Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine Review

Embroidery and sewing have always held a special place in the hearts of creative individuals, offering them a canvas to bring their imagination to life. The world of sewing machines has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent times, with innovations that push the boundaries of craftsmanship. Amidst this wave of innovation, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 emerges as a true gem, capturing the hearts of sewing enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike. In this in-depth review, we set out on a journey to uncover the countless features and capabilities of this exceptional creation, shedding light on why it has become an indispensable companion for those who are deeply passionate about the art of sewing

Key Features

Embroidery Excellence: The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 shines with its impressive embroidery capabilities, boasting a generous embroidery area of up to 6.7″ x 7.9″. With a vast array of built-in embroidery designs and fonts, this machine opens the door to limitless creative possibilities, helping you breathe life into your artistic visions.

Advanced Sewing Capabilities: With a robust offering of 200 built-in stitches and a maximum stitch width of 9mm, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 ensures precision and professionalism in every stitch. Whether you’re engaged in garment construction or quilting, this machine effortlessly handles a wide spectrum of sewing tasks, elevating your craftsmanship to new heights.

User-Friendly Interface: The machine’s expansive LCD touchscreen display simplifies your sewing experience, providing an intuitive platform for effortless navigation and easy access to various functions. Featuring on-screen editing capabilities and step-by-step guidance, even those new to sewing can embark on embroidery and sewing projects with confidence, turning their ideas into reality.

Time-Saving Features: The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 integrates practical time-saving functions, including automatic thread cutting, hassle-free bobbin winding, and a quick-set bobbin system. These thoughtful features streamline your workflow, eliminating unnecessary interruptions and allowing you to focus wholeheartedly on the joy of creating


Performance and Stitching Quality Redefined

In the world of sewing machines, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 stands as a true testament to excellence in performance and stitching quality. This remarkable machine is not just your ordinary sewing companion; it’s a powerhouse of advanced technology and precision engineering that consistently delivers results that will leave you astounded.

Unparalleled Stitching Precision:

What sets the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 apart from the rest is its unwavering commitment to stitching perfection. Whether you’re working with the most delicate of fabrics or tackling heavy-duty materials, this sewing marvel produces stitches with an unparalleled level of precision. Each stitch is a testament to its dedication to craftsmanship, ensuring that your projects attain a level of professionalism that’s simply unmatched. With a maximum stitch width of 9mm, it opens up a world of possibilities for broader decorative stitches and more robust seams, elevating the overall quality, and durability of your creations.

A World of Stitching Possibilities:

Imagine having a sewing machine that offers you a staggering 200 built-in stitches, covering everything from utility stitches to intricate decorative designs and even alphabets for personalization. The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is a versatile powerhouse that equips you with an extensive range of stitching options, catering to every sewing need you might encounter. Whether you’re embellishing, repairing, quilting, garment sewing, or beautifying your home with DIY projects, this machine adapts seamlessly to your vision and style.

In conclusion, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is not just a sewing machine; it’s a gateway to a world of limitless creativity, precision, and unmatched stitching quality. With this exceptional tool by your side, your sewing projects will transcend expectations, turning your ideas into masterpieces.


Emphasize Stitching Precision:

In the world of sewing and embroidery, precision is paramount. And when it comes to precision, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 by Janome stands out as a true masterpiece. This remarkable machine takes stitching precision to a whole new level, redefining the standards of excellence in the craft.

Discuss Speed and Performance:

But stitching precision is not the only feather in its cap. The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 also boasts impressive speed and performance capabilities. With a maximum sewing speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, it’s a powerhouse that allows you to complete your projects efficiently without ever sacrificing accuracy. This machine’s smooth operation and robust motor make every sewing task feel like a breeze.

Highlight Embroidery Performance:

And when it comes to the art of embroidery, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is a true virtuoso. Its spacious embroidery area and built-in designs open up a world of creative possibilities. With every stitch perfectly placed, it transforms your visions into breathtaking embroidered masterpieces that showcase your talent and creativity in the most splendid way.

Wrap up Performance and Stitching Quality:

In a nutshell, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 sets the bar sky-high for performance and stitching quality. It’s a machine that sewists and professionals alike dream about. Whether you’re aiming for flawless seams or intricate embroidery, this machine consistently delivers impeccable results, empowering you to bring your creative visions to life with unwavering confidence.

