Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine Review

If you’re considering revamping your home this season, look no further. Let me introduce you to the innovative Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine, a pinnacle of creativity with built-in monogramming capabilities. This cutting-edge device goes beyond traditional sewing machines, offering versatility and functionality that surpass expectations. Its sleek design and advanced features are sure to ignite your imagination, catering to both beginners and experienced sewers alike.

Embarking on sewing and quilting projects is a journey of artistic expression and personal fulfillment. The Laura Ashley CX155LA boasts an impressive LCD display, offering 155 pre-installed stitches, a unique sewing font, and 8 styles of buttonholes for seamless completion. With these modern features, the CX155LA is a worthwhile investment for any enthusiast.

Product Features of the Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine

Enter the realm of sewing mastery with the Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine, a testament to modern craftsmanship that caters to both beginners and experienced artisans alike. In this comprehensive overview, we’ll delve into the myriad features that set this sewing machine apart in its class.

At the core of the Laura Ashley CX155LA lies a wealth of 155 built-in stitches, an extensive palette that grants you limitless creative possibilities. Whether you’re working on practical projects, adding decorative touches, creating heirloom pieces, or venturing into intricate quilting, this machine offers the tools to bring your sewing aspirations to life.

One standout feature of the Laura Ashley CX155LA is its generously sized extension table, providing an expansive canvas for your creative endeavors. This table proves invaluable for quilters, home decor enthusiasts, and anyone tackling sewing projects that require extra space to spread their wings.

Moreover, the machine boasts customizable stitch length and width settings, allowing you to fine-tune your stitches with precision. This capability unlocks a world of versatility, enabling you to seamlessly handle a wide range of fabrics and achieve the precise stitch styles your artistic vision demands.

Performance Excellence and Impeccable Stitching Mastery

The Laura Ashley CX155LA is more than just a sewing machine; it’s a performance powerhouse. Behind its graceful exterior, it houses a robust motor that ensures your sewing projects proceed with ease and consistency, even when dealing with challenging fabrics or multiple layers.

When it comes to stitching quality, the Laura Ashley CX155LA sets the bar high. Its advanced feeding system incorporates a superior feed dog mechanism that orchestrates the fabric’s movement with utmost precision, resulting in uniformly flawless stitches. This intricate coordination between the machine and fabric minimizes any unwanted shifting or puckering, ensuring that your seams and hems exude a professional-level finesse.


Enhancing User Experience with the Laura Ashley CX155LA

Meticulously crafted with an unwavering focus on enhancing user satisfaction, the Laura Ashley CX155LA sewing machine offers a multitude of features that are destined to elevate your sewing experience to unparalleled heights.

Upon first glance, the machine unveils an intuitively designed LCD screen, thoughtfully presenting essential information such as the selected stitch pattern, stitch length, width, and more. This user-centric interface simplifies the process of choosing and adjusting stitches, seamlessly weaving convenience into every sewing session.

Threading this exceptional sewing marvel is no longer a daunting task, thanks to its automatic needle threader. Bid farewell to the complexities of manual threading as this ingenious feature takes you on a guided tour through the thread path with unmatched precision, saving you precious time and effort with effortless ease.

But our commitment to convenience doesn’t stop there; the machine boasts a drop-in bobbin system adorned with a transparent bobbin cover, providing you with an unobstructed view of the bobbin thread supply. With its top-loading bobbin, you can now bid adieu to the need to remove any accessory compartments, as changing bobbins has become a swift and hassle-free affair.

The Art of Endurance and Craftsmanship

In the realm of sewing machines, durability and build quality are the pillars of excellence, and the Laura Ashley CX155LA stands as a beacon of perfection in these domains.

This sewing marvel is meticulously constructed on a robust frame, ensuring steadfast stability and minimal vibrations even when sewing at the highest speeds. The sturdy architecture assures that your machine remains unwavering during operation, promising years of dependable performance. A closer examination reveals that the internal components of the Laura Ashley CX155LA have been engineered with utmost precision and durability, a testament to its dedication to enduring excellence.

