Best Quilting Sewing Machines To Quilt Until You Wilt

After conducting thorough research, I have concluded that the Juki TL2000QI Sewing and Quilting Machine is the best option for me. Despite its lack of fancy features, its solid construction makes it stand out above the rest. It is an excellent investment for any sewing enthusiast.

Quilting is a skill in which you can stitch multiple layers of fabric together and create a beautiful art out of it. It is always better to invest in a machine which is capable of doing both regular sewing and quilting.

One fun fact is quilting needs only one type of stitch and that is straight stitch and rest is your talent which enhances the overall design and look.

The list of 5 top picks is given in this write-up, I would suggest to understand your requirements completely rather than jumping on the final decision.

You may trust the list and I am pretty sure you will get the best quilting sewing machine till you reach the end of this article.

Crucial Factors to Consider While Choosing A Quilting Sewing Machine

A sewing and quilting machine is not easy to do investment. It may take years when you replace your machine and in some cases even that doesn’t happen. People do own machines since decades too and they just passing on to the next generation.

The crux of the above statement is while choosing that final machine you should have a good knowledge of what you want and what you are investing in. To simplify this situation, I have listed factors to consider.

Here you go!

Types of Machines for Quilting

You can find 3 types of quilting sewing machine: short arm, mid arm and long arm machines.

The short-arm machines and mid-arm machines have generally 9 to 12 inches long arm. These types can be used for domestic purposes. The short – arm machines are comparatively cheaper than that of mid-arm machines.

The arm of a long-arm machine ranges from 10 to 14 feet. You can try out these machines in the clothing industry. You can choose the type as per your usage.


There is nothing much to explain in this point but still it holds an importance which cannot be ignored.

If you are a beginner or a young enthusiasts, you can look for basic sewing and quilting features. As going beyond your capability in the initial days, may make your job a little more difficult.

Whereas if you are a professional or a designer, you may go for extra features and may increase your cost a little bit to get the best cost-effective machine.


Extension Table

As you know one function of the quilting is to stitch multiple layers of the fabrics. An extension table gives you an extra workspace to carry out the process comfortably and with being clumsy.

You definitely require a large space for regular or freestyle quilting and you cannot compromise in that. Check for a wide table, it can be detachable or fixed, with the machine.

Machine Weight

Everyone prefers a lightweight, portable and a durable machine but parallelly we also want it to be stable, heavy duty and capable of handling any type of fabric.

Everyday brands are creating machines that can fulfill maximum expectations of a customer. Don’t go for light machines (less than 15 lbs) as it will shake while working on thicker fabrics. Choose a machine of a weight which is comfortable for you.

Essential Features

There are a few important features which you should not ignore irrespective of your skillset and other professional capabilities. To name a few, stitch length and width, switch needles, stitch designs, start/stop button, automatic threading system, adjustable tension etc.

The more customizable options you get, the more creative you will become. The basic alterations can bring out different looks.

Stitching Speed

Since quilting is not a job of a few hours, sometimes it may take some days to wrap up your project. This depends on the stitching speed of the machine. For novice, this is not something to worry about.

Whereas for experts, stitching speed should be on the top of your priority list. The higher speed will complete your quilting projects on a much higher rate.

Automatic Thread Trimmer and Adjustable Speed

In simple words, features are meant to save your time and energy. The thread trimmer is a big time saver feature plus it gives a professional look to the garment by snipping of the unwanted thread.

Likewise, adjustable speed controller gives you the entire control of the stitching and sewing speed as per the requirement. You can set the speed dial to the position which suits you the best.

5 Top-Rated Quilting Sewing Machine With Reviews

1. Brother SQ9185 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine


Brother ‘s USP is quality with creativity and innovation and whenever anybody talks about sewing machines Brother is one of those top brands who is still standing tall with all respect and grace.

Brother’s SQ9185 computerized quilting sewing machines is a features-rich, power horse model which is cost-effective and lives upto your expectations. It has 130 unique stitching designs to enhance the richness of the every stitch.

These 130 stitches includes decorative stitches, utility stitches, quilting and heirlooming stitches. Apart from 130 stitches, it also includes 55 alphanumeric stitching patterns for basic monogramming. Also, it has 8 designs of 11-step automatic buttonholes.

