Professional™ 9100 Sewing Machine Review

​Through our Singer Professional 9100 Reviews we will be clearing all your doubts related to purchasing this particular sewing machine. Our experts have intensely studied this product, and besides that, we have keenly gone through the user reviews of Singer 9100.

We will take you across all the benefits that you get after bringing this machine home. Most importantly, we will also make you aware of cons related to this sewing machine. After reading our Singer 9100 Reviews, you will be cent percent sure in making a perfect decision of purchasing this sewing machine.

Singer Professional 9100 Reviews: Basic info about the company

Singer Corporation is an American company, which is among the top three sewing machine manufacturing companies of the world. It was established in the year 1851 by Issac Merritt Singer. Since then, this highly trusted company is providing us with top quality sewing machines of all kinds.Its sewing machines are always feature-rich, and Singer has always been successful in winning the trust and affection of its consumers.


Singer Professional 9100 Reviews : Basic info about the product

​This professional looking sewing machine is an absolute horsepower in itself. This machine is so decent that it can deal with all kinds of sewing projects with ease. This machine is very suitable for bigger size quilting because of its large working area, well-designed structure, multiple needle positioning, etc. and many such other factors. This machine is decent at its job, but there are few cons related to this machine as well. In Singer 9100 Reviews we will explain the factors of this machine that require improvements. Let’s go in detail now.


​There are a total of 404 built-in stitches which are a very big number. You can imagine how much you can develop your creativity skills with this much wide range of stitches. Besides that, there are nine automatic buttonholes along with two alpha-numeric fonts. Its top speed is 750 stitches per minute. This computerized sewing machine supports top drop-in bobbin system.

It comes along with a 25 years limited warranty which will be there in your support whenever your machine or any part of the machine malfunctions. For getting more information about the terms and conditions of the warranty, you will have to visit the Company’s website.



​Singer has provided all essential accessories and feet that one feels the need of right from the time he sets his machine till he finishes up his sewing and quilting projects. Now it is the time to reveal the list of accessories and feet that come along with the product. Let’s proceed.

  1. ​Pack of needles
  2. ​Spool pin felt
  3. ​Thread spool caps
  4. Quilting guide
  5. ​Wide table for larger quilts
  6. Seam ripper
  7. ​Auxiliary spool pin
  8. ​Bobbins
  9. ​Dust cover for protection
  10. ​Screwdrivers
  11. ​Gathering Foot
  12. ​Button sewing Foot
  13. ​daring and embroidery Foot
  14. ​Blind Hem Foot
  15. ​All-Purpose Foot
  16. ​Rolled hem Foot
  17. ​Buttonhole Foot
  18. ​Satin stitch foot
  19. ​Overcasting Foot
  20. Zipper Foot

​Key features of Singer professional 9100

​This machine is full of features that compete with each other to make your sewing more easy and joyful. When we talk about its essential features, then there are automatic needle threader, top drop-in bobbin system, LCD touchscreen for stitch selection as well as stitch width and length. Besides that, many more are there such as a programmable needle, built in lettering for monogramming,  extension table for supporting large size quilts, etc.  These features play a vital role in making this sewing machine quite comfortable for beginners.

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​Dimensions and portability

​In dimensions, this machine measures 18.3 x 14.3 x 10.8 inches. The weight of this machine is  18.95 pounds. We put this machine in the mid-lightweight category. This machine is liftable by one person no doubt, but few complained that mid school kids can’t carry it to sewing classes everyday. That actually doesn’t make any sense.

Well, this machine isn’t for beginners only, and there are so many features in it. If honestly said, then builders of this machine have been very successful in reducing its weight to just 18.95 pounds. An adult can surely move it, but teenagers (13-15 Years) are recommended to ask for someone’s help in moving this machine.


​Singer professional 9100 Reviews : pros

​This wonderful and powerful machine provides you with so many benefits. This machine does each and everything to make your sewing experience more comfortable and luxurious. Let’s have a look at some of the most significant advantages of buying this machine.

​Decent machine for beginners

​A beginner can develop his sewing skills, creativity, and tactics with this machine at a very quick time because this machine is very user-friendly and easy to understand. There is nothing in this machine which might confuse the beginner. All features are very beginner supportive.

