Best Serger Sewing Machines To Snip-Off The Extras

If you are in hurry to find the best one, then the declared winner is Brother’s Designio Series DZ1234 Serger. With the comfortable design, premium stitch quality and compatible with any kind of fabric this serger sewing machine will definitely enhance the look of your room.

The sergers are one of those machines which gives the final touch to all your style statement. It encloses, trims and gives the edges complete and professional look which results in the overall enhanced look of the garment.

Sergers are usually easy to use, durable and lasts long if bought under a proper and genuine guidance. From beginners to experts, anyone can learn it within few days.

You need not to waste time in that research, all you have to do is go the top picks I have listed. These are the best ones and I am pretty sure you will end up finalising that one machine.

Before jumping into the conclusions, you are new to this read the factors which you should consider while investing in a good serger. If you are a professional then the below listed factors will enhance your knowledge and you will get to know some more key points.

Crucial Factors to Consider While Choosing A Serger Sewing Machine

The brief introduction might have given you a broad idea what serger machine is all about. Below I am listing a few critical and relevant factors that will clear the remaining clouds to help you to make a favourable and fruitful decision.


There is no option for a serger not to be powerful. The kind of purpose and functions it deals with requires a lot of stability and durability. A designer never explains what he or she has designed, the seams and patterns are sufficient to tell the story.

Sergers are used for rolled hems and seams, so go for a machine with decent power. Understand your needs, the variety, thickness and delicacy you are going to deal with. A powerful option makes it easy to sew even the toughest of the fabric on your table.


Stitch Capability

The basic purpose of buying a sewing, serger or quilting machine is to give life to your creative instincts. The stitches are capable of doing that. In case of serger, you give designs and patterns to the edge of the fabric.

Try to grab a serger with a 2/3/4 stitch capability. This gives an adequate value to the pattern. A good stitch is an amalgam of various elements like pattern, strength of the stitch and how creative is the enclosure. Choose wisely!

Number Of Threads

If you want a machine for home or domestic use then you may opt for a ¾ threads. These are enough to handle projects on small scale or at home.

If you are a professional or running a business and have at least a handful of projects with you, you consider buying high-end and advanced serger. For that you may go upto 8 that is a good number of threads.


The tension is the stretch you give to a thread while sewing. It involves various things, like if the tension is not chosen properly or you set it low, the stitching may become wavy and clumsy.

Similarly if you make it tight it will often break which is again a headache. Now sergers are automated and in most of the machines you get an automatic thread tension controller which allows you to set it accordingly.

5 Top-Rated Serger Sewing Machine With Reviews

1. Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger


Brother’s Designio series is famous for introducing affordable and professional sewing machines or sergers. Create a fashion statement by bringing out your sense of style in different ways.

The super speed serger is capable of sewing at the rate of 1300 stitches in a minute. You can happily design difficult to difficult fashions like couture level in a pace like never before.

Regardless of the amount of experience you are having, ultimately you don’t have to do the most difficult and stressful part in this machine, the threading. The color coded threading setup makes the threading process way easier.

From knits to stretchy fabric, the differential fabric feed gracefully tackles all. On many garments, it provides the ratio of 0.7-2.0 which maintains the consistency and durability of the stitches.

The adjustable and flexible dimensions of the stitch widths lets you decide your measurements yourself. It helps to give the perfect and elegant stitch to every stuff. All the features of this serger are truly practical and matches the level of designer finish.

It includes a number of feet like gathering foot, piping foot, and blind hem stitch feet. To personalize and give volume to your own sets of creations, there are 2 starter threads. The whole pack is sufficient to produce high end garments.

The removable free arm to sew pant hems, sleeves etc and you can turn it into an inbuilt storage space to keep tools and other adornments on the front panel door.

Further, there is an added value package which contains a good value of accessories and tools which makes the machine ready to use as soon as it comes out of the box.

The package comprises several feet (gathering foot, piping foot, blind hem stitch foot) with two sets of starter thread. The starter threads creates the hems and beautiful edges on quite a different range of fabrics.

The serger works well on the fabrics like linens, formal wear and stretchy. Plus, to design piping using piping cord and fabric strips. The machine also has a LED lighting setup to work efficiently in low light too.

The company doesn’t suggest you to use this serger on 120V AC. it my damage the serger and you may spend a good amount to fix it. The machine comes with an instructional user DVD to help you in learning serging in less time.

