Best Sewing Machine For Monogramming To Cut The Monotony

Without wasting even a single minute, Brother HC1850 Computerized Quilting And Sewing Machine is one of the best machines for monogramming. It can fulfill all your basic to advanced level requirements with incredible options.

If you quickly review the features of even a traditional sewing machine, you will realise that there are endless creative things you can do with it.

From quilting to embroidery to upholstery, the most innovative & personalized one is Monogramming. It is an art of decorating fabrics with motifs with two or more letters generally initials of a person, joined together as a logo to recognize a person’s possession.

There is no point in getting a machine exclusively for monogramming. Rather you can invest in a decent sewing gadget which has monogramming function too.

Without losing time, I have picked the best sewing machines for monogramming from beginners to professionals. Want to make it yours. Monogram it!

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing A Sewing Machine For Monogramming

Before heading towards the top picks let’s browse through the crucial factors which will give a detailed insight of the things you should keep in mind while making the final choice.

If you are a monogrammer or an embroidery enthusiast, you want to cut down the frustrating, lousy and fancy features filled machines from your list. All you desire is a machine to highlight your skill set by exploring your potential in the most creative ways.


Types of Stitches

For a monogrammer, unique built-in stitches, various fonts, designs and patterns are essential to enhance the look of your creation. There are machines that offers even more than 200 stitches but everything comes with a price tag.

You have to see your paying capacity and maintain a balance between your needs and desires for a wise decision. If you are a newbie then you may compromise with the quantity of fonts or designs. However, for an expert, these features are like must have.

Editable Designs

Most of the machines allow you to edit the patterns and designs before a final call. You can resize, mirror image fonts, shapes, letters and patterns. Editing feature add more space for your customizing options.

You can make a design, check it on the LCD screen, edit it and give the command and it will print as it is. This is a valuable feature which permits you to experiment with any design to give your garment a designer finish.

Inbuilt Hoop Size

Many of my friends faced this issue. Machines come with different sizes of hoops. The larger designs cannot be adjusted in a small piece of material and smaller hoops won’t stabilize the larger fabric.

I would suggest you to check the machine parameters carefully and get the designs of your choice. If your budget allows, there are ample of machines which have multi-hoop computerized feature that gives flexibility of smaller to bigger designs.

Powerful Machine

Monogramming or embroidery machines are specifically for embellishments and enhance the overall look of every costume or garment. It is like the icing on the cake implies it should have enough conviction to allure people.

For creating such charisma you have to be open for all kinds of fabrics. The machine should comprise powerful motor which is capable to handle delicate to touch fabric smoothly and efficiently.

5 Top-Rated Sewing Machine For Monogramming With Reviews

1. Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Sewing Machine


Imagine you are creating high end fashion at budget-friendly prices. The Brother Project Runway Edition CS5055PRW is easy to use with 50 unique built-in stitches with 87 stitch functions that covers a range of decorative, utility, heirloom and quilting stitches.

The complete stitch selection is printed in the front panel of the machine. The free arm gives an excellent shape to the circular hems. You can stitch cuffs, sleeves, collars, pant hems and much more. It runs at a maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute.

The machine hands couture level finish with a consistent stitch quality. The vertical spool pin ensures consistency specifically for specialty and metallic threads.

The finishing solutions and designer sewing edition by Brother comes with 6 specialty feet with stitches and specialty needles. The feet includes overcasting, sewing on buttons, knits, blind hems, stretch fabrics, and zippers.

The small footprint machine has a convenient handle to carry from room to room and is an ideal model to take to your classes. The automatic needle threader pushes the thread right through the eye of the needle.

Also, the LCD screen gives an easy view with intuitive stitch selector which displays your selected stitches with the chosen stitch length and width. Along with this, it guides you to the appropriate foot you should use for each stitch.

The bright LED is perfect to brighten up the working space. Besides, the quick set top bobbin is easy to drop and you can instantly start sewing. You can add custom touch with inbuilt decorative scallop, satin, feather or checkerboard stitches.

The box contains 6 presser feet, accessory pouch, foot controller pedal. The accessory pouch comprises ball point needle, extra spool pin, twin needle, 3 bobbins, seam ripper, 3 piece needle set screwdriver and a cleaning brush.

Brother backs this model with a 25-year limited warranty. Plus, The bilingual user manual shows the clear instructions and a quick start guide to help you on every step.


  • Reliable, easy to handle and sturdy model
  • 50 unique stitches that includes decorative, heirloom and quilting sewing stitches.
  • Ideal for embroidery, monogramming and designer look
  • Free arm option to sew the perfect shaped cuffs, sleeves etc
  • Works at a decent speed of 850 stitches in a minute
  • A complete package of fine finishing with perfectly locked seams.
  • Features 6 feet with specialty needles
  • Comes with automatic needle threader
  • With the correct settings, it can sew any fabric from denim to outdoor cushions
  • 5 one-step buttonhole stitching for add-ons
  • Can sew stitch length of 5 millimeter
  • Quick bobbin setup to start sewing instantly
  • Known for its stitch quality certainly a divine model by Brother’s
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  • LED light is not that illuminating. Many sewers put an extra LED strip along the machine frame.
  • The plastic arm is not that sturdy and often shakes.

