Singer 14T968DC Professional 5 Mechanical Sewing Machine Review

​​By Singer 14T68DC Reviews we will be providing you a complete knowledge related to Singer 14T968DC machine. While going through Singer 3232 reviews, we will make you aware of the ​minus points of this machine. Besides that, we will come across various advantages of this sewing machine. Through Singer 14T968DC reviews, we will help you in making a perfect decision concerning its purchase.

Basic info about the company

​First of all, Singer is an American company whose establishment took place in the year 1851​. Most importantly, this company is highly trustable and dependable.  Besides that, it has earned a big name especially in manufacture comfortable and full of features sewing machines. It has provided us with all sorts of modern-day sewing machines by launching its new models at regular times.

Basic info about Singer 14T968DC


​Singer Professional 5 14T968Dc is one of the best professional sergers of its price range because it is highly versatile and dependable. It provides a variety of stitch styles. Besides that, it provides a 5-4-3-2 stitch configuration. This feature-rich machine comes with a lot of accessories. Most importantly, this serger is quite capable of handling expert level sewingtasks. All for the reason that it is very comfortable and besides that, customizable. This machine is very consistent with its extra-ordinary clean work. Later on, in Singer 14T968 DC reviews, we will come across every essential fact related to this machine

​Key features of this machine

​Lets us come across its key-features which make this machine so unique. We will, later on, try to explain the purposes and benefits of a few important key features in singer 14T968Dc reviews.

  1. ​Max sewing speed of 1300 stitches/minute.
  2. 6 presser feet
  3. Easy threading diagram
  4. Attachable Clean pocket
  5. 9 extra-ordinary stitch selections
  6. Foot pressure dial
  7. CD workbook
  8. Fully automatic self adjusting
  9. Stitch width adjustments
  10. 25 Years limited warranty


​This sewing machine comes with a vast range of accessories. The list is quite long, but we will certainly let you come across every single free accessory. So, let’s proceed.

  1. ​Extra upper cutting blade
  2. ​Soft cover
  3. ​Tool for needle inserting
  4. ​Lint brush5 Spool covers
  5. ​Cover stitch converter plate
  6. ​Needle wrench
  7. ​Accessory box
  8. ​Thread nets
  9. ​Pack of needles
  10. ​Screw drivers
  11. ​5 Threads
  12. ​Tweezers
  13. ​Piping foot
  14. ​Gathering foot
  15. ​Guide foot
  16. ​Elastic foot
  17. ​pearl foot
  18. ​Blind hem foot
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​Cover stitch capability of this machine

​If you are using this particular machine, then you will most importantly of feel need to switch between your serger and sewing machine. This sewing machine is unique due to this reason. Besides that, you can choose between triple, narrow, or a wide coverstitch.

​Purpose of built in arm

​If you want to transform the area into a free arm, all you need to do is slide the removable compartment off your serger. Free arm proves itself very helpful especially when you are working on trouser hems, cuffs, collars, etc. You can find this feature useful in many other intricate sewing projects as well.

​Purpose of adjustable differential feed

​The main purpose of this feature is to control the balance of movement between the back and the front feed dogs. This helps in feeding your fabric under the needle in a smooth manner. The smoothness of the stitches depends much upon this feature. It is such an essential feature that one would like to have it in probably all the machines.

​Purpose of automatic tension system

​Tension adjustment is carried on automatically on this particular machine. The machine will instantly adjust the tension to the perfect settings whenever you select a stitch to use. This particular feature has undoubtedly added on to the luxury of sewers.


​Dimensions and portability of this machine

​This machine is 13.5 x 10.5 x 11.5 inches. So, this is a pretty small machine. Its weight is 18.6 lbs. The company has tried its best to make it as compact and portable as possible. Most importantly, they have succeeded. One will not require to receive help from others in shifting this machine. You can lift it up and keep it on the table. Don’t worry, your lower back won’t get hurt.Most importantly, a built-in carrying handle is also provided by the company to support portability.

​Stitch options with this machine

​This serger provides you with 12 built-in stitches. This machine is capable of producing 2-3-4 and 5- thread overlock stitches and this is a wonderful feature. It includes three kinds of cover stitches. Four rolled-hem stitches and most importantly you can freely adjust stitch length and width on all of them. Double chain stitch is also possible on this serger.Most importantly, this machine is very fast with a top speed of 1300 stitch/minute.


​This machine comes with a 25 year extended warranty. That means the company is entirely responsible for all sorts of manufacturing defects until 25 years of the purchase date. The company will repair and replace electronic components in the first two years of purchase, and besides that, labor won’t be charged from you.​Then after the first two years, parts will be replaced and repaired, but labor will becharged from you. If you want any further detail about the warranty, then you need to visit the company’s website.

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How is it good for beginners?

​Read the complete name of this machine properly. It is Singer 14T968DC professional 5 serger. Yes, the word “Serger” is mentioned there, which clearly indicates its purpose. Although its features are easy to operate, this is definitely not a learning tool. It is a professional thing.It is not like that a beginner cannot try out to work on this machine. Definitely, he can. But one thing needs to be kept in mind that all sergers are a bit hard to work upon in comparison of normal sewing machines. One can surely develop his sewing tactics on this machine. Adaptability is needed. But if you are a beginner and want a machine to learn upon, then there are many easy machines out there in the market, you must try them instead of this one.


​From Singer 14T968DC professional 5 sergers reviews, we came to know about various specialties of this serger. This is a wonderful machine no doubt about that. One can develop creativity and skill levels with this machine in a quick time. Easyportability and high durability make it even more worthy of purchase.Except its a bit higher price, there is hardly anything that stops a person from buying this machine. We have mentioned it in our Singer 14T968DC reviews that it isn’t as pricey as you think. Once use it, and then you will yourself feel satisfied with the money that you have invested in this machine.

What we like:

  • Coverstitch function
  • Less vibration and less noise.
  • 5-4-3-2 Thread capability
  • Adjustable stitch width and length
  • High versatility
  • ​User friendly and easy to operate
  • Automatic tension control

​This is a fantastic machine overall. It provides excellent sewing experience to users with its extraordinary and user-friendly features. Most importantly, there is no major can be related to this machine. This machine is definitely worthy of a purchase.

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