7 Best Sewing Threads In 2022 Reviewed & Rated

The result of my reviews brings up Connecting Threads Cotton Set as the best sewing thread. The set of 10 bejeweled threads is an amalgam of dazzling jewel tones, rich and warm neutrals. It gives you a more lustrous and strong premium finish.

If you want to explore more options, I have managed to trim several choices to only seven best sewing threads. I present only those products which clear my vetting process. You don’t have to worry about the quality, brand, and pricing, they will certainly be worth your investment.

7 Best Sewing Threads in 2022

1 Connecting Threads Cotton Thread Set 9.9/10
2 COATS & CLARK S964-8010 Upholstery Thread 9.8/10
3 Paxcoo 25 pcs Bobbins and Sewing Thread 9.7/10
4 Coats XP 50 Spool Box Assorted Thread Kit 9.5/10
5 KING DO Way 23 Different Colors of Sewing Thread 9.3/10
6 Aurifil Mako Cotton Thread 8.9/10
7 AK Trading All-Purpose Sewing Threads Pack 8.7/10


7 Best Sewing Threads in 2022 with Reviews

1. Connecting Threads Cotton Thread Set


Connecting Threads believes that beautiful fabric starts with a beautiful design. They have an in-house team of passionate and talented designers. They have a select range of single and pack of threads that they get tested before shipping it to any customer.

Connecting Threads Cotton Thread Set has all the rainbow colors. If you are into tailoring or sewing, this set can be a divine purchase for you. If you are not satisfied with the color palette, you may choose another set with different colors of your choice.

These 10 spools cover a wide range of colors. The colors are bright jewel tones, warm neutrals and rich range of brown, red, orange, magenta, blue, and green tinge.

All of these spools work fantastic on any soft to medium fabric. Also, each spool has a perfect satin finish for a rich look. They are mercerized or treated and hence they have more strength and lustrous finish.

Every thread spool is extra-long-staple cotton with soft threads and resistant to heat and lint. The lint will never be a hindrance while you are working on a sewing machine or hand sewing. These properties are beneficial for a long-lasting impact on your clients.

This pack of threads has 1200 yards spools of 50-weight thread. In other words, they are made from 3 plies of 100% cotton which makes them heavier threads. So, if you are into heavy sewing, stay carefree, and keep sewing.

Connecting Threads offered the size that fits all standard sewing machine spindles. If you have a standard embroidery machine, quilting machine, or hand sewing, don’t worry it will go with all the spindles.

In short, this set of 10 multi-colored cotton thread will be a great addition to your kitty. The satin lustrous finish makes it a great choice for crafting, quilting, and embroidering projects.


  • 100% cotton thread set
  • All are heat and lint resistant
  • Strong and durable for both light and heavy sewing needs
  • Lustrous sheen and rich colored threads
  • Great for various crafting and sewing assignments


  • Mid-range of colors is missing
  • You may find them a little thick to get through the small needle eye

2. COATS & CLARK S964-8010 Upholstery Thread


COATS & CLARKS upholstery thread is made of 100% nylon fibers that make it an extra-strong addition to the company’s sewing range. If you want to sew upholstery or any heavyweight fabric then this nylon thread is for you.

The strength of the thread comes from its 3-ply bond which means three strands of yarn are twisted together to make this one. The resulting strength makes it the best sewing thread for upholstery.

Apart from strength, the thread is quite resilient to sun and moisture as well. These weather-resistant qualities of the thread give it a long lifespan and prevent the bond from getting weak when exposed to harsh environments.

The thread will give you a sturdy stitch with most settings on your sewing machine. However, if you can use a needle-sized 18 and increase the stitch length of your machine (a little more than 2.5 mm), you will get even better results with this thread.

So far, it’s not a secret but I want to bring it to your notice again that this thread is made of nylon strands which, by its very nature, is a sturdy material. This attribute alone makes it a suitable choice for jeans, denim, canvas, pocketbooks, etc. Regardless of a single-stitch or double-stitch, it will hold any fabric very well.

The packing comprises a 150 yard/137m spool of thread. C&C gives a large variety of colors so you don’t worry about the matching thread.