2. Singer One Vintage Style Computerized Sewing Machine


The vintage styles yet modern with all the exciting features, Singer’s One Vintage Style Computerized Sewing Machine is signing in the list. The 23.9 pounds machine has basic to progressive feature which will undoubtedly boost your sewing talents.

The uniquely built-in 24 stitches containing the popular patterns: 12 decorative, 6 basic, 4 stretch stitches and 2 buttonhole stitches provide a fresh and bold look to each garment.

You can directly select the optimally preset sized stitches to avoid any glitch. The easy to select and easy to customize tagline gives the overall description of the machine. Plus, the built-in automatic needle threader is a big relief for your eyesight.

Above all, the high presser foot lifter sews numerous layers of thin to thick fabrics. You can easily raise the presser foot to the higher position. Plus, the automatic reverse sewing mechanism locks each seam and strengthens the overall stitch quality.

The speedster can sew 750 stitches in a minute. Additionally, it also features 3 illuminating staybright LED lights, presser foot sensor, free arm facility, quick view stitch settings with adjustable simple stitch options, drop and sew bobbin mechanism and much more.

The machine comes with a large number of assorted accessories. It comprises several feet such as blind hem foot, one-step buttonhole foot, all-purpose foot, satin stitch foot, and zipper foot.

In addition to thee feet, it contains auxiliary spool pin, needles, needle plate screwdriver, bobbins, spool pin felt, thread spool caps, seam ripper, foot control, lint brush and a soft-sided cover to keep your machine dust free.

The Singer gives warranty at 110 volts to use it in the US and Canada only. Plus, the user instructional manual is quite easy to understand. Singer supports this model with 25-year limited warranty.


  • Vintage yet contemporary sewing machine
  • Comes with inspiring graphics for filigree and classic historic designs
  • A perfect device for monogramming, free motion embroidery and button sewing
  • Features high presser foot lifter to adjust several layers of thick fabric
  • Winding bobbin is the simplest thing to set up
  • Swift smart threading operation
  • Loaded with 24 built-in different stitching styles
  • Feed dog control system for hands free operations
  • Can stitch 750 stitches in a minute
  • Extra large workspace to spread the fabric like a breeze
  • 3 LED light to provide adequate light to your sewing space
  • Automatic needle threader with instant drop and sew bobbin set up
  • Best for novices and ultra responsive for all the professional designers
  • Comes with a numerous number of accessories and tools.


  • Threading is one of the major issues, it doesn’t flow freely
  • Suits more to the beginners
  • Machine case was missing with few pieces.

3. Brother Designio DZ3000 Computerized Sewing Machine


A great model to appeal a true sewing lover, introducing Designio DZ3000 Computerized sewing machines by Brother. For numerous customized projects with high-end look and fine quality of stitches.

The 14 sewing feet along with circular sewing attachment gives countless opportunities for a budding designer too. Also, the impressive range of 240 built-in stitches includes 130 sewing stitches and 110 alphanumeric stitches will never let you go out of style.

You can see all these stitches on the flip chart attached to your machine and see the selected stitch on the backlit LCD display in a larger view. Check out all the stitch designs with the specifications on the LCD before hitting the final command.

Further, the 8 styles of single step buttonholes fits in your specific buttons and gives a professional look to your garment. The complete set of designer accessories is another attraction for every ardent fan of sewing.

The wide table provides 33% larger space to sew formal wear, quilts, costumes etc freely. Plus, the tray and hard cover keeps machine and accessories in place and accessible to you.

The easy threading and bobbin both are top loading provides an easy, reliable and quality stitch mechanism. With all these assorted features, this machine adds creativity and innovation in every outfit you sew.


  • Money and time saver, heavy duty, fairly simple to use sewing and quilting machine
  • Free arm and circular attachment to pivot the fabric for perfect circles
  • Threading mechanism and bobbin setup is top loading for easy mechanism
  • Comes with an extra wide table to place your fabric freely
  • Also features a tray to keep your assorted accessories together at one place.
  • The DVD is beneficial when you stuck on a step
  • The performance of needle stop position, wide table and circle attachment is commendable
  • Lettering works great for bags, uniforms, quilts, personalized gifts etc.


  • A user said that the built of machine is solid but while working on some of the thick fabrics it do make noises.
  • A buyer felt that it doesn’t fit in his quilting needs
  • The manual needle threader is stressful
  • The size of the letter cannot be adjusted

4. Brother PE770 Sewing Machine


Monogramming is all about you! How much you can innovate with letters, fonts, numbers etc. it is a bridge between your talent and creative instincts.

Once again Brother has come up with this embroidery machine with which you can harness the top of your energy. Brother’s PE770 has an expansive field (5” x 7”) for lettering and designing big to bigger projects on a single platform.

To your delight, it features 136 built-in decorative embroidery patterns with 12 border styles, 10 frame shapes and 6 lettering fonts. It makes it simple to embellish from clothing to aparells for home decor.

