Best Sewing Machine Oil For A Tranquil Tailoring

Quickly getting to the crucks of this whole article, out of my best picks Singer 2131E All Purpose Oil tops my list. It takes care of your machine’s life and protects it from corrosion.

Even a single drop can give your machine ample reasons to live and work. Oil is an inexpensive item with expensive attributes. It is essential for two purposes, longevity and performance.

Sometimes the smallest and the cheapest thing controls the giants, oil is one of them. A single bottle provides longevity and enhances the performance of all the biggies.

Any sewing machine regardless of old or new needs regular servicing and maintenance. They are generally made up of steel which wears out over a period of time.

The right oil will have high lubrication, non drying features, low viscosity and it will not stain. In addition to this, it will be odorless, colorless and stainless.

I have picked budget-friendly and pure oils solely for your sewing machines. All the listed products are unbiased and you can blindly trust all but take what suits you the most.

Types Of Machine Oil

Broadly, machine oils are of three types namely synthetic, petroleum based oil, and Natural Oil.

Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils are amalgamation of mineral and petroleum oils. These are costlier than petroleum based oils. But they are highly recommended for heavily used machines as they deliver consistent performance without compromising with the quality.

  • Apart from steel or metal it can lubricate plastic parts too
  • Avoids threading breaking
  • It is used for polishing plastic to prevent degradation of the machine
  • If by mistake you over oil then also it will not harm the machine
  • Though it is expensive but it gets override with the advantages it has.

Petroleum Oils Or Mineral oils

These oils are the inexpensive options available in the market that are full for benefits. The only risk is that if not used properly it may damage your machine.

  • It is odorless, and colorless. In short, an ideal choice for your machine’s lifetime companionship
  • It is safe for kids and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals
  • Perfect for lubrication and will not stain on your fabrics.

Natural Oil

Natural oil are made out of ester oils, jojoba oils and silicone. All the components are highly natural but you need to jot down certain points regarding natural oils.

  • It is not so recommended for oiling your machines
  • Plus it is not as productive as mineral oils and synthetic oils
  • If not blended well, it may stick up the machine resulting in deterioration in the machine’s quality.

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing A Sewing Machine Oil

Though oil looks like an insignificant item but it is an essential accessory which makes your assets worth. Some of you may take it lightly but a little information about the right oil may save you from unnecessary chaos.

It is always beneficial to dive in to the information before buying even a pin. Firstly, you will get to know a lot of hacks about the products and secondly,this obviously increases your knowledge and you can anywhere show off. Knowledge never goes out of trend.



Wear and tear of various parts on anny any machine is mandatory, for which we cannot complain against company or brand. What we can do is to take sufficient measures to avoid it. All the problems come with a solution.

Therefore, keep your machines well oiled and lubricated, it keeps even a centuries old machines intact and sound. Further, only the oil which is made for this purpose will give you the desired results. Do not try cooking oils, as it may give operational issues.

For Safety

If sewing machines are made for sewing then it will not wash clothes for you. Similarly, a hair oil, or car oil or any other oil which is not intended for sewing machine will never smoothen its parts and mechanism.

Refer the types of oil section to learn more about the correct oil for the relevant machinery. It saves the metal parts from rusting and enhances the life span of the device.


Oiling keeps the motion smooth and it can easily sustain continuously for hours. Understand the properties of the oil in use and remember excess of everything is bad. There are adulterated oils with poor lubricating features. Selection of the right oil is must.

To get an idea, after how many hours of continuous work the machine should be oiled, you can go through the attached manual once.


Oil is the cheapest yet a valuable product for your costly sewing machine. If you know what to buy and how to identify, you are all set to design the best outfits. It’s better to spend a few dollars on the right machine oil to save countless dollars for the sewing machine.

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The pure oil machine will be odorless, colorless and will have density same as water means it won’t be thick. If any of the mentioned things are missing then do not use it. Always read the user manual carefully, manufacturer’s do mention the oils too.