Ease of Use and User-Friendly Features:

In the world of sewing and embroidery, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 stands as a true masterpiece. Not only does it excel in performance and stitching quality, but it also boasts a remarkable quality that sets it apart – its exceptional user-friendliness. Janome, a name synonymous with precision and innovation in the sewing industry, has gone above and beyond to craft a machine that caters to both beginners and seasoned experts alike. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of sewing or you’ve been crafting for years, you’ll find that the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 seamlessly integrates into your creative process.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the extraordinary features of this machine, unveiling the endless possibilities it offers for your sewing and embroidery endeavors. Stay tuned as we explore how this remarkable creation can elevate your craft to new heights.

Highlighting its Intuitive Interface:

At the heart of the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 lies a large LCD touchscreen display, serving as the control center for all your sewing and embroidery projects. This interface has been meticulously designed to be user-friendly, providing clear icons, easily readable text, and intuitive navigation. With just a few taps on the screen, you can effortlessly access various functions, select stitches, or make adjustments, making the machine a breeze to operate.

Emphasizing On-Screen Editing:

One of the standout features that truly makes the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 user-friendly is its on-screen editing capabilities. Whether you’re working with embroidery designs or stitches, the machine allows you to resize, rotate, or mirror them directly on the LCD screen. This eliminates the need for additional software or manual adjustments, enabling you to customize your designs with unparalleled ease and bring your creative visions to life.

Discussing Built-in Assistance:

For those who are new to the world of sewing or embroidery, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 offers invaluable built-in assistance. The machine provides step-by-step instructions on various functions and techniques, ensuring that you have the knowledge and confidence to explore new possibilities. Additionally, on-screen help messages and error notifications are at your service to guide you through any troubleshooting, making it easier to address any issues that may arise during your creative journey.


Highlight Time-Saving Features:

Janome understands the value of time in the world of sewing, and the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 incorporates several time-saving features. The automatic thread cutting function trims both the top and bobbin thread at the end of each seam or embroidery segment, eliminating the need for manual snipping. The easy bobbin winding system and quick-set bobbin also contribute to streamlining your workflow, allowing you to spend more time creating and less time on preparation tasks.

Discuss Customization and Memory:

To further enhance the user experience, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 offers customization options and a generous memory capacity. You can personalize your settings, such as stitch width and length, and save them as custom presets for future use. Additionally, the machine’s memory function enables you to store your own embroidery designs or combinations of stitches, providing convenient access to your favorite creations.

Wrap up Ease of Use and User-Friendly Features:

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 goes above and beyond in providing an exceptional user experience. Its intuitive interface, on-screen editing capabilities, built-in assistance, and time-saving features make it a joy to operate, regardless of your skill level. Janome’s commitment to user-friendliness ensures that you can focus on your creativity and enjoy the process of sewing and embroidery. In the following sections, we will continue our exploration of the Horizon Memory Craft 9850, delving into its additional features and capabilities that set it apart as a remarkable machine for textile arts.

Durability and Build Quality:

When investing in a sewing machine, durability and build quality are essential considerations. The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 excels in these aspects, offering a machine that is built to withstand the test of time and deliver consistent performance.

Rugged Construction:

The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is constructed with a robust frame and solid internal components, ensuring stability and durability even during prolonged use. Janome’s commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail of this machine, from its sturdy exterior to its precise internal mechanisms. This rugged construction guarantees that the machine can handle demanding sewing and embroidery tasks without compromising its performance.

The Horizon Memory Craft 9850: A Sewing Powerhouse

At the heart of the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 resides a formidable motor, the very engine that drives its exceptional performance. Crafted for enduring excellence, this motor boasts unwavering power and speed, effortlessly accommodating a wide array of fabrics and sewing projects. Whether your task involves delicate materials or robust textiles, this remarkable machine’s motor ensures a seamless and dependable sewing experience throughout your creative journey.

The Art of Stitching Stability:

A hallmark of a well-crafted sewing machine lies in its ability to maintain stitching stability, and the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 truly excels in this regard. This accomplishment is owed to its precise tension control and cutting-edge feeding system. These intricately designed features work in unison to guarantee even fabric feed and consistent tension in every stitch. The result? Flawless seams and embroidery, securely and elegantly executed.