In short, the uniqueness of COATS & CLARK thread lies in its strength and resilience. You can use this thread to sew clothes made of heavy fabric and clothes that you wear in harsh environments.


  • High sheen
  • Super strong and thick for upholstery
  • A natural neutral color
  • UV resistant and colorfastness
  • Goes well with both machine and hand sewing
  • Ideal for home decor, craft and DIYs


  • Due to the sturdy properties of the thread, you may have to exert a bit extra force to sew with it.

3. Paxcoo 25 pcs Bobbins and Sewing Thread


Paxcoo is famous for its exciting and innovative ideas. The way it blends variety with uniqueness is what attracts most of the crafts and sewists. The latest one in the loop is Paxcoo 25 pcs Bobbins and Sewing Thread.

The package comprises 25 pieces of bobbin with assorted colors of sewing threads. It also contains a 60 cm long soft measuring tape. All these accessories come well organized in a sturdy plastic case.

The diverse color range of these sewing threads will never let you feel missing out. You can use them to create projects of your imagination be it embroidery, cosplay, machine sewing, or hand sewing.

The polyester threads are highly durable and will not be affected in dry-cleaning or washing. You can match it with a new one and it will come across really well.

Another important quality is the superior level of resistance to abrasion. This makes the thread almost unbreakable and enhances the overall quality of your creation.

The thread comes with plastic reusable bobbins. The approximate size of each bobbin is 2 x 2 x 1.15 cm (or 0.79 x 0.79 x 0.45 inches). This is the standard size that works well with almost all the sewing machines such as Singer, Kenmore, Brother, Babylock, Janome, to name a few.

The bobbins and the threads are aligned in a sturdy plastic box. The dimensions of the transparent case is 12 x 10 x 2.5 cm (or 4.7 * 3.9 * 1.0 inches) which is ideal to keep things well organized..

In short, these threads are great for working on heavyweight fabrics such as canvas jeans, etc. The reusable bobbins with a wide color range of sewing threads will complete you all sewing needs. From hand-sewing to a sewing machine, use anywhere you want.


  • 25 assorted polyester sewing threads with bobbins
  • Comes with a soft measuring tape
  • Durable while working on jeans, canvas etc
  • Well-organized in a sturdy plastic case
  • Strong threads to go with every fabric
  • Standard sized bobbins to fit in most sewing machines


  • You may find plastic bobbins less durable than the metal ones.

4. Coats XP 50 Spool Box Assorted Thread Kit


Coats’ reputation is backed by its successful 200 years in the industry. The same reputation reflects in the quality of this XP 50 box too. This assorted thread kit is equipped with Durashocks Technology that means

Coming to the material, it is made of core-spun material which is polyester-wrapped. All these polyester threads are highly durable and give high levels of resistance to abrasion. Such super strong construction makes them suitable for multi-layered or heavy fabric sewing.

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In addition to this, the core-spun threads material have nylon or filament polyester as core. Conclusively, these are strong threads with commendable sewability attributes.

The look says a lot about the strength, smoothness, and durability of the product. Thus, these threads give an enhanced seam with smooth sewing experience. Also, they are compatible with both traditional and advanced sewing machines.

It includes the most popular combo of single and multi-colors. Namely 7 greens and 1 green multi, 6 pinks and 1 pink multi, 6 blues and 1 blue multi, 1 white, 1 off-white, 1 black, 4 reds and 1 red multi, 3 purples and 2 purple multi, 4 yellow and 1 yellow multi, 4 oranges and 1 orange multi, 4 browns and 1 brown multi.

The wide range of assorted colors gives ample room to enhance your sewing skills. Therefore, it is a delight for tailors, young enthusiasts, professionals, and DIY masters.

The box comprises 50 spools, each of 125 yards with the best colors of single and multi-shades. The thread box is reusable with a flip plastic cover to get a clear view of colors. The dimension of the box is 15.7” x 9.9” x 1.2”.

In short, the pack of 50 assorted threads which are capable of handling light to heavy-duty projects. The mixed color range supports all your daily needs with a pinch of classy look and feel.