The SQ9185 is a divine machine. It comes with eleven sewing and quilting feet which are easy to use and enhance the overall look of the entire fabric. From simple to difficult, this machine is built to tackle every project elegantly.

The free arm mechanism supports you to stitch cylindrical shaped fabric like sleeves, pant hems, collars etc. the good news is that it comes with 33% wider working space which can easily adjust your flowing fabrics on the table for gowns and quilts.

Besides, this machine features a simple on/off button plus it gives the user maximum control of features like speed controller. The machine is equipped with adjustable and flexible features.

The LCD has a brightlit display where you can see a clear preview of steps and designs, you are going to stitch. It comes with a handy flip stitch guide which gives you instant support wherever you stuck.

The advanced needle threading setup helps you to perfectly target the tip of the thread right through the eye of the needle. Also, the LED illuminated the complete sewing experience by brightening up the work space to keep your eyes relaxed.

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The machines comprises a list of accessories. It includes a number of feet that are button sewing foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, overcasting foot, blind stitch foot, monogramming foot, walking foot, zigzag foot, ¼” quilting foot.

Besides, it has an accessory bag with needle set, ballpoint needle, twin needle, seam ripper, quilting guide, cleaning brush, extra spool pin, screwdriver, 4 bobbins, eyelet punch, bobbin clip, operational manual and easy to understand instructional DVD.


  • Portable, compact and lightweight quilting and sewing machine
  • Ideal for both quilting and sewing operations
  • Dimensions: 7.4” x 17.2” x 13.8”, Weight: 17.8 pounds
  • 185 inbuilt stitches offers a wide range of amazing stitches
  • Stitches include 8 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes
  • 11 sewing and quilting feet
  • Features a number of alphanumeric stitches
  • With a simple touch of push button on a large backlit LCD display
  • Backlit LED to brighten up the working space
  • A simple to use needle threading setup
  • An adjustable speed control for flexible actions
  • Start and stop button to swiftly control the operations
  • Comes with numerous accessories and tools


  • A user said that the machine is a general purpose
  • A buyer is disappointed that the machine cannot tackle heavy fabrics
  • The machine features decorative stitches but it is not a workhorse

2. Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing And Quilting Machine


Juki is popular for its masterpieces, it has created till date. One more addition in the long list is Juki’s HZL-F600 computerized quilting and sewing machine.

This machine comes with a wide variety of designs and stitches. These stitches include different decorative, utility, alphanumeric patterns. There are a total of 255 sewing designs and 4 fonts to add some personalized options.

The large and wide display LCD with a decent dimensions of 33mm x 66mm provides you visibility of the designs and steps. Besides, a dial is given for selecting the patterns from highest quality industrial style buttonholes of 16 types.

Wide and spacious workspace to let your fabric glide freely on the table. This space is approximately 4 times larger than an average work station for sewing.the convenient foot pedal perfectly controls the thread cutter operation.

Juki’s HZL-F600 is capable to stitching lightweight fabric to thick and heavyweight fabric. From silk, cotton like fabric to leather, canvas fabrics, you take any project and it will support you throughout.

The free motion sewing, lets you freely handle the fabric with both your hands. The fabric as large as a quilt can be easily and smoothly stitched with this feature.

The box contains a full accessory package that includes 10 snap-on presser feet such as overcasting foot, blindhem foot, zigzag foot, manual buttonhole foot, patchwork foot, edge sewing foot, automatic buttonhole foot, smooth foot, open toe foot, quilting free motion foot, walking foot, zipper foot.

Not only this, HZL-F600 also includes hard shell cover, special screwdriver, auxiliary spool pin, seam ripper, knee lifter lever, foot control, 4 bobbins, small/medium/large spool caps, eyelet punch, needle pack, twin needle, lint brush, foot control, power cord and an instructional manual to guide through you every problem.