In simple language, viscosity means the thickness of any liquid. Likewise water has low viscosity means spreads easily while oil has more viscosity hence more density or thickness so it spreads slowly.

By cause of excessive friction, machines start rusting, a low viscosity oil will save it from corrosion and abrasion. Plus, regular oiling will give an effortless, swift and efficient performance.

In addition to this, you can rely on the manufacturer of your sewing machine and go as per his recommendation. Also, keep in mind that generally oil for sewing machines have low viscosity which implies low thickness and will spread quickly.

Stainless, Colorless and Odorless

After oiling, machine will get in contact with cheap to costly fabrics so you cannot risk your job for just a stain. It should be easy to wash and compulsorily stainless.

The high-quality machine oils are transparent and clear. If the chosen oil is not, then do not use it, it may ruin your machine and its parts.

You would come to you if your designed garments are smelly, Bingo- NO ONE!!! A quality oil will be odorless and will not stink at all.

Myth About Branded Oils

There is no such law that the oil brand have to be the same as the brand of your sewing machine. For an instance, singer Oil for Singer’s Sewing machine, Brother’s for Brother’s, it’s a myth.

Don’t fall prey to such marketing strategies. Even a correct oil from some other brand that is low-priced can give you marvellous results. Go for formulated oils only which suits the area of your machine like domestic oil for domestic sewing machines etc.

5 Top-Rated Sewing Machine Oil With Reviews

1. Singer 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil


Singer’s All Purpose Machine Oil is one of the bestselling oils available in the market. The attributes include, minimizes resistance between continuously touching metal components and avoids corrosion.

The 4 ounce bottle is a formulated lubricant which maintains the smooth mechanism. It saves the internal machinery from abrasion, rust and eradicates friction.

The all-purpose oil can be used on vacuum cleaners, knitting or sewing machines, computers, household appliances, bicycle gears, typewrites and so much more devices.

If you are searching for an multi-functional oil then you have reached the right spot. You can definitely vouch on its results.


  • Perfect choice for oiling metal parts that are in constant contact
  • Provides protection against abrasion and manages to prevent needless wear and tear
  • High quality, low viscous oil
  • Inexpensive and gives much more than its cost
  • Great lubrication for rattling fans, old machines. Just one or two drops and it works like a breeze
  • Can be used for oiling moving parts, bearings, computers, fans, etc


  • A user felt that the nozzle could be a little longer for hard-to-reach areas
  • The spout sometimes become difficult to open.

2. Lily White Sewing Machine Oil



If by any means you are related to textile or clothing industry, it is better to grab this oil right away. For all the good and viable reasons, this oil is a popular choice among ardent sewists.

The water white color, low viscosity and the pleasant textured oil is an ideal option for your sewing machines, clothing machinery and parts. The properties such as non gumming, low viscosity is intentionally designed to keep the buyer stress-free.

You can freely use it where oil and fabrics may come in contact. You may infer from this that it can be used in knitting machines, quilting, embroidery, upholstery and last but not least in sewing machines.


  • A perfect oil bottle for novice seamstress
  • Color is water white
  • Clear lubricant that gives protection against oxidation and corrosion
  • Low viscous
  • All-purpose machine oil
  • Not at all leave stains even when come in direct contact with any fabric or garment
  • Reasonable priced, high quality machine oil
  • Works great for industrial machines too.


  • A buyer complained that about 2 pints of oil leaked during transportation. The seal should be tight and closed properly.
  • You may need a small bottle or dropper to pour it right on to the target.

3. Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler



Are you worried about the spout reaching to the internal parts of your expensive machine? Don’t worry. It will stretch where you want and even to the minute crevices of your beloved machine.

The clear petroleum based lubricant is an all-purpose addition by Zoom. The oiler is oxidation and rust inhibited. The non gumming property of this oil give volume to its other attributes. It will never stick to the fabrics as well between the metal parts.