  • 50 spools of assorted colors in a single box
  • The fiber of the thread is polyester wrapped core spun
  • Goes well with every machine from vintage to advanced technology
  • The threads are strong and smooth thus maintains the consistency
  • Rich and elegant shades
  • Ideal for machine and hand sewing


  • The quantity of each spool may bother you.
  • The spools don’t fit in the small hand sewing repair kits

5. Gutermann Cotton Thread


The Greek brand Gutermann Thread is one of the best sewing threads to give wings to your creative instincts. This one thread is enough to solve all your mending in designing assignments.

This is 100% mercerized or treated cotton thread that gives the thread a lustrous sheen and sews well. However, a small drawback with this is that it shrinks by a little when the dress or apparel is wetted for the first time.

Overall, this fine cotton thread has enough strength to stitch reinforced seams and gives a soothing silky finish to your creations. If you are an avid fan of cotton threads then it could be a preferable choice to make.

The next feature is its blue color which is colorfast and gives a rich look. For those who work on blue denim or any dark-colored jeans, here is your companion for life. It is a great choice for DIY crafters and beginners.

This thread is 800 meter or 876 yards long which is sufficient in length. From hemming to hand sewing, the all-purpose thread will not leave you any soon.

Mostly, professional and expert seamstresses know what exactly they want. So, you don’t need to go for a big bundle of assorted threads, you can have this if you need one blue thread.

In short, this single blue color cotton thread is strong enough for everyday sewing. The multi-purpose thread is ideal for hand sewing too. For strong invisible bonds, you may consider this one.


  • Great for tangle-free sewing
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Supple and soft in nature
  • 800 meters long blue thread
  • Quilting, embroidering, mending, etc.is possible


  • It may break while working on heavy fabric like canvas or multi-layers of fabric

6. Aurifil Mako Cotton Thread


The Italian brand Aurifil Mako Thread speaks for itself through the quality and the grace it endows to your every creation. It justifies well with every stitch you sew while hand sewing or machine sewing.

This thread is made out of 100% cotton so it is evident that you can use it on lightweight fabric such as silk, cotton, etc. Also, you can try your hands on hand piecing, hand or machine applique, lacing, machine embroidery, longarm quilting, and similar kinds of applications.

There are two spools in each pack. Each one comprises 1422 yards of 50 weight thread. The 50 weight Egyptian Mako Cotton thread goes well with 80/12 micro text, pointed, denim 4.0 needle, and a 50 weight bobbin thread.

The thread is mercerized through a tight vetting process which gives it a beautiful sheen and an enhanced strength. This process makes the thread low lint with perfect neutral color.

This pack contains a pair of similar thread shades. This particular one is the ermine 2312 solid Mako thread. Also, there are 15 such pairs of different and unique shades which you can explore as per need.

In short, the 100% long-staple mercerized Egyptian cotton thread is perfect for machine embroidery, serging, and quilting. Moreover, you don’t need to go for a full colorful thread pack, this pack of two is sufficient for your timely requirements.


  • Smooth and strong thread
  • 100% mercerized long-staple Egyptian thread
  • Works well for quilting, embroidering, serging, etc
  • Pack of two same colored thread
  • Each spool is 1422 yards long


  • Since it’s a cotton thread, you cannot use it on canvas, leather, wool, etc.

7. AK Trading All-Purpose Sewing Threads Pack


AK trading is like an undercover name for the newbies. All of you who are veterans and professionals must be well-aware of this brand. Their All-Purpose Sewing Thread Pack range is specially designed for every sewing project.

This pack of 4 threads has all the same colored ivory threads. Each cone of the thread is made out of polyester which can be used for sewing quilting sergers.

The 100% polyester spun thread has high tensile strength, supreme quality, and low lint. These attributes make all these threads suitable for sewing on heavyweight fabric like canvas, leather, suede, etc.

In addition to this, each spool is 6000 yards. Since each pack has 4 thread cones so you will get 16000 yards in a pack. This much amount is workable for professionals and designers whose hands are always full of big projects.

This polyester-based thread is a great choice for commercial or home machines. You can confidently use it for merrow, serger, overlock, single-needle applications, and so on.