  • Handles fabrics from lightweight to heavyweight
  • Accurate and perfect box feed technology
  • Free motion sewing to hold the fabric with both your hands
  • The extended sewing table gives more sewing space
  • Dimensions: 14” x 23” x 16”
  • Capable of sewing professional looking invisible hemming
  • The machine includes a complete bunch of accessories
  • Convenient foot pedal thread cutter
  • Adequate throat space to comfortably place the fabric
  • The machine is noise free and doesn’t produce grinding sound


  • A customer said that he got the package with a missing buttonhole foot
  • A few people got a defective piece but got replaced it later
  • A buyer felt that the machine is awesome but the components are cheap

3. Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Sewing And Quilting Machine


Another machine from Brother has successfully made its name in the market and people are continuously talking about its performance and durability. The fully -featured quilting machine with versatile functions is all set to decorate your sewing room.

Bother’s XR3774 is a budget-friendly, value packed with bonus package quilting and sewing machine. The 37 different built-in stitches are loaded with a wide range of decorative stitches which gives the total of 74 stitching functions.

This easy to use machine is a budget-friendly model with ability to sew an expandable range of everyday sewing projects. Even at this price, Brother has made all the efforts to give as much as possible features.

The next notable feature is 8 sewing feet that includes all the basic to some extent advanced feet which can help you to deal with a number of projects. From zipper foot to quilting and buttonhole to walking feet, you name anyone and you will get it.

The needle threader is well trained to keep your eyes free from any stress and strain. Also, the jam resistant top drop in bobbin gives a swift and simple stitching experience. You can simultaneously check the thread left on the spool and wind it when needed.

The speedster XR3774 is a deadly combination of speed and features. It can sew up to 800 stitches in a minute which is quite a low number but it definitely works great for beginners and intermediates.

Further, the LED bright lit area adds on to the wide features range. It takes care of the workspace and efficiently illuminates the sewing space in low light and while you work on dark fabrics.

Apart from machine the box contains 8 sewing feet accessories which are buttonhole foot, blind stitch foot, zipper foot, zigzag foot, button fitting foot,walking foot, narrow hemmer foot and a quilting foot.

In addition to this, it includes a wide table, power cord, 3-piece needle set, extra spool pin, screwdriver, darning plate, 4 bobbins, quilting guide, foot controller, machine cover, english/spanish operation manual, user-instructional DVD plus a 25-year limited warranty.


  • The machine comprises an extensive array of features
  • The compact and lightweight design
  • 37 unique stitches to widen your creative scope
  • 8 sewing feet are included to cover a good number of operations
  • Machine Dimensions: 17.5” x 7.6” x 14.6”
  • 1 step perfect sized automatic buttonhole styles
  • An extended table to give a wide space
  • Jam resistant bobbin will never let the work stop
  • To a relaxing and stress free process, automatic needle threader for your eyes
  • Free arm to carry out operations which involve round shaped fabrics like sleeves, collars, pants hem and much more
  • Includes large number of accessories


  • No thread cutter, you have to do it manually
  • A user said the stitch length changes when you are sewing
  • Bobbin winding is quite time consuming
  • A reviewer said that the walking foot gets tight constantly

4. Juki TL2000QI Quilting Sewing Machine


Yet another quilting and sewing machine from Juki. undoubtedly, Juki is maintaining its market in the fast and innovative competitions and it is doing very well. This particular model covers almost all the necessary factors needed for the best quilting sewing machine.

To start with the most attractive thing is the long arm which is a very useful feature for people who are into clothing or fashion industry. For them, long arm quilting sewing machine makes the whole process easy and smooth.

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Generally, in clothing or garment industry, you have to make the orders in bulk so sometimes long arm saves you from fatigue and tiredness. Also, one more thing to avoid stress and frustration is the LED light.

The machine has a very minimum vibration as the constructed frame material is aluminium die cast. It can do lock stitch, straight stitch and quilt stitching with ease. Plus, it is a single needle machine.

This work horse machine works well for dressmaking, tailoring and handicrafts and other things for home decor. If you are an avid fan of decorative designs then it gives you liberty to design patterns as desirable.

The LED brightens up each and every hard-to-reach area of your workspace. Not only things, if you find it difficult to work on dark shade fabrics, this is the solution which comes along with the machine.

This quilters package sewing machine is capable to tackle all the heavyweight fabrics with comfort and ease. From denim to canvas, do not hesitate to take up a new project just go on freely and keep giving life to every stitch.

It features a foot controller with an amazing thread trimming function, so if by any chance you are planning to invest in a serger, look at this. What a serger will do it will do the same and give a perfect professional look to your garments.