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  • You can use standard machine needles for hems, finishing edges etc
  • A big time saver by sewing 1,300 stitches within a minute.
  • Color coded threading setup for a relaxed and struggle-free threading.
  • Convertible sewing surface for free arm operations
  • Ease to reach hard-to-reach areas
  • Detachable table area for serging round pieces fast and conveniently
  • Good quality if stitches with differential feed ratio
  • For personalized finishes the ratio is 0.7 ro 2.0
  • A LED lighting to give your eyes a soothing effect
  • 23 inbuilt serger stitch functions
  • Comfortable upper dial needle threading tension
  • Stitch length: 2mm-4mm and stitch width: 5mm-7mm
  • Serger thread features ¾ threads with 2 needles
  • The screw type of presser foot pressure adjustment
  • Worth the money you will spend


  • A buyer said that it cannot do decorative flatlock
  • A reviewer reviewed that sometimes the fabric stuck and snags under presser foot
  • Someone said it is not that great for heavy fabrics

2. Janome 8002D Serger With Bonus Package


Janome is a reputed International Corporation and a leading brand of creatively designed sewing machines and its accessories. This is another reason why it is one of the most trusted brands of sewing industry.

The high performing Janome’s 8002D Serger gives complete designer look to each garment you make. It is a reliable, durable and edition introduced by Janome’s. It is built especially for finishing the intricating threads and hems of various range of stuff.

It gives you a broad range of serging functions and features. The compact machine comes with a precise and sturdy design for a long lasting companionship. Additionally, this setup guarantees an easy 3 or 4 thread operations.

To use rolled hem options, simply slide the needle plate setting too the “R” position to change. All the functions do not compromise with the quality and elegance of any outfit.

This speedster is fast and still maintains the quality of every stitch you make. It can sew upto 1300 stitches in a minute which is quite fast. The notable thing is swift and comfortable mechanism.

The other additional features are whisper-quiet operation, extra-high presser foot lifter and an electronic foot. Plus, a simple to follow color coded threading chart which makes the complete process like a breeze.

The 8002D Serger comes with bonus accessories comprising 2 packs of branded assorted needles size 11/14, Janome Needle Threader.


  • Choose your preferred stitches from an array of stitching options
  • A good number of serging functions
  • Sturdy, compact and precise serger machine
  • Simple to understand color coded threading
  • Time saver as most of the operations can be done automatically
  • High speed stitching and can sew upto 1300 stitches in a minute
  • Capable to stitch simple to thin fabrics
  • Extra high presser foot lifter to adjust the thick fabrics smoothly
  • Unlike similar ranged machines, this is doesn’t make noise
  • Loaded with all the basic accessories
  • Several optional feet with outstanding features


  • The threading design can be improved
  • Someone said that there were a lot of lemons, one of them is free arm feature which is missing.
  • No automatic tension adjuster

3. Juki MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine


The main aims of Juki is to provide high quality and ease to use features to its consumers. Juki is a household name for sergers, sewing and quilting machines. The durability, accessibility and budget-friendly attributes make it an exceptional choice in sewing industry.

Juki’s MO654DE Portable edition incorporated a dedicated and powerful drive cutting setup. They take care of attributes to give ease of use and a great stitch quality in their domestic purpose sergers.

The serger has an automatic rolled hem ability with changeable 2/3/4 thread serging. It provides you with a good number of choices for perfect seam finishing. Also, the color coded threading plus the breakaway looper gives a correct and easy threading.

For mess free use of every feature, the differential feed and stitch length are placed outside the machine.

You can calibrate the knife adjustments for consistency in the projects or any other small tasks too. The upper knife does not stays in the way for convenient and safe access to threading.

To create and innovate a select range of fabrics, the serger comes with a multi purpose foot for sewing. It enables you to stitch a broad variety of stitches and things containing elastic and tapes too.

The micro safety switch is incorporated in the safety switch to lock the machine motor when the side case is opened for threading utilities. In addition to this, there are unique variety of optional presser feet for blind stitch, cording, gathering, piping etc.

Juki MO654DE Serger model is an excellent option to relish through plenty of designs and knitting patterns. It is quite durable and maintains overall stability and consistency in every task or project.


  • Portable, efficient and comparatively lightweight that its competitor’s
  • When the sewing cover is opened the safety stitch disables
  • A quiet and compact machine with various options for seam refining
  • Good for giving decorative and elegant bunched effects for necklines, sleeves and skirts.
  • People appreciated it for its user – friendly features and other easy-to-use operations
  • Comes with a 2/3/4 thread serger with automated rolled hem
  • Try your hands on every fabric ranging from light or delicate to heavy fabrics
  • Extremely high speed sews 1500 stitches in a minute
  • An acceptable stitch length of 4 mm
  • Safety switch button do not runs if swing cover is open
  • The differential feed ratio is 0.7 to 2.0


  • People faced problems in getting continuous tension
  • A customer mentioned that the seam are not good, needle stitch gets loopy and one looper gets loose.

4. Brother 2340CV Advanced Serger, White


Brother is rocking the market and producing an amazing range of various purpose machines in the sewing industry. It has made and ruled the market with all the best possible machines with extraordinary features.

Brother is a brand which can never leave you upset and confused. Pre and post sales service are commendable. Once you become its customers it will not be for a day or two but for a lifetime.

The Brother’s advanced serger 2340CV Cover Stitch was designed with the aim to allow customers to design a broad range of cover stitches on different fabrics and weights.