Follow the numbered figures printed on the machine and automatic needle threader will target the thread through the needle eye. Plus, the quick set bobbin takes a few settings and you can start embroidering.

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This swanky machine is ideal for delicate scrollwork, elegant quilt patterns, intricating florals, monogramming and a lot more. Additionally, the auto thread trimmer saves time and snips off the extra threads with a slight touch of the button.

The large embroidery field gives you ample space for visible monograms and lettering with minimum rehooping. Also, editable options lets you mirror image, rotate, resize or edit it however you want and check it on the LCD display.

The easy to view LCD is a touchscreen navigator with graceful designs and editing features. Above all, there is a built-in USB stick for memory, you can import patterns and designs and save it for future use.


  • Elegant, durable with humongous customizable options
  • Large and wide working space to handle professional level high-end projects
  • 136 embroidery designs with 6 lettering 10 frames and 12 border patterns
  • Its maximum embroidery speed is 650 stitches per minute
  • Comes with adjustable editing features such as rotating, resizing, mirror imaging etc.
  • Large embroidery area with less rehooping
  • Can design bags, jackets, quilts, gifts and what not
  • Easy to view large LCD display to preview the settings and change it with touchscreen
  • Automatic needle threader with quick set up bobbin
  • Features built-in memory to keep your designs safe in a USB stick
  • The auto thread trimmer is a fantastic addition to give high-end finish


  • A bit pricey but the price compliments the amount of features and functions it can handle
  • People complained about bobbin winding and found it a bit clumsy
  • Majority of the buyers are satisfied with the overall performance of the machine

5. Brother HC1850 Computerized Quilting And Sewing Machine


Brother never leaves any stone unturned to impress the seamstresses and its customers. If you are searching for a versatile machine that can do regular sewing, quilting,monogramming, decorative stitching then this is the right stop.

Brother’s HC1850 Computerized machine is a combination of quilting and sewing. The super easy threading set up and automatic needle threader works efficiently. Plus the bobbin winding system winds the thread around the spool within a few seconds.

The 130 built-in stitches with 8 one-step autosized buttonholes perfect for multiple decorative stitches. Plus, the 170 stitches makes every garment elegant with a high-end designer finishing.

The lightweight machine is portable with a backlit easy to see LCD screen with intuitive buttons for stitch selections. Also,the super glowy LED light brightens up the sewing work space in low light and while working on dark fabrics.

The feed system is flexible enough to accomodate fabric and stuff of any thickness. Further, the detachable wide table is spacious enough to place and design larger fabrics with ease and confidence.

This ultra lightweight machine gives flexibility to adjust the speed with a simple speed slide control. The handy stitches chart is a great way to refer to any pattern onto the machine. The drop feed mechanism puts more creativity with free motion quilting.

Apart from HC1850 machine, the package contains a detachable wide table, presser feet such as overcasting, zipper, blind stitch, monogramming, zigzag, buttonhole, button sewing, quilting foot.

In addition to these feet, the box includes an accessory pouch having cleaning brush, 3 piece needle set, twin needle, 3 bobbins, ball point needle, 3 spool caps, seam ripper, extra spool pin, screwdriver, eyelet punch.

The machine comes with a foot controller pedal, bilingual instructional DVD, bilingual operational manual for a quick start.

Monogramming sewing machines not only do miraculous assignments for you but you can put in innovative ideas and can do a lot more than this.


  • Excellent for regular to decorative stitching and quilting to monogramming
  • Indeed a quiet, smooth, quick machine with neat and tight stitches
  • Features 130 built-in stitches containing 8 one step auto-size buttonholes
  • Ideal for basic monogramming with 1 built-in monogramming sewing foot
  • 170 stitching options for heirloom, quilting, decorative and garment designing
  • Flip charts for easy reference of built in stitches
  • Detachable large table to tackle heavy and large fabrics with ease
  • Portable, extremely lightweight and versatile
  • Packed with high-end features and countless accessories
  • Works well for multiple layers of thick fabrics
  • Even tackles the soft, delicate and thin stuff efficiently without any chaos
  • You can control the sewing speed
  • The feed dog is just perfect for freehand quilting and free motion sewing


  • User found some difficulty in bobbin casing
  • People are happy with the product.
  • There are minor things which you may note such as needle threader is awkward for 2-3 initial uses, LED is not very bright and sometimes machine vibrates

Words For Final Verdict

The above listed sewing machines are picked up after giving chunk amount of time in research, for me the winner is Brother HC1850 Computerized Quilting And Sewing Machine. The intention for making this guide is to narrow down the options to the appropriate models.

The ultra impressive, sturdy and reliable model by Brother is all set to grace your sewing room in minimum space with maximum capabilities. It has the capability to turn your dreams into reality.

From bags to towels and quilts to caps, there are tremendous ideas to weave designs using fonts, alphabets, numbers etc.

Besides, it gives your talent wings to glide through the sky of limitless possibilities. So, your initials reveal your identity. Monogram will scream it for you. Boss your stuff and rule it like a king!!!

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