 For example, the automatic needle threader. When beginners find it much easier to work on multi features computerized sewing machines, it really develops a lot of confidence in them. If you are a complete fresher, then you might need to have a quick look at the content of the manual. If you ever feel uncertain about any of the adjustments, settings or functions, you can visit the company’s website where Singer has provided easy solutions to any problems that come your way.

​It provides you with Wide fabric selections

One of the most prominent advantages of this sewing machine is that you get a wide range concerning fabrics to work upon this machine. It works on heavier fabrics with the same ease the way it deals with lighter fabrics.

You only need to do proper changes in adjustments and settings whenever you switch among fabrics of different thickness. Want to make a leather hat for your cousin?  Singer 9100 will do it for you, that too in style.

​High durability of singer Professional 9100

​This machine is built with the top quality material. Its strong metal frames don’t let the machine to shiver when it is working on heavier fabrics. This machine is highly durable as well. If you take proper care of this machine, it is going to be with you for even more than a couple of decades. Besides that, this machine doesn’t make high noise even at its top speed or working on heavier fabrics.

​It’s a one-time investment

​This is undoubtedly a one-time investment to have this machine. We can say so because of its versatility and concentrating on the fact that this machine is suitable for all level sewers. Beginners can enjoy its easy features, intermediates get a wide range of creativity to evolve into an expert sewer, and for experts, all essentials are present in this machine, and hardly anything is missing in Singer 9100. Once you bring this machine home, you will hardly feel the need to replace it with some other sewing machine.

​Singer professional 9100 Reviews : cons

​There is no such sewing machine present in the market that we can call completely con-free. No matter how decent the machine is, it can’t be cent percent perfect. A few cons always come along with it. But it is necessary that the cons are not that serious which can break the deal. So is with a singer professional 9100 sewing machine. There are a few cons related to this machine which we will be explaining to you in our Singer professional 9100 Reviews. Shall we proceed?

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​Works at a specific voltage

​​ The disadvantage of having this machine is that you are not supposed to take this machine with you when you travel abroad. It is made to work in the USA. Most importantly, if you take this machine to Europe, Africa, Asia and plug it in there, it might cause harm to your machine because of the voltage variation.​ Most importantly, it also might decrease the life of your machine, and besides that, even the warranty doesn’t cover the voltage issue.

​Stitch skipping and bobbin pop-out issue

​​When our experts studied the customer reviews of Singer Professional 9100 deeply, they were a bit confused. This was so because neither user was extremely pleased with the product, while a few were completely displeased and called this sewing machine “a junk”. Complainer mentioned that they faced the problem of stitch skipping and besides that, they had to deal with the issue of bobbin popping out. These were the two main complaints.

​Reason and solution of Stitch skipping and bobbin pop-out.

​Guys, If both these were fundamental problems of this machine, then certainly a bigger percentage of users had complained. But it is not so. Consumer reviews (Amazon) of this sewing machine are excellent, and it has 4.5-star rating out of five.

If you face problems such as Stitch skipping, then probably you are not making the right adjustments in the machine, especially needles while you are switching among fabrics of different thickness. If you face issues like bobbin pop out or wrong thread tension, then also its​ the issue with the settings, not with the machine. The Guide manual is there for your help.Still, you feel that the machine is malfunctioning without any reason, then take advantage of the warranty.

​Singer Professional 9100 : The final wrap-up

​We took you across every single essential fact related to this sewing machine in our Singer 9100 reviews so that you can make a perfect decision regarding buying it. Overall, this machine does its job in an excellent manner.

This machine offers you a lot in comparison to what you pay for it. Besides that, there is hardly anything in this machine that can threaten you. This machine gives you such a wide variety of fabrics and stitches that one can hardly demand anything else at this price level.


  • Abundant built-in stitches.
  • ​Highly suitable for sewers of all levels.
  • Works of heavier fabrics efficiently.
  • Easy portability
  • Highly durable.
  • List Element


  • Sewing light is a bit dim.
  • Works at specific voltage.

​Singer 9100 has satisfied 90% of its consumers, which is enough for showing how reliable and trustable this machine is. It is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind at this price level. We highly recommend this machine to all.

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