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The advanced serger is constructed with a looper thread and 3 needles which helps you in designing creative chain stitching, decorative stitching and professional hems. It is exceptionally fantastic in stitching a T-shirt with a little attempt.

The progressive technology serger is infused to get the best decorative and creative applications. It provides flexibility to you to customize the designs and patterns as per your wishes.

The advanced tech attributes comprisestri-cover stitching capabilities, narrow and wide cover stitches, and a convenient looper threading setup. Plus, it features adjustment dials and color – coded threading system for high end stitches.

The snap-on feet, differential feed and a presser foot dial is added to the serger which allows you to choose the speed and stitch length as per your project demands. Also, it removes stretched and wavy look of the stitches imprinted on the fabric or any garment.

It comes with a unique range of decorative to utility cover stitches that you can easily give the edges a designer finish with a single or dual top-stitching look. This chic permits you to make stable strapping for swimsuits and dance costumes or even a chain stitch finish for belt loops or hems.

The serger has an accessory bag which comprises 4 thread nets, needle set, 4 spool caps, tweezers, a cleaning brush, 4 spool mats, a hexagonal wrench and an easy to follow operating manual.

The product comes with a 25-year limited warranty. Brother is a popular brand to respond to their customers instantly even after post sales.


  • Gives a good serging experience
  • Improved stitch quality with differential fabric feed
  • Overall easy and user friendly color coding threading setup
  • Prevents stretched and wavy marks of stitches on to the fabric
  • Comes with an accessory bag which contains all the needed accessories and tools
  • Added presser foot dial, differential feet and a snap-on feet for a flexible stitch length
  • Comes with a soft cover to save it from dust, dirt and debris
  • Backed by a 25-year limited warranty by Brother’s
  • Ideal for creating durable strapping for swimsuits and other dance dresses
  • It is capable of making chain stitch finish for belt loops and hems
  • Incorporated with one looper and 3 needles to make every outfit stylish


  • Sometimes the threads break while sewing
  • A person found the machine a bit overpriced
  • A buyer received the defective machine, he asked for a replacement and Brother replaced it on priority basis.

5. Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE Serger


Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE Serger is a full accessory packed, high performance, durable serger. It features quite easy and comfortable features which can be easily handled and works great on various fabrics.

This serger comes with a number of stitch options which enables you to take a variety of projects and make each of them unique and charming.

The various stitch options are 2 thread overcast, 2 thread rolled hem, 3 thread flatlock, 3 thread overlock, 3 thread rolled hem, 3 thread narrow overlock – 4mm and a 4 thread overlock.

It features color coded threading system which makes it easy for you to thread serger. It maintains consistency in stitch patterns along with a perfect thread tension.

Further, it has upper and lower knife system which makes the overall machine durable and stable enough to work on a fabric of any thickness. From light to heavy and thick to thin fabric, you throw any stuff on it and it will make a profession garment for you.

The MO-654DE comes with a brightlight LED which illuminates the work space enough so that you can calmly work on any dark colored fabric without any frustration in lowlight crisis.

The super speedy serger can reach upto a number of 1500 stitches in a minute. This time saver features a micro safety switch which doesn’t serger to operate while the swing cover is exposed.

The ALL I WANT PACKAGE i a bonus hamper with this serger. It comprises the 2/3/4 Thread Overlock Serger, the branded serger electronic workbook CD, Branded user instructional DVD Video.

In addition to this the box contains 50 needles, 8 foot kit, 8 cones for maxilock, serger tote bag. The standard accessories include: large and small screwdriver, spool caps, presser foot, thread nets, needle pack, vinyl cover.

Also, it has a tweezer, power cord and foot control, accessory pouch, spare lower knife, oiler, brush and needle inserter, needle threader, light bulb, ⅔ thread selector, guide bar and an instruction manual.


  • The quality of the stitch is impressive
  • Adjustable and long lasting machine with capability to handle complex projects
  • Snap – on presser feet to give a complete professional look with flexible options
  • Sew the seams perfectly through sewing gauge
  • Micro safety switch to take care of your fingers.
  • A complete comfortable threading experience
  • It features a disengaging looper and a snap-on presser feet
  • It adds grace and elegance to the every garment you stitch
  • 2/3/4threading options relieves you from the tension of threading operations
  • Comes with an amazing I WANT IT ALL bonus package


  • A user with wear eyesight said that the people with eye problems may find it difficult to use.
  • A bit pricey
  • The videos are quite frustrating as some of them have sound problems

Wrapping Up

After a complete vetting process, I think, the champion is Brother’s Designio Series DZ1234 Serger which is a complete product within itself. Rather than having fancy and attractive features, the brand has really focussed on practical and sensible functions.

Plus with this model you get a bonus package of a good value that includes different stitch foot and 2 sets of starter thread. The extremely high speed machine can sew upto 1,300 spm and has the capability to design couture level styles faster.

The cost-effective, truly professional on fabrics from stretchy to knitted, this machine is something you should not miss. Have a Mess-Free Day!

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