In short, this pack of 4 polyester thread is a perfect choice for working on high-speed machines as it will not break any time soon. You can try it for needlecrafts, embroidery, apparel, quilting, DIYs, and whatnot.


  • Superior quality thread
  • Perfect for work with high-speed machines
  • A single pack contains 4 cones of same-colored threads
  • Compatible with home or commercial sewing machines
  • Each cone is 6000 yards in length


  • Avoid using it for sewing lightweight projects, it may tear the fabric
  • If you have longarm, check the compatibility of the thread

How to Choose the Best Sewing Threads

This is the last step when you are finalizing your choice. This section is a quick note to keep small things in mind before the investment. The factors may be less but the weight they will put in your decision is enormous.

Fabric Type

If you are going to work on thick material then choose a heavy thread to avoid any breakage for a solid tie. For instance, denim or canvas fabric needs a very strong thread-like nylon, polyester.

For a light fabric like cotton, silk, etc you may consider light sewing threads like cotton. Since the cotton thread is weaker than its contemporaries, it doesn’t tear the fabric and gives smooth stitches. So, Select the thread as per the material you are going to work on.

Machine Type

The thread strength you need and the type of machine you use go hand in hand. If you have a regular machine, you should stick with thin threads as your machine will work smoothly with them.

On the other hand, if you own an overlock or serger machine, you may go for heavy and thick threads as your machine has the capacity to sew with them.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is the amount of stretch a thread can bear while sewing. The deciding factor is the material of the thread. like cotton or polyester have lower tensile strength when compared to nylon thread.

The sensible quickie is to make your choice according to the fabric you are going to work on. For light fabrics choose cotton but for heavy and tough fabrics, go for nylon threads.

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The color options are several but things to consider are less. Look for multi-colored sewing thread kits. It will comparatively cost you less than the single colored thread.

Single color thread constraints your area of creativity. But it again depends on the sewing tasks you are doing. So you are the best judge to make a wise decision.

The multi-colored kits give you a wide variety of colors and they will always be with you. it maintains flexibility. You don’t rush to market every time you need a different color.

Spool Size

It is one of the important factors as it defines the quantity you are paying for. It is measured in yards or meters. Try to get an approximate idea for spool length and then select the sewing thread.

There are no conditions like such spool length may have any defined quality. However, making a purchase you may consider a longer spool length which may cover a large variety of projects.


High tensile strength, lint-free texture, lustrous sheen, resistance to abrasion, colorfastness are part of durability. These are a few factors that define supreme attributes of a thread.

Types of Sewing Threads by Material


Cotton Thread

A 100% cotton thread works well on light to medium weight fabric like rayon, linen and cotton. Also, if it is a mercerized cotton thread, it will not shrink as the cotton fabric does unless exposed to high heat.

Further, a cotton thread is highly absorbent and dyes fantastically. Many seamstresses work on neutral colored fabrics and later get them dye. Thus, you can have any color to fulfill your sewing creativity.

You may also look for a cotton thread with a silk finish. The reason is that it will have a rich look, the color will remain as it is and all the characteristics of the cotton thread will be retained.

Polyester Thread

The base of the polyester thread is synthetic and man-made. It is one of the most liked threads as it is durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. This made it an all-purpose thread.

The polyester thread has a wax coating to give it a classy look. You may use it for topstitching for a smooth appearance. FYI, if you compare cotton with polyester than polyester is stronger, lasts longer, and break-free. So, make your choice wisely and according to fiber.

You have to be extra cautious while you are ironing the fabric if the temperature is high the material may stick. However, it can withstand low to moderate heat and won’t shrink that quickly like a cotton thread.

Nylon Thread

Likewise polyester, nylon thread is a synthetic one that goes well with any fabric. It is semi-transparent, strong, and comes in different weights.

A type of nylon that is bonded nylon is quite strong but incapable to hold the color and mostly turns yellow when exposed to sunlight. Nonetheless, it is great for designing utility things like camping equipment, sports gear, and tool belts.