Juki has recently upgraded this home and quilting deco sewing machine. It works on extremely high speed with 1500 stitches in a minute. You can comfortably control the speed with just a pedal function.

The machine includes a number of accessories which are quite helpful to start your sewing journey. Also, it features a ⅕” quilting foot, extended bed table to make your fabric glide over the machine and a n even feed foot.

it also has foot left up to 12mm and can simply hems the denim jeans. Conclusively, this is a complete package of features for everyone of you. From a beginner to an expert is a machine for ALL.


  • Heavyweight, durable and stable quilting and sewing machine
  • Dimensions: 25.7” x 17.8” x 14.3”
  • Sturdy built with metal body
  • The throat space is around 8 and a half inches deep
  • The machine is truly a speedster with the maximum sewing speed of 1500 stitches in a minute
  • Doesn’t have fancy stitching but makes a simple quilting experience
  • Comes with free motion quilting to strongly hold the fabric
  • LED light for Illuminating sewing and quilting journey
  • Capable of handling heavy weight fabrics too
  • Automatic thread trimmer for a fabulous finishing touch
  • Foot controller for controlling thread trimming function


  • People are mostly satisfied with the machine and its performance.
  • A person complained that as per the name the machine is not long arm rather it is regular short arm machine only

5. Brother Designio Series DZ3000 Sewing And Quilting Machine


Brother is known for its revolutionary improvisations in the machine designs now and then. This time the latest kind is Designio series which is one of the most selling quilting sewing machines.

Brother’s have tried their best to incorporate maximum features and functions which are quite easy to use. It is a computerized sewing and quilting machine. The design is so made that a true sewist cannot resist himself from this chic.

With easy to customize options, this machine comes with a total of 240 stitches which are more than enough for both a novice or a professional to bring out the best from the scraps.

Also, it includes 110 alphanumeric stitches that fits your skill set in the most creative ways. For all the budding sewists this machine is like an opportunity which should grabbed without any further delay.

This high- end machine features circular sewing attachment which efficiently helps you to make precise and accurate circular patterns. These are used in making collars, sleeves, cuffs with a beautiful finishing.

Taking it ahead, this machine comes with an extra large clear view of LCD which displays all your activities in the most innovative ways. The good visibility of the machine lets you do things with more refineness.

Next adornment to boast is its wide table which is specifically incorporated to to handle larger tasks sophisticatedly. Sometimes, you feel like spreading the heavyweight fabric for easy and efficient stitches and to make patchworks then this table manages everything for you.

The hidden feature is the slide off accessory tray that is for access to all the tools. This storage keeps all the things ready to use while you work you don’t have to run here and there for every small requirement.

Last but not the least, Brother gives 25 year limited warranty to all its customers. Plus after sales service it gives technical assistance so whenever you feel stuck remember you are just a call away from the solution.


  • The elegant white colored computerized sewing and quilting machine
  • Dimensions: 21.3” x 13.7” x 17.9”
  • Fairly a heavy duty stable quilting and sewing machine
  • Comes with 14 sewing feet to make high end garments
  • 240 inbuilt stitches to make sewing a fun experience for you
  • Out of 240 stitches, 110 are alphanumeric stitches
  • For a clear and large view, backlit LCD is incorporated
  • 8 styles of 1-step buttonhole
  • Easy to sew heavy and thick fabrics too
  • Able to do free motion sewing comfortably
  • Adjustable spacing between the letters
  • Ideal for stitching and labelling quilts, school uniforms, lunch bags etc
  • Supported with a full package of designer adornments
  • Also includes an extra wide table for enhance the work space


  • The size of alphanumeric characters cannot be adjusted
  • A user said the machine makes noise
  • The manual needle threader is not easy to use
  • The light could be brighter

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, after completing this article you will end up with two things: happiness and a perfect quilting sewing machine. In my opinion, the champ is Juki TL2000QI Sewing And Quilting Machine.

The long arm quilting and sewing machine is a good choice for both young and professional enthusiasts. It has a wide bed table to glide your fabric, LED light, thread trimmer and the list is unending.

Plus it can handle any variety of fabrics from lightweight to heavyweight or thin to thick. You throw scrap on it and it will make it charming for you. I would suggest you to analyze your requirements and invest accordingly

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