Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Review

 first used a Janome sewing machine when I was a novice and in training to become a professional seamstress that I am today. I recently bought the JANOME 2212 sewing machine just to teach a few friends how to make stitches on their clothes and even to make costumes for their children for Halloween and other occasions.

The sewing is machine was developed with few features therefore becoming affordable than other brands of sewing machine models and brands. This particular model is a very basic, non-digital machine that although is devoid of many features, it is build to last for long time. The machine today can be compared with an older sewing machine which was built for a young beginner who is just starting on the path to becoming a professional seamstress one day.

The machine is devoid of many features that are found on other modern machines therefore making it very easy to use. The JANOME 2212 sewing machine is a quality entry level machine that is affordable to beginners.



It has twelve built –in stitches and a four step button hole. It has an easy to use dial which allows the user to make stitch selection and adjustment very easy. It also has a free arm sewing and drop feed therefore allows the novice to tackle all sewing projects during training.

The machine has an amazing design which makes it lightweight and easy to use. It can be placed on a special table top providing the user with easy accessibility as well as maintenance in case it breaks down. It has a dial pattern selection, stitch width and length adjustment that allows ease of use.


The machine is designed with great features such as the free arm sewing and drop feed therefore allowing the machine to tackle different sewing projects. It has twelve built-in stitches for apparel and craft sewing. The user can also experiment with light projects like household linens and crafts.

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Below are features of the JANOME 2212 sewing machine:

  • Free arm lever
    It is fitted with an easy to use free arm that allows the machine to be versatile for different types of sewing projects.
  • Reverse lever
    The machine has a reverse lever that is located to the right side and allows the user to lock stitches in place.
  • Stitch chart
    The machine has a stitch chart on the front panel and allows the user to view and know which stitch to select for what project. The visual chart tool displays 12 different stitches which are labeled as BH, A, B, C, D, E, F and G.
  • Stitch selector dial
    The machine has a stitch selector dial located on the front side of the machine and allows the user to select the right stitch for the right job. With the help of the visual stitch chart tool, an amateur user will be able to know which stitch they are selecting for a particular type of job.
  • Stitch Length adjustment
    The stitch length adjustment dial allows the user to customize different stitch lengths and width. The maximum width that can be adjusted is 5mm while the maximum length that can be adjusted is 4 mm.
  • Stainless steel needle plate
    It is designed with stainless steel that allows the user to fit different types of fabrics varying in thickness and layers too. This works well with the extra high presser foot lift.



  • The machine is affordable and has just the right amount of features that allow for comfortable use of it especially for people who are just beginning training towards becoming professional seamstresses.
  • It comes with a 25 year warranty that protects the user and ensures that in case of damage, repairs will be made for free or at minimal expenses. This ensures that the machine lasts for long and provides the user with longer service.
  • It has a visual stitch chart that is fitted on the front of the machine. The visual chart has 12 different types of stitches drawn which provide directions to the novices. Each stitch displayed is used to accomplish different projects.
  • It has a reverse lever that is located on the right front side of the machine and allows the user to lock stitches in place.
  • It has a stitch selector dial and together with the visual stitch chart, the user can select the right one at the turn of the dial.
  • The stitch length adjustment dial allows the user to adjust to the right length and width of the thread. It’s maximum adjustable length is 4mm and its maximum adjustable width is 5 mm.
  • It has a four step buttonhole feature that allows the user to make beautiful button holes with ease.
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  • While the 12 different stitches feature is great for a novice, it limits the user to only a few stitches.
  • It lacks the many features that you will find on modern sewing machines which allows one to tackle different heavy sewing projects.

The verdict

Overall, the machine is great for use for people who have varying skill levels beginning with the novice, the intermediate and the experts. Although it has few features, its stitch quality can be rated 5 stars out of 5, its speed can be rated 4 stars out of 5, its ease of use can be rated 5 stars out of 5 and its maintenance can be rated 5 stars out of 5.

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