A World of Possibilities in Stitchery

The Laura Ashley CX155LA opens up an expansive world of creative possibilities, offering a diverse range of sewing options to cater to a wide spectrum of projects and techniques.

Beyond its impressive array of built-in stitches, the machine showcases a magnificent collection of eight distinct one-step buttonhole styles, making the creation of custom buttonholes with a polished, professional finish as effortless as a stroll in the park. Simply select your desired buttonhole style, and witness the machine flawlessly craft it in a single, seamless step.

Furthermore, this sewing genius incorporates a programmable memory function, enabling you to store your preferred stitch combinations for future use. Whether you’re tackling repetitive sewing tasks or embarking on intricate projects that demand specific stitch sequences, this invaluable feature becomes your steadfast companion, streamlining your creative journey like never before.

Enhancing Your Sewing Experience with Laura Ashley CX155LA

Unleash boundless sewing potential with the Laura Ashley CX155LA sewing machine, where a plethora of accessories and advanced features combine to take your crafting journey to new heights. This exceptional machine not only boasts an extensive range of convenient add-ons but also offers a myriad of capabilities that will truly enhance your sewing endeavors.

Embark on a journey of versatility with the inclusive selection of presser feet, each meticulously designed to cater to various sewing techniques and tasks. Whether you find yourself intricately crafting a delicate zigzag pattern, seamlessly inserting zippers, fashioning flawless buttonholes, or venturing into the world of quilting, this machine equips you with the essential tools to transform your creative visions into tangible masterpieces.

Experience unparalleled user-friendliness with the Laura Ashley CX155LA’s built-in needle threader and thread cutter. Bid farewell to the hassle of handling tiny needles and awkwardly snipping threads with cumbersome scissors. This machine streamlines your workflow, facilitating efficient thread trimming and needle threading, thereby affording you more precious time for your actual sewing projects.

One standout feature that distinguishes this machine is its free arm capability. Whether you’re meticulously crafting cylindrical or smaller projects like sleeves, cuffs, or hems, the free arm provides exceptional access to these intricate areas. Achieve precision and seamlessness effortlessly, elevating your sewing projects to a professional level of excellence.

Specifications at a Glance

Now, let’s delve into the technical specifications of the Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine to provide you with a comprehensive overview:

  • Dimensions: Measuring at 17.8″ x 8.4″ x 12.5″
  • Weight: A manageable 18.7 pounds
  • Stitch Selection: A generous offering of 155 built-in stitches to fuel your creativity
  • Buttonhole Styles: Revel in the convenience of 8 one-step buttonhole options
  • Stitch Width and Length: Easily adjustable to meet your specific sewing needs
  • Sewing Speed: Capable of reaching a top speed of up to 850 stitches per minute, allowing for efficient project completion
  • Needle Positions: Multiple positions to cater to your diverse sewing requirements
  • Bobbin System: Embracing a user-friendly top drop-in system
  • Motor Power: Operates seamlessly on 110 volts
  • Warranty: Rest assured with a limited 25-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment

The Laura Ashley CX155LA sewing machine is your gateway to a world of crafting possibilities, where precision, convenience, and versatility converge seamlessly. Elevate your sewing experience, unlock your creative potential, and embark on a crafting journey like no other with this remarkable machine.


Comprehensive Range of Standard Accessories and Inclusions

The Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine arrives with a comprehensive array of standard accessories and inclusions that cater to the diverse needs of sewing enthusiasts. These invaluable additions have been thoughtfully bundled with the machine to enhance the sewing experience with utmost convenience and versatility.