The telescopic spouted lubricating 4 oz oil extends the overall life of the machine. Once you apply it it groove like a free bird and will provide an unbelievable performance like you experienced never before.

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The 4 Oz clear white sewing machine lubricant is recommended for sewing machines, sergers, household appliances. This paraffin based mini bottle alone is enough to keep your machine smooth and in tip-top shape.


  • The spout is extra internal bendable
  • Ideal for all-purpose use
  • Stainless, telescopic spout to reach corners, tight and deep areas
  • Easy to handle the oil flow
  • Works well even at high temperatures
  • Good for everyday maintenance
  • Non gumming or sticking paraffin based oil avoids rusting and oxidation
  • The spout is around 7 inches long and can be poured even in hard to reach areas


  • The spout is too long and sometimes user faces difficulty in managing it
  • It may spill if not used or kept carefully

4. Zoom-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil Oiler


buy-now-at-amazonYou don’t have to go too far if you are looking for an oiler which can guarantee you that your machine’s moving parts will continue to work well. For longevity and high performance, Zoom Spout is ready to serve your machine right now.

The mineral oil which is non-detergent, highly refined and free from any harmful chemicals. You cannot wish for more than this. The relief is that you can confidently apply it to the areas where crafts and fabrics may get in contact with the machinery and its components.

Its colorless properties will never stop your tailoring task, you can easily remove it, if by chance it stains the fabric. Its pure and clear texture makes it a preferred choice for textile sewing machines.

If you are a fashion designer and have a bunch of industrial machines or if you have your own set up at home and owns a pricey and high-end domestic sewing machine, the oiler features low viscosity. It implies for both machine types,it will enhance life and performance.


  • Non detergent, refined mineral oil at nominal price
  • Comes with perfect viscosity
  • Best for both domestic and industrial machinery
  • High purity and clarity
  • Gives efficient and effective performance
  • The bottle is refillable
  • Comes in 4 oz or 118 ml
  • It is a stainless white oil
  • All purpose lubricant for sewing machines to its related equipment and tools


  • The packing was of a thin bag and not packaged well

5. 1 Quart Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil



Yes! The top quality, premium and transparent oil is right here in front of your eyes. Don’t assume it’s simple personality and get disguised. We should not judge a book by its cover.

This lily white oil is intentionally designed for high-speed industrial sewing machines. The speedster machines tend to have its metal parts keep in regular contact with each other resulting in wear and tear, oxidation and abrasion.

Therefore, the quart lily will not only takes care of your industrial machines but can be used for domestic sewing machines too. Apply the oil even where you know that the fabric will come in contact with oiled parts. Trust me you won’t regret.

The water white color, low viscosity, affordable, multifunctional and the best mineral oil is all set to join its duty at your service.


  • An excellent formulated mineral oil
  • Premium lily white machine oiler
  • 1 quart in an order and made in USA
  • High refined lubricant to maintain the speed of your industrial sewing machines
  • Works well for home sewing machine as well
  • Water white tinge, low viscous oil for textile machinery and its parts, sewing machines etc
  • Affordable, multi-functional and easy-to-use


  • Some people confuse it with duplicate oilers as it comes with a homemade label on the jar.
  • A buyer felt that it sometimes become messy while applying.

Final Thoughts

In this particular article, I would say all the picked lubricants are champs in their own ways. All are researched, analyzed and reviewed for you. The winner is Singer 2131E All Purpose Oil.

Loaded with all the properties of ideal machine oil such as low viscosity, colorless, odorless and perfect to protect your machine against oxidation and excessive wear and tear.

There is no obstacle which you cannot overcome. It depends on the conviction and our intention to do so.

If you ever applied oil which is not exclusively for sewing machines, your machine can gum up and may ruin the moving parts.

So, the manufacturer and all the veterans suggest you keep oiling your machinery for longevity and smooth motion. Grab as many as you can! Keep your ride smooth and efficient.

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