Janome DC2012 Sewing Machine Review

For many stay-at-home moms and crafters, a good quality sewing machine that can do a wide variety of tasks is essential. With all the choices in the market, only a select few have established reliable names in the industry. One of the best sewing machine brands in the market is Janome – a name that’s synonymous with high quality and durability.

Their Janome DC2012 version features 50 stitches in a computerized model with a LED screen that makes it super easy to operate. It has every kind of basic stitch imaginable plus a few for decorative needs, as well as 3 styles of buttonholes. For the perfect machine that has the capacity to work with any kind of home decor and clothing need, the DC2012 is a great option.

What are the Benefits to This Machine?


First of all, this machine is computerized. The numbers and the designs of the stitches are placed right under the LED screen and users can easily choose a stitch and press a button or two to set the machine to a certain stitch. There are 50 stitches in total and users will definitely find everything they need in this machine. Whether you’re making a ball gown or mending a pair of ripped pants, you can do so with this basic yet multi-feature Janome offering.

The machine also features Janome’s exclusive SFS technology, which is the Superior Feed System – a 7-piece feed dog that assists in delivering consistent stitch quality.

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The other features include a memorized up or down needle position, auto-lock buttonholes, a speed control slider, and plenty of accessories such as added bobbins, needles, a cleaning brush, extra spools, a handling case, and 5 presser feet.

What are Its Pros and Advantages?

This machine is very easy to operate right out of the box. Even beginner users will find this machine so simple to use. It’s very sturdy, which is something that Janome has always been known for. The manual and instructions are also very easy to understand and you’ll find everything there, from troubleshooting to knowing which presser foot to use on what stitch and other essential information.

The SFS technology is impressive, as well. Sewing with the Janome DC2012 will yield beautiful stitches that are consistent through and through. This is very important for decorative stitches on drapes and even on clothes, especially when you use contrasting colors.

This machine also saves you money since it comes with plenty of accessories so you won’t have to purchase other sewing tools such as bobbins, needles, thread nipper, lint brush, as well as several presser feet.

What are Its Cons and Disadvantages?

This is a 110-volt machine which means its use is limited for the US only. If you plan to move to another country, you might not be able to bring this with you.

The fabric capacity of this Janome sewing machine is also limited to lighter and mid-weight fabrics. Leather, suede, feather, heavy canvass, and thick denim are not ideal to sew with this machine – expect your needle to break and the feed dog won’t work very properly when you sew these heavy fabrics.

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How Does It Compare to the Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine?

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine is also computerized just like this Janome machine that we wrote this review for, and it also features many stitches – 60 to be exact. However, the Brother machine is a little flimsier than the heavier Janome since it’s lightweight and more portable. And the Brother machine doesn’t have a memorized needle position compared to the Janome, which “remembers” the needle’s last position.

In terms of use, the Brother is ideal for occasional sewing needs such as making sewing projects on the weekends and for beginners and even young teenagers. The Janome however, though also a basic multi-feature sewing machine, is made for everyday use and ideal for both beginners and advanced sewers.

The Verdict?

For anyone who wants to have a sewing machine for home decor and clothing, the DC2012 is perfect for beginner and intermediate sewers. It also works like a heavy duty machine so hobbyists who’ve turned their crafts into a small business can really take advantage of this machine.

It’s so easy to use with the LED screen and its unfussy operations make it a simple transition for sewers who are used to older machines that have dials instead of computerized settings.

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