  • Needles: An assorted range of needles, each designed in varying sizes to accommodate a diverse spectrum of fabric types and sewing techniques, has been meticulously included. The careful selection of needle size and type is essential for achieving flawless results in every project.
  • Bobbins: The Laura Ashley CX155LA boasts an assortment of bobbins, a fundamental component for winding and securely holding the lower thread during the sewing process. The user-friendly top drop-in bobbin system simplifies the insertion and replacement of bobbins, ensuring uninterrupted and seamless sewing.
  • Presser Feet: This sewing marvel is equipped with a collection of standard presser feet, which encompasses a zigzag foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and quilting foot. These diverse presser feet empower users to effortlessly engage in an array of sewing techniques and tasks, expanding their creative horizons.
  • Seam Ripper: Seamstress or not, the included seam ripper proves to be a reliable companion. It comes to the rescue when stitches need to be undone or sewing errors require correction. This precision tool ensures the removal of stitches without causing any harm to the fabric, preserving the quality of your work.
  • Spool Pin: To ensure the thread spool remains securely in place during sewing, the machine incorporates a thoughtfully designed spool pin. This feature effectively prevents tangling or slipping of the thread, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted sewing experience.
  • Spool Holder: Accommodating thread spools of various sizes, the machine comes equipped with spool holders. These holders maintain the integrity of thread spools, guaranteeing a consistent and hassle-free thread feeding process throughout your sewing projects.
  • Extra Wide Table: For those ambitious projects that demand extra workspace, the Laura Ashley CX155LA includes an expansive table extension. This oversized table proves to be especially beneficial for quilting endeavors, home decor projects, and other sewing tasks that require ample space to fully unleash your creativity.


  • Diverse Stitch Selection: The Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine stands out with an impressive array of 155 built-in stitches, catering to a wide spectrum of sewing needs. These stitches encompass utility, decorative, heirloom, and quilting categories, providing an extensive palette for artistic sewing endeavors.
  • Impeccable Stitching Precision: One of the standout features of the CX155LA is its exceptional stitching quality. Every stitch produced by this machine exudes precision and uniformity, elevating the quality of your sewing projects to a professional level. The machine’s advanced feeding system, complemented by customizable stitch settings, plays a pivotal role in achieving this level of stitching finesse.
  • User-Centric Design: This sewing marvel has been meticulously designed with user convenience in mind. Incorporating an intuitive LCD screen, an automatic needle threader, and a hassle-free drop-in bobbin system, the CX155LA streamlines the sewing process, making it accessible to individuals of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, this machine ensures a seamless and enjoyable sewing experience.
  • Versatility Beyond Expectation: In addition to its extensive stitch library, the CX155LA boasts eight one-step buttonhole styles, programmable memory functionality, and the inclusion of an oversized table extension. These features expand its versatility and open up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you’re crafting garments, home decor, or intricate quilts, this machine adapts to your unique needs with ease.
  • Unwavering Durability and Stability: Crafted with a sturdy frame and premium components, the Laura Ashley CX155LA exhibits remarkable durability and stability during every sewing session. Its robust construction ensures longevity and consistent top-notch performance, even with frequent use. This machine is your steadfast companion on your sewing journey.


  • Learning Curve for Novices: While the CX155LA offers an abundance of features, its richness may initially overwhelm beginners. Becoming acquainted with the diverse settings and functionalities of the machine might necessitate some time and practice. However, with patience and guidance, users can unlock the full potential of this sewing powerhouse.
  • Limited Specialty Presser Feet: While the machine comes equipped with standard presser feet to cover essential sewing tasks, it may not include an extensive range of specialty presser feet. Those seeking specific feet for advanced sewing techniques or specialized tasks may need to consider additional purchases to expand their sewing repertoire.


User Testimonials and Reviews

The Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine has garnered an outpouring of enthusiastic feedback and acclaim from its satisfied users, who have generously shared their positive experiences and insights. This remarkable sewing machine has captured the hearts of those fortunate enough to use it, thanks to its extraordinary versatility, impeccable stitching precision, and an array of intuitively designed features that transform sewing into an effortless and delightful endeavor.