Components Built to Last:

Janome has earned a reputation for manufacturing top-tier components, and the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is no exception. From its needles to presser feet and thread guides, each element is painstakingly crafted and built to withstand continuous use. These robust components not only enhance the machine’s overall longevity but also ensure it consistently delivers superior stitching results over an extended period.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance:

To enhance the already impressive durability of the Horizon Memory Craft 9850, regular maintenance is key. Janome provides comprehensive instructions for cleaning and lubricating the machine, enabling you to keep it in prime condition. By adhering to the recommended maintenance routine, you can prolong the machine’s lifespan and continue to revel in its exceptional performance for many years to come.

In Conclusion: Durability and Exceptional Build Quality:

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is purpose-built to endure the rigors of sewing and embroidery projects, offering unmatched durability and reliability over time. Its rugged construction, unwavering motor, stitching stability, and high-quality components all bear testament to the machine’s exceptional build quality. With diligent maintenance, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 will remain your steadfast companion on your creative journey, consistently delivering outstanding performance and impressive results for years of sewing enjoyment.


Unleashing Creativity with the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850:

Prepare to be amazed by the boundless possibilities of the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850, a true sewing powerhouse that redefines versatility and sewing options. Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just starting on your creative journey, this remarkable machine empowers you to explore a world of endless creative horizons.

A Wealth of Stitches:

With a staggering 200 built-in stitches at your fingertips, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 offers an extensive selection that caters to every sewing need. From essential utility stitches for basic garment construction to exquisite decorative stitches that add finesse to your creations, this machine boasts a comprehensive stitch library. Furthermore, the inclusion of alphabets enables you to personalize your projects with monograms and custom text, infusing your work with a touch of sophistication.

Customizable Stitch Width and Length:

The ability to tailor stitch width and length is a game-changer that amplifies the Horizon Memory Craft 9850’s versatility. With a maximum stitch width of 9mm, you have the power to craft bold decorative stitches or wide satin stitches that make a bold statement. Likewise, the adjustable stitch length grants you the freedom to fine-tune the appearance and functionality of your seams, ensuring they align perfectly with your unique project requirements.

A Quilter’s Dream:

For those passionate about quilting, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is a cherished companion. This machine is equipped with an array of features tailored specifically to enhance your quilting projects. Its generous throat space provides ample room to maneuver even the largest quilts, while the walking foot guarantees precise stitching through multiple layers of fabric and batting. Additionally, a variety of quilting stitches are at your disposal, allowing you to infuse intricate quilting designs and textures into your masterpieces.

Embrace Free Motion Embroidery:

The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 unlocks a realm of creative expression through its free motion embroidery capabilities. With the appropriate accessories, such as the darning foot and embroidery foot, you can unleash your artistic flair, bringing intricate designs, motifs, and textures to life on fabric. Free motion embroidery grants you the artistic freedom to stitch unique patterns and illustrations, infusing your projects with a personal touch that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Buttonhole and Button Sewing Made Effortless:

Experience the ultimate in convenience with the Horizon Memory Craft 9850, where buttonhole and button sewing become a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual stitching – this machine boasts an automatic buttonhole function that effortlessly crafts perfectly sized buttonholes in a range of exquisite styles. What’s more, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 includes a dedicated button sewing foot, ensuring you can securely attach buttons with speed and precision, freeing up your valuable time for more creative endeavors.

Explore a World of Sewing Possibilities:

Unlock boundless sewing possibilities with the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850. This remarkable machine isn’t just limited to basic sewing; it’s a gateway to an expansive universe of creativity. Complementing its superb buttonhole and button sewing capabilities, this sewing marvel is compatible with a diverse array of supplementary sewing accessories. From specialized presser feet for techniques like piping, gathering, and zipper insertion, to the optional extension table for tackling larger projects, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 empowers you to stretch your sewing boundaries and embark on exciting new sewing ventures.

