the right embroidery machine software

The second step is to choose the best embroidery machine software. One of my favorite embroidery machine software is Artista which comes with a wide range of built-in stitch patterns and designs that can be used on caps and hats making it easier for you to create new design or modify existing design. Artista also comes with a very easy-to-use interface that makes it easier for you to create embroidery designs in minutes without needing any kind of training or expertise.


Some other tips

  • Do not use glue stick on cap’s material because it will leave stains and can reduce its quality over time.
  • Use appropriate stabilizer for caps embroidery process to avoid fabric skewing, puckering, jamming, tearing etc. If you are choosing no-sew type of adhesive tape, make sure to use one that is suitable for your embroidery machine.
  • Start with applying stabilizer on the back side of cap’s material and then run it through hooping process.
  • Before stitching, adjust stitch length according to hoop size you are using in caps embroidery process. You can leave default settings if using a bigger hoop.
  • Embroidery machine comes with a variety of symbols and designs that can be used for caps embroidery process, or you can simply use your imagination to create unique cap’s design. You should always test before stitching on the final product.
  • Use soft bristle brush to clean up any extra stabilizer and adhesive material.
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Embroidery is an easy and fun way to add personal touch to caps. You can add your favorite motifs on the front or back of a cap using different colors, sizes and shapes of stitches. Embroidery machine is a great way to embroider caps without using any kind of needle, thread or fabric individually.

Keep your stitching consistent for best results and avoid knotting the threads at places where you need to change colors during Stitch Formation process in order not to damage it further. I hope this article would help you with learning how different types of stitches can be used in caps embroidery process.

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