One cannot help but be thoroughly impressed by the extensive stitch selection that the CX155LA offers. It stands as a treasure trove for sewing enthusiasts, opening doors to creative journeys with seamless ease. The results achieved with this machine are truly professional-grade, a testament to its advanced feeding system and customizable stitch settings, which collectively elevate the overall stitching quality to unprecedented heights.

However, the CX155LA’s brilliance doesn’t conclude there; this sewing marvel has been meticulously crafted with the user experience in mind. The inclusion of an LCD screen, an automatic needle threader, and the effortlessly convenient drop-in bobbin system have all been praised as invaluable assets that simplify the entire sewing process. Furthermore, the addition of an oversized table extension has received resounding approval from users, as it offers a spacious workspace for tackling larger and more ambitious projects.

In summary, the Laura Ashley CX155LA has not only amassed glowing reviews but has also secured the unwavering trust and loyalty of its users. Its sterling reputation stands as a testament to its exceptional reliability, outstanding performance, and the pure satisfaction it brings to its dedicated user base.

Comparative Analysis with Competing Sewing Machines

To provide a comprehensive evaluation, let’s delve into a comparative analysis between the Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine and other notable sewing machines currently available in the market:

Brother CS7000X: The Brother CS7000X emerges as a formidable rival to the Laura Ashley CX155LA. Both sewing machines boast an impressive array of built-in stitches, user-friendly features, and remarkable versatility. The Brother CS7000X stands out with its larger LCD screen and an impressive assortment of specialty presser feet. However, the Laura Ashley CX155LA distinguishes itself with its unparalleled stitching precision and the inclusion of an oversized table extension, making it an enticing choice for discerning sewing enthusiasts.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960: Another formidable contender in the realm of computerized sewing machines is the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. It allures users with an extensive repertoire of built-in stitches, including alphanumeric options, and a diverse range of presser feet. In contrast, the Laura Ashley CX155LA is celebrated for its user-friendly design and the exceptional quality of its stitching.

When conducting a thorough comparison of sewing machines, it becomes evident that individual preferences, unique sewing requirements, and budget considerations play pivotal roles in the decision-making process. Each machine possesses its own distinct strengths and limitations, emphasizing the importance of evaluating features and functionalities that align harmoniously with one’s personal needs and creative aspirations.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Owning a Laura Ashley CX155LA Sewing Machine is a testament to your unwavering passion for the art of sewing and crafting. To safeguard the enduring excellence of this remarkable piece of machinery, it is crucial to adhere to a comprehensive regimen of maintenance and care. Here, we present an intricate guide that will not only enhance the lifespan of your sewing companion but also elevate your sewing experience to new heights.

  1. Regular Maintenance:

Your sewing machine, akin to a finely tuned instrument, requires periodic attention. Dust, lint, and debris tend to accumulate over time, potentially hindering its peak performance. It is paramount to maintain the cleanliness of both the exterior and the delicate bobbin area. We recommend employing a specialized lint brush or a gentle, lint-free cloth for this purpose. Avoid the use of compressed air, as it may inadvertently force debris deeper into the machine’s inner workings.

  1. The Art of Lubrication:

Adhering to the manufacturer’s stipulations for oiling your sewing machine is of utmost importance. Proper lubrication guarantees the seamless operation of its intricate internal components. Exercise meticulous care when applying sewing machine oil to the designated areas, as stipulated in your user manual. Even a small amount of diligence in this regard can yield long-lasting benefits.

  1. Threading Precision:

Mastery of the fine art of threading is the foundation of sewing excellence. Familiarize yourself with the intricate threading pathway meticulously detailed in your user manual and ensure precise execution of each step. When winding the bobbin, strive for perfection in evenness and precision. The insertion of the bobbin is a critical step that cannot be overlooked, as it directly affects the seamlessness of your sewing.