The noteworthy attribute is its high elasticity and it doesn’t shrink. However, if you are using a bonded nylon thread, keep low setting while ironing, it may melt easily.

Silk Thread

Silk thread is strong, fine, and flexible. It is best to use it on delicate material as it is not abrasive and avoids holes.

The silk responds great to dyes, it holds the colors well and known for bearing long-lasting lively colors. Further, it is lint-free, washable, and comes in various weights.

Since the base of the silk thread is animal fiber, it goes well with wool and silk stuff. Also, the lustrous thread is a good choice for appliqué work as it blends well with the fabric making the stitches invisible.

Rayon Thread

A rayon thread is plant-based and comes in vibrant and shiny colors. It has a graceful finish, you can use it for decorative tasks.

The thread is not as strong as polyester so you must not experiment to sew seams, it may break, it is very delicate and vulnerable for any breakage. Also, rayon becomes weaker especially when wet.

Despite its fragile nature, the thread is absolutely fade-resistant and highly absorbent. The designers and sewing enthusiasts use it for monogramming, embroidering, and topstitching.

Wool Thread

Another animal-based thread is wool which is produced from sheep fleece. Then the fleece is refined and spun into low, medium, and thick weights.

The wool thread is widely used in hand needlework. Only processed wool is recommended for sewing machines. The embroidery lovers use it on thicker fabrics and it comes out with a great texture.

The wool has great dye properties, it creates rich and deep tones. Since, a wool thread is durable, warm, and soft, it is largely used in making blankets and wool apparel.

Coming to the quality, high-quality wool is expensive but the kind of warmth it provides is matchless. Plus, a little drawback is its strength which gets deteriorated once it gets saturated.

Types of Sewing Threads by Fabric

Heavy Duty Thread

A heavy-duty thread is made to bear high tension and stress. Thus, you can freely use it for sewing heavyweight fabric (such as duck cloth, canvas, etc ) that may wear and tear. Also, you can try your hands on making luggage, camping equipment, sports gear, etc.

Further, one variety of heavy-duty threads which is heavy-duty outdoor thread is comparatively thick and is almost resistant to water and UV rays. The capabilities of such properties are dependent on the manufacturer.

Embroidery Thread

Embroidery threads are generally constructed from rayon threads because of their affordability and high sheen texture. These threads are largely used for embroidering on light to medium weight fabric.

However, polyester made embroidery threads are gaining popularity as they are more colorfast and stronger than rayon. For working on heavyweight fabrics, opt for polyester embroidery threads.

Industrial Thread

Industrial threads are the most durable, long-lasting, and strongest threads of all time. They can fantastically handle almost all-weighted fabrics from crepe or chiffon to multi-layered leather.

The name stands well for the industrial-strength it imparts to your every creation. This property makes it qualified for making rock-climbing or hiking gears, parachutes, firefighter’s jackets, and everything which can be included in this series.

Metallic Thread

A metallic thread is made of a polyester core and then wrapped in slivers of metal foil to give a fancy look. Such construction makes it fragile and hence these are not recommended for high heat or steam.

These threads break easily and are weakest of all the threads mentioned in the list. Hence, they are used mainly for sewing decorative topstitching and embroidering purposes.

Above all these attributes, if you use them with the care they are always worth your extra effort. Every design or pattern made using them comes out beautifully and that is why it is the first love of many DIY enthusiasts and crafters.

All-purpose Thread

The all-purpose threads are mostly made of polyester and cotton. So, these are not as strong as heavy-duty threads and as weak as metallic or embroidery threads. These are the ones which you use daily and regularly.

They prove to be a great choice for quilting, stitching, making seams, etc plus it works well for both machine and hand sewing. But it is suggested not to use them with heavy fabric like denim or canvas and extremely fine and sheer fabric.

Before You Go…

I liked Connecting Threads Thread Set as the best sewing thread for its magnificent color range, richness, strength and extra-long-staple cotton. The satin finish gives a lustrous touch and gives life to the fabric. for class and elegance, you may consider this option.

Over time sewing threads have shown a significant evolution in its weight, strength, and overall quality. I hope the chosen sewing thread brands will surely help you. Grab the best one today!

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