A Symphony of Versatility and Creativity:

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is a true virtuoso, boasting unrivaled versatility and a multitude of sewing options. Whether you’re fashioning elegant garments, crafting intricate quilts, embellishing your living space with stunning home decor, or venturing into the world of free motion embroidery, this machine stands ready to turn your creative visions into reality. Armed with an extensive stitch library, adjustable stitch width and length settings, and specialized quilting and embroidery functions, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is your trusted companion, regardless of your sewing skill level. It empowers you to unleash your artistic flair, making extraordinary results easily attainable. Elevate your sewing experience with the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850, where every stitch tells a story of innovation and inspiration


Accessories and Additional Features:

Prepare to be amazed by the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850, a sewing and embroidery marvel that not only boasts formidable capabilities but also offers a treasure trove of accessories and features designed to elevate your sewing journey and unlock new dimensions of creativity.

A Multifaceted Accessory Kit:

Within the realm of the Horizon Memory Craft 9850, you’ll discover a meticulously curated accessory kit that empowers you to conquer a diverse spectrum of sewing ventures. This kit encompasses a set of indispensable presser feet, including the versatile zigzag foot, the precision-engineered zipper foot, the buttonhole foot for flawless closures, and the satin stitch foot for intricate embellishments. These feet grant you the finesse and precision required to execute a plethora of stitches and techniques with absolute ease. Moreover, this machine presents you with an assortment of needles, bobbins, a trusty seam ripper, a handy screwdriver, and an array of other tools that stand ready to assist you in your sewing endeavors.

The Expansive Extension Table:

For artisans undertaking grand projects or quilts of epic proportions, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 offers an optional extension table. This substantial surface not only lends crucial support but also furnishes additional space, enabling you to manipulate your fabric with unbridled comfort and ensure seamless stitches across vast expanses. This extension table is nothing short of a boon for quilters and anyone embarking on projects that demand an expanse of workspace.

The Swift Thread Cutter:

Convenience finds its embodiment in the built-in thread cutter, thoughtfully situated on the machine’s side. With a deft flick, you can swiftly sever both the top and bobbin threads at the culmination of each seam or embroidery segment. This time-saving feature obviates the need for manual snipping with scissors, thereby streamlining your workflow.

Precision via Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure:

The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 extends a welcome invitation to fine-tune the presser foot pressure, endowing you with unparalleled flexibility. This functionality enables you to tailor the pressure exerted by the presser foot to suit various fabric thicknesses, resulting in impeccable feeding and stitching outcomes. With adjustable presser foot pressure, you can seamlessly navigate an eclectic array of fabrics, from the delicate caress of silks to the rugged embrace of heavyweight denims, all with a masterful touch.

The Needle’s Graceful Dance:

Behold the grace of the needle up/down function, a convenient feature that grants you the power to dictate whether the needle halts in the up position or gracefully nestles within the fabric when you cease sewing. This attribute proves invaluable for tasks such as pivoting and corner-turning, ensuring that the needle remains securely ensconced in the fabric, preventing any inadvertent shifts or misalignment.

Sewing at Your Pace with Start/Stop and Speed Control:

The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 offers the choice of employing the start/stop button, obviating the need for the foot control pedal. This convenience proves particularly beneficial for those with mobility concerns or during marathon sewing sessions that could induce foot fatigue. Furthermore, the machine grants you the power of speed control, permitting you to adjust the sewing pace in accordance with your preferences and the demands of your project.

A Sumptuous Culmination:

In sum, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 arrives armed with a comprehensive accessory ensemble, encompassing indispensable presser feet, needles, bobbins, and an arsenal of versatile tools. The optional extension table enriches your workspace, ensuring that no project is too ambitious. The thread cutter, adjustable presser foot pressure, needle up/down function, start/stop button, and speed control come together to redefine your sewing experience. With these accessories and features at your disposal, the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 promises to be your faithful companion on a journey towards heightened creativity and unmatched efficiency in sewing and embroidery endeavors.

Product Specifications

Here are the key specifications of the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine:

  • Machine Type: Computerized sewing and embroidery machine
  • Stitching Speed: Up to 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Built-in Stitches: 200 stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches, and alphabets
  • Maximum Stitch Width: 9mm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5mm
  • Embroidery Area: 6.7″ x 7.9″ (170mm x 200mm)
  • LCD Touchscreen Display: 7.7″ diagonal full-color display for easy navigation and editing
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs: 175 built-in embroidery designs, including floral, geometric, and monogram patterns
  • Embroidery Hoops: Comes with three embroidery hoops: Standard hoop (A), Large hoop (B), and Square hoop (SQ23)
  • Automatic Needle Threader: Built-in needle threader for effortless threading
  • Bobbin System: Easy-set, top-loading bobbin system with a clear cover for easy monitoring
  • Feed System: 7-piece feed dog system for smooth and even fabric feeding
  • Presser Foot Lift: Extra-high presser foot lift for accommodating thick fabrics and multiple layers
  • Thread Cutter: Built-in thread cutter for convenient trimming of threads
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure: Allows you to adjust the pressure exerted by the presser foot for optimal fabric handling
  • Needle Up/Down Function: Lets you choose whether the needle stops in the up or down position when you stop sewing
  • Start/Stop Button: Option to sew without using the foot control pedal, controlled by the start/stop button
  • Speed Control Slider: Adjust the sewing speed to suit your preference and project requirements
  • Automatic Thread Tension: Automatically adjusts the thread tension for optimal stitch quality
  • LED Lighting: Bright LED lights illuminate the work area for enhanced visibility
  • Machine Size: Approximately 19.3″ x 12.4″ x 8.7″ (490mm x 315mm x 220mm)
  • Machine Weight: Approximately 25.1 lbs (11.4 kg)

Standard Accessories and Inclusions

When you purchase the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine, it typically comes with a range of standard accessories and inclusions to enhance your sewing experience. Here are the common accessories you can expect to find:

  • Zigzag Foot: For general sewing and zigzag stitches.
  • Zipper Foot: For installing zippers with ease and precision.
  • Satin Stitch Foot: Ideal for dense satin stitches and decorative stitching.
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot: Enables easy creation of perfectly sized buttonholes.
  • Overedge Foot: For finishing raw edges and creating neat edge stitches.
  • Blind Hem Foot: Helps in creating invisible hems on garments and home decor items.
  • Cording Foot: Perfect for adding decorative corded details to your projects.
  • Button Sewing Foot: Designed specifically for securely attaching buttons.
  • Quilting Bar: Assists in achieving evenly spaced quilting lines.
  • Bobbins: A set of bobbins for winding and storing different thread colors.
  • Needles: A selection of needles suitable for various fabric types and projects.
  • Seam Ripper: For removing stitches and correcting mistakes.
  • Screwdriver: Used for adjusting needle position and other machine settings.
  • Lint Brush: Helps in keeping the machine clean and lint-free.
  • Spool Holders: Additional spool holders for holding multiple threads during sewing and embroidery.
  • Spool Pin Felt: Used to secure the thread spool in place during sewing.
  • Spool Stand: A stand for holding larger thread spools during embroidery.
  • Stabilizer: A starter pack of stabilizer sheets for embroidery projects.
  • Scissors: A small pair of scissors for trimming threads and fabric.
  • Instruction Manual: A detailed guide that provides instructions on machine operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


  • Excellent stitching quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Versatile with embroidery capabilities
  • Durable and reliable
  • Wide range of built-in stitches
  • Advanced features for enhanced convenience


  • Relatively high price point
  • Embroidery area could be larger for larger designs

User Ratings and Reviews

Users have highly praised the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850, giving it consistently positive ratings. They appreciate its performance, ease of use, and extensive stitch options. The machine’s durability and reliability have also received accolades from satisfied customers.

Maintenance and Care Tips:

Maintenance and Care Guidelines for Your Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine:

Ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine requires diligent maintenance and care. Here, we present a comprehensive set of maintenance tips to not only preserve the functionality of your machine but also elevate its overall performance:

  1. Routine Cleaning Ritual: Regularly set aside time to clean your machine, banishing the accumulation of lint, dust, and thread fibers that stealthily gather over time. Employ a small brush or lint brush to meticulously cleanse the bobbin area, feed dogs, and thread tension discs. Gently wipe the exterior with a soft, dry cloth, imparting a gleaming aura to your trusted companion.
  2. Bobbin Case Beautification: Tenderly extract the bobbin case and embark on a mission of cleanliness using a soft brush or cloth. Ensure not a speck of lint or detritus remains in its wake. When reassembling, favor a freshly wound bobbin, flawlessly prepared for an enchanting symphony of stitches.
  3. Needle Nurture: Embrace a practice of periodic needle replacement to safeguard the integrity of your stitches. Choose the appropriate needle in accordance with your fabric’s texture and the specific demands of your project. Vigilantly inspect the needle for any hints of wear or dullness, promptly ushering in a new one when required.
  4. Precise Lubrication: Consult the manufacturer’s sacred scripture for lubrication rituals, executing them with surgical precision. Deliver one or two precious drops of sewing machine oil to the designated points as per the holy recommendations. Approach this task with the utmost reverence, for an excess of oil can stain fabrics and disturb the delicate equilibrium of your machine’s well-being.
  5. Thread Tension Elegance: Elegance reigns in the realm of thread tension. Regularly scrutinize and, if needed, calibrate the thread tension to achieve the pinnacle of stitch quality. Conduct a symphony of test stitches on sacrificial fabric to ascertain the harmonious balance of tension.
  6. The Sanctuary of Storage: When your machine takes a well-earned rest, bestow upon it the honor of a dust cover or the safety of a protective case. This sacred act guards against the gathering darkness of dust and shields your cherished instrument from potential harm.
  7. The Ritual of Power: A sacred ritual to conclude each session – the act of powering down. Always ensure the machine is properly extinguished and disconnected from its life force when it rests or when maintenance beckons.
  8. Professional Penance: Consider scheduling periodic pilgrimages to a professional technician, who, like a skilled artisan, will cleanse, calibrate, and scrutinize your machine for any lurking afflictions.
  9. The Elegance of Supplies: Adorn your machine with only the finest supplies – threads, needles, and bobbins that bear the mark of excellence. Shun inferior offerings, for they can summon the specter of thread breakage, tension turmoil, and potential harm to your cherished instrument.
  10. Obedience to the Manufacturer’s Doctrine: Open and revere the tome of wisdom, also known as the machine’s manual. The manufacturer’s sacred guidelines are meticulously crafted for your specific machine model, ensuring the harmonious preservation of its peak performance.

By ardently adhering to these maintenance and care guidelines, you will bestow upon your Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 the gift of perpetual youth and performance excellence, setting the stage for an enchanting symphony of sewing and embroidery creations.

Value for Your Investment:

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine embodies the essence of a judicious investment in superior craftsmanship and advanced features. While pricing may fluctuate depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions, it typically resides within the esteemed mid to high-tier echelon of sewing and embroidery machines. This investment promises not just the deliverance of practical functionality but also the elevation of your creative prowess.


When considering the price, it is important to assess the value for money that the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 offers. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Performance: The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 delivers exceptional performance with its high stitching speed, extensive stitch library, and advanced embroidery capabilities. Its precise stitching, versatility, and ease of use make it suitable for both beginners and experienced sewists.
  • Versatility: The machine’s wide range of sewing options, including decorative stitches, alphabets, quilting features, and free-motion embroidery, adds to its versatility. It allows you to explore various techniques and expand your creative possibilities.
  • Build Quality: Janome is known for manufacturing durable and reliable machines, and the Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is no exception. Its solid build and high-quality components ensure longevity and consistent performance.
  • Advanced Features: The Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is equipped with advanced features such as the LCD touchscreen display, automatic needle threader, adjustable presser foot pressure, and thread cutter. These features enhance convenience and efficiency, saving you time and effort.
  • Accessories: The machine typically comes with a comprehensive set of standard accessories, including a variety of presser feet, bobbins, needles, and more. These accessories add value by providing you with the necessary tools to tackle a wide range of sewing projects.
  • Brand Reputation: Janome has a strong reputation for producing reliable and innovative sewing machines. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction adds value to the Horizon Memory Craft 9850.

Considering these factors, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 offers excellent value for money. While the initial investment may be higher compared to entry-level machines, its performance, versatility, durability, and advanced features make it worth the price. The machine’s ability to grow with your sewing skills and handle a wide range of projects ensures that it remains a valuable asset in your sewing journey for years to come.

It is advisable to compare prices from reputable retailers and consider any additional warranties or customer support services offered to make an informed decision and ensure you are getting the best value for your money.


The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine is a true marvel, a powerhouse that seamlessly blends a multitude of impressive features, unparalleled stitch quality, and user-friendly design. While its price tag may sit at a slightly higher point, it represents a genuine value for money proposition, owing to its unwavering durability, remarkable versatility, and an array of advanced functionalities that elevate your sewing and creative endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned sewing enthusiast or a novice eager to unlock your creative potential, this machine stands poised to not only meet but exceed your loftiest expectations

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