  1. Needle and Thread Selection:

The selection of the appropriate needle and thread is a pivotal factor in determining your sewing outcomes. Diverse fabrics and sewing techniques demand specific needle sizes and types. Investing in premium-quality threads not only minimizes the risk of thread breakage but also ensures that your stitching remains consistently flawless.

  1. Prudent Storage:

During periods of inactivity, it is prudent to consider the well-being of your sewing machine. Shield it from the ingress of dust and the harsh, damaging rays of sunlight by employing the provided dust cover. Furthermore, store your machine in a clean, dry environment that is devoid of extreme heat or humidity. This precautionary measure will safeguard the integrity of its delicate internal components.

  1. Professional Maintenance and Service:

Regular servicing by a technician recommended by the manufacturer is akin to treating your sewing machine to a rejuvenating spa day. Professional cleaning, meticulous lubrication, and thorough internal inspections are indispensable for sustaining peak performance.

By wholeheartedly embracing these meticulous maintenance and care practices, you shall extend the life expectancy of your beloved Laura Ashley CX155LA Sewing Machine. Consequently, your sewing endeavors will continue to flourish, allowing your creative visions to materialize seamlessly with every graceful stitch.

Exceptional Value and Unmatched Performance:

The Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine occupies a well-deserved position in the upper echelons of sewing machine pricing, and it’s not by accident. This sewing marvel embodies a testament to ingenuity and practicality, boasting an array of features that elevate it far above the commonplace.

For discerning sewing enthusiasts who demand nothing short of superior value for their investment, this sewing machine delivers in abundance. With an extensive repertoire of stitches, impeccable stitching precision, and an intuitively designed interface, it serves as an irresistible choice for individuals at all skill levels, whether they are embarking on their sewing journey or are seasoned artisans.

It’s worth emphasizing that the pricing of this sewing marvel may exhibit variability contingent upon geographical location, choice of retailer, and ongoing promotional offers. To secure the most advantageous deal possible, we strongly recommend meticulous price comparisons across a variety of reputable sources.

In summation, the Laura Ashley CX155LA Sewing Machine is more than just a sewing apparatus; it is an indispensable companion on your voyage of creativity. Through judicious investment in its maintenance and operation, you will unlock its full potential and bask in years of unrivaled sewing excellence.

In summary:

The Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine stands out as a pinnacle of versatility and ease of use, accommodating sewers of all skill levels seamlessly. Its wide range of stitch options, impeccable stitch quality, and intuitive features combine to make it a reliable choice for various sewing projects.

The machine’s durability, reliability, and the added benefit of an extensive table extension further enhance its value and extend its usefulness. Whether you’re a beginner eager to delve into the world of sewing or a skilled sewer in need of a dependable and adaptable machine, the Laura Ashley CX155LA justifies every cent of your investment.

By adhering diligently to proper maintenance and care principles, users can ensure the machine’s long lifespan and consistent peak performance. With its unmatched value proposition and consistently superior performance, the Laura Ashley CX155LA Computerized Sewing Machine serves as an essential tool for bringing your sewing projects to life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Laura Ashley CX155LA sew through thick fabrics?

Yes, the Laura Ashley CX155LA is capable of sewing through a variety of fabrics, including thick materials. However, it is important to use appropriate needles and adjust the stitch settings accordingly for optimal results. For very thick or heavy fabrics, it may be necessary to use a specialty needle and adjust the presser foot pressure.

Can I add my own custom stitches to the machine?

No, the Laura Ashley CX155LA does not offer the capability to add custom stitches. However, with its extensive selection of built-in stitches, users have a wide range of options to choose from for their sewing projects.

Is the Laura Ashley CX155LA suitable for quilting?

Yes, the Laura Ashley CX155LA is suitable for quilting projects. The machine offers a variety of quilting stitches and includes a quilting foot as one of the standard presser feet. The oversized table extension provides ample workspace for quilting tasks, making it a versatile